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Azalea "Oz" Pascal

"I'm not entirely crazy; after all, the plants rarely talk back."

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a character in “The Key of Destiny”, as played by Electric Pool


Name: Azalea "Oz" Pascal

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Oz is a bit odd for a teenager. She likes to be weird, is often described as "that one crazy girl who pretends she's random crap in the hallway",and relishes all of her strange informantion. She is kind, but she's not passive aggressive if you insult something she cares about without reason. Be prepared to get a tongue lashing her fuse length varies depending on the day. You're usually fine unless she seems to be gesturing madly to herself, which means she's really stressed or pissed.

Hobbies: Gardening, reading, photography, creating adventures in her yard with her sister, cooking, digging, pressing plants into her 'plantbooks'.

Likes: Plants, books, food, natural colors, chocolate of any kind, triangles, DIRT, professional photographs, good music.

Dislikes: trash, unhygenic people, grubs, sunscreen, dubstep, lazies, allergies, gloves, stickers.

Fears: Fire (the huge, uncontrollable, almost sentient blazes), scorpions, small enclosed spaces (Deathly afraid of all of these.)

Dreams: To find other life (and possibly create it), end world hunger, and go on endless discovery trips. Also get rid of all trash on the planet. 

Appearance: Oz almost always has a tan due to how much she is outside tending to her garden. Her hair is a light brown. She's of an average height, and is a healthy weight for her build (about 130.) She wouldn't stand out in a crowd if her eyes weren't as bright and expressive as they are. Oz usually dresses comfortably in tennis shoes, darkwash jeans, and assorted music or book related tees, though she has been known to wear earrings.

Skills: Perfect pitch, culinary skill, knowledge of all sorts of plants and the like.

Bio: Oz is an out-of-district transfer student and lives far away from her school. She lives on about 50 acres of land with her parents and younger sister Hibiscus. She was homeschooled until highschool, but didn't seem to suffer from it in studies. She and Hibiscus usually are the first ones home, as their parents' jobs have them working late in the evening (but they have mornings and weekends off.) Azalea essentially does most of the housecleaning during the week, including making dinner.

Opinions on other characters: None, as of yet.

Character Picture:


Other: Oz generally carries a bag with a camera, spare film/batteries, a toothbrush and paste, a package of mechanical pencils, a 'plantbook', a water bottle, and assorted foodstuffs. She is totally prepared!

So begins...

Azalea "Oz" Pascal's Story