Mitsukuni Oishi

the main character and kurokus lover (not needed to be filled)

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a character in “The Key to The One Dearest To My Heart.”, as played by AkitoRei


Name: Mitsukuni Oishi
Age: 16
Race: Nymph
Physical Appearance: Teal colored hair. Bright green eyes. Seems frail but is not. She is one with nature, it is where she loves to be.
Personality: To nice for her own good.
Abilities: She relies on nature to get her through anything.
Bio: Was put into an orphanage because her parents did not want her once they found out she was a nymph. At the orphanage she met Kuroku and he stood in as a big brother until the day he was "adopted". At 16 she wanted him back so she searched for him. Everything went down hill from there.

So begins...

Mitsukuni Oishi's Story