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Scarlet Rene Lainey-Jote

Giggly, and happy, a talented actress and passionate teacher.

0 · 166 views · located in Redbank, Ipswich

a character in “The Joys of Teaching... Or Not.”, as played by Maerorem-Caligo


For the record,
I've no idea what's happening,

Scarlet, more commonly known as 'Scar' to her friends, is an interesting person... well, that's the polite way to put it. She's a bit of a jack rabbit - she's hopping and a'skipping everywhere she goes! She's always smiling and laughing... or almost always. When she's not laughing and acting silly, she's either got her nose in a book or angrily muttering to herself, flicking the rubber band she keeps on her right wrist. It's a stress reliever, and when you see her flick it, be afraid. She doesn't take kindly to those who think it's funny to bully, nor to make fun of someone for their grades or looks.
She doesn't believe in using the 'but this person's doing so well' excuse when talking to someone with lower grades. She thinks it's unfair, and experienced enough of it in school herself. She was a brilliant achiever, yes, but mathematics was never her strong point. She was lucky not to fail several times. Mostly because she put her expectations too high and then stressed out to the point of bleary eyes and shaking hands. So she's very empathetic for her students. She likes to put herself in their shoes, the shoes she only recently stepped out of. She's 24, and this is her first year of teaching. She's excited because she's wanted to be a drama teacher since the ninth grade. And since the eleventh she and her friends had made plans to become teachers together and work at their old school- and now here they all are!

So begins...

Scarlet Rene Lainey-Jote's Story

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Akira hummed softly, making sure her headphones were secure on her head, though, nothing played through them. They weren't even plugged in! She smiled to herself, stepping out of the old, rusted ute and slammed the door behind her, stretching and staring around the open fields. Nothing seemed different to what she remembered. Shrugging slightly, she turned towards the fence, starting towards it and keeping her eyes fixed to the path below her, it wasn't like she would get lost. This was her old high school after all.

Akira glanced down the narrow gap that ran along the fence line of the school, her mind wondering to what might have changed about Redbank and what teachers might have still been there. In her day dreaming, she had hardly noticed the time passing and the children staring as she just stood there, swaying slightly in the breeze.