A girl who has lost her name but not her ways, wishing nothing more than to stabilize her existence.

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13th September
|Sexual Preference|
Defensive Shield

|Eye Color|
|Hair Color|
Pale blonde
|Body Type|
|Standard Dressup Attire|
"It's all i have."
Tate usually wears a silk dress with her tattered hat, they are the only clue she has towards finding her name. While she wishes she could wear new, fine clothes about the city, after a couple of run-ins with city guards Tate knows that her attire should probably be replaced with something a little more battle-worthy. On top of her usual attire Tate commonly wears A faded brown hooded cloak given to her by her father, it protects against sandstorms that seemed to have increased in number recently outside the city walls.
|Height & Weight|
Height: 164cm
Weight: 52kg

|Birthmarks, Tattoos, and Scars|
Tate has a small, horizontal scar just above her right ankle and scratches around her knees and elbows from recent run-ins with city guards.

"I'll survive.."
Tate enjoys being cheerful as often as possible, lifting the spirits of those around her in these dark times, but she also knows when to be serious. Though it doesn't suit her, Tate has a couple of rough battles under her belt, and fighting is not often a time to be cheerful, especially when there is no reasoning to be held byt he opponent. While she will often look for kindness in others, Tate is not stupid and knows that many would much rather fend for themselves and is capable of respecting their decisions.
-Keeping cool by the side of the river
-The peaceful times between sandstorms
-Just hanging around others
-Browsing the marketplace
-Staring at the sky at night

-Sandstorms that make it over city walls
-Arguing in general
-being deceived

Tate's powers render her almost limitless in defensive capabilities though she has little control over her abilities. For this reason a few select individuals who have witnessed her abilities have sought out her and tried to capture her on more than one occasion. While not the smartest individual, she is charismatic and can easily turn a bad situation on its head through words alone. She is also able to bring a smile to the faces of most of those she meets. Her small stature also makes it easy for her to hide when faced with most dangers.
Tate is not very smart when it comes to devising a strategy, for this reason she finds it easier to run from a fight rather than try predicting her opponent's moves. She is also not very athletic so she tires easily when it comes to travelling a long distance.
She tends to rely heavily on others and is often to willing to accept help from people she may barely know, this is the cause of her hatred of deception, and often leaves her in tears.

"D..Don't leave me here.."
Tate isn't afraid of much, but she is afraid of being left alone in pitch black darkness.

|Combat style|
"I'd like to see you try."
Tate's ability allows her to create defenses hundreds of times sturdier than the strongest of men on this earth, she is able to draw from the earth itself barriers of stone to separate herself from any pursuers, or create a path through a wall for an instant to make a hidden escape. She holds not so much a combat style rather than the ability to successfully protect herself from harm, the only offensive ability she has is to completely encase an enemy in stone, removing their supply of air, but this has only been used twice by Tate since receiving her powers, and only in moments of extreme fear. Aside from her fairly limited abilities, Tate has almost no combat experience, she is weak physically and is unable to properly hold a weapon larger than a knife.
"Stone cold, just like my heart."
Tate's ability allows her to manipulate stone to her liking, but the trigger for which she has not yet discovered, she finds it easy when in danger to create barriers between herself and others of thick stone walls, but when just trying to use her powers at will the results are usually not that which was intended. Thankfully Tate is able to use her powers proficiently when frustrated. She has little mastery currently over her powers, unable to summon stone of any intricate design, but summoning a flat surface is an aspect she finds "Simple". Her only other found use thus far is the ability is to 'move' stone with hand motions, creating paths for her to make a quick escape or create a small space to hide in, only to cover the entrance back up until she is safe.
"Who... Who am i..."
Upon opening the container the girl decided to forego her name, what good did it do her? Family was no an issue, as she had few relatives, only a father a mother and no siblings, those two who loved her so much could never forget about her, and it was always possible to create a new name and image for herself. Only once the decision was made did the girl realize her mistake, while as expected she could not remember her name, she also felt colder, like even this world she lived in no longer wanted her to be alive. She thought long and hard about her new chosen name "Tate", but muttering it did not even break this coldness in the slightest.

|Equipment & Weapons|
A dusty brown cloak made of a thick, worn material. It is proficient in protecting from harsh sands
A small dagger, kept under Tate's clothing.
A water flask, strung from Tate's side.
A coin purse with a few coins in it.
Two small breads.
A shiny apple.

"But who am I?"

Tate lead a simple life before finding her artifact, she lived with her mother and father in a small house near to the marketplace of the city, she was a cheerful child and had a few close friends who lived nearby. She liked helping her mother around her home but found it more interesting to sneak off in the evening to watch the trade ships come in, unloading their crates. She would always wonder what was inside, sometimes even risking taking a peek for herself when the traders were busy confirming their wares with the city guards. She would clamber up behind the crates and peek through any cracks in the boxes, or lifting the lid if the crates were small enough. She never really found too many interesting things, just fish or general wares, sometimes the odd box of jewelry would show itself, but it would be kept under a close eye and Tate never thought herself to want to steal any of the wares, just look.

When the rumors of 'artifacts' first began to spread, Tate wasn't all that concerned, a gift from the gods or a curse from the demons made no difference, gaining mysterious powers didn't seem like something that would make life interesting, it would be more of a nuisance to become an outcast. Either way, Tate was intrigued when Seisostris III made the decision to announce that Artifacts must be handed over to him to be locked away until more was known. It was as if he almost feared being dethroned by people who controlled powers like the gods did.

She ignored the artifacts for a while after that, only ever witnessing one being carried through the marketplace, carefully toted towards the palace from the docks, while she didn't actually see the artifact, Tate heard that it was a box of pure gold, encrusted with jewels from all over. At least twelve of the strongest guards Tate had ever seen protected the crate as it made its way to the palace, and she witnessed one individual attempt to grab the box, his penalty for his actions seemingly deterred anyone else from trying to say the least.

Almost a year after her first encounter with an artifact, Tate found herself frequenting the docks later in the evening again, perhaps secretly wishing to see an artifact for herself. One night she was climbing a rather tall pile of wares with some difficulty, only to discover that placed atop them was a small wicker basket, intrigued by it, she decided to remove its lid, but the startling shout of a guard surprised her, resulting in the wicker basket falling on its side, a small clay pot rolling out and tumbling towards the docks below.

Before she could let out any gasp the clay pot had shattered, but rather than making any sound it should have, a dark moaning sound was all that could be heard, and Tate was engulfed by black flames. Before her lay clearly labelled aspects of the soul, glowing orbs of light, encircling herself, a soothing voice called out, asking her to choose the price to pay in exchange for power.

At first Tate was refusing her situation, not believing it could be true, but quickly dark thoughts made their way to her mind, tempting her with lavish lifestyles, the ability to control fate. It bought her into almost a hypnotic state but she shook herself free of it in the end, wanting protection from dark thoughts she took the price which she deemed almost unnecessary.

Her decision was quickly regretted, upon returning to the docks, the crates had already been removed, no search party or anything to find out what had happened to the missing clay pot, and even more oddly, returning home the girl found no worried parents, her door was even locked. After knocking on the door however, her fears were confirmed, no memory of her existed, her parents did not remember her nor had she a name to remind them of herself.

After three days she decided on the name Tate, while it was sad to think not even her friends remembered her, Tate knew that this had to have been part of her destiny, not wanting to offend the gods she decided that she would keep her powers, but she would also find a way to restore her name and win back her family, ridding herself of this cold feeling that seemed to almost overpower her existence.

So begins...

Tate's Story