Hanabi Akahana

The bunny eared animal tamer!

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a character in “The Jungle of Fear”, as played by TheLastHunter


Age: 16
Gender: Girl
Sexuality: Straight
Relationships/Love Interests: None... Right now...
Species: A bunny...
Picture or Physical Description:
Description: She has the dice in her hair, which detach and become like cages for taming. She also carries a grey hilted chain whip for actual harming.
Personality: She's a bit stubborn but can be quite lovable. She's sensitive about the whole ear thing, since she has two working sets, which she hates having touched.
Pet: Loki, a raven she befriended the moment she got there. A large tiger who is nameless at the moment.

So begins...

Hanabi Akahana's Story