The Key to the soul

Alternate Ancient Egypt


a part of The Key to the soul, by Solawind.


Solawind holds sovereignty over Alternate Ancient Egypt, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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The realm of the living and the nation in which this RP is set.

This RP is set somewhere around the middle kingdom of ancient Egypt, but for unknown reasons the 'artifacts' have appeared and diverged this history from our own.
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Alternate Ancient Egypt is a part of The Key to the soul.

4 Characters Here

Jocarus Daetarn [0] A man seeking answers on a long lost memory, no matter what he may uncover, and to find a place in the world.
Hael [0] A boy who seeks penance for the lives lost, the sins he bears, and the crimes he had no choice but to commit.
Uriel Morganson [0] A man on a journey to regain what was lost and hopefully, he can find himself along the way.
Tate [0] A girl who has lost her name but not her ways, wishing nothing more than to stabilize her existence.

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