Dante Strong

"Why leave mad when you can stay and fight?"

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Image "Why leave mad when you can stay and fight?"


Dante Michelangelo Strong

Most of his friends call him D








6'2, rather tall


Dante has broad shoulders and is pretty well built and solid

Dante's generally style is usually just average. Ripped jeans and tee shirts. He doesn't put that much effort into developing a look. He has a septum piercing and several tattoos including a tattoo sleeve. He doesn't do a lot to his hair or looks, he just wakes up and wears what he finds. Most day his sister and roomate Lucia tries to 'pretty him up' but he generally ignores all her input.

Upfront ❖ Protective ❖ Temper ❖ Kind ❖ Friendly ❖ Loyal


What you see is what you get with Dante. Sure he'd like some of his less qualities to be a little less known but he hasn't quite grasped the idea of wearing a social mask. His face hides nothing and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He is always 100% true to himself whether he'd like to be or not. You can meet Dante and twenty minutes later you know exactly what he's all about. Which makes him a sort of honorable upstanding guy since he doesn't have any secret or play any games, even if he doesn't see it that way. He'd much rather everyone not have such a good read on him.

Some of the time Dante is a great guy. He's friendly, a good friend even, always there to chat and happy to entertain at parties, he's even a little bit witty and charming. He doesn't shy away from social situations and is always keen to make friends. However he is only like this when he's in a good mood, and he is rarely in a good mood. Only the people really close to him have to power to pull him out of a bad mood.

Why is Dante always in a bad mood? Because literally everything has to power to annoy him. Somedays all it takes is his favorite team to lose or someone to talk a little bit too loud opposite him on the bus, or simply Image
because he just woke up grumpy. When he's annoyed, Dante is overly aggressive and cocky. Mix this with the fact hat he is a hot head with a bad temper. He jumps at any chance to start a confrontation and thus a fight. Dante won't stand down from a fight and therefor has been in his fair share of winning and losing fights. This also means though that he's been a quite a few sticky situations. Dante also has a rebellious side that can't stand to be under anyone's thumb or follow anyone else's rules which tends to add to his pile of trouble.

Most of the time Dante's temper is usually set off because of his friends though. He hates anyone talking down to him or insulting him but he absolutely won't stand anyone talking bad about any of his friends, especially his sister Lucia. He is incredibly protective, kind of a big brother to all his friends, so a small slight that he might shrug off if it was aimed at him, when spoken about someone he cares about will immediately spark his temper. Dante is not afraid to make enemies and that counts doubly when it comes to his friends.


Dante would describe his parents as average as best. In fact his childhood was down right boring until Luce came along. She came into the world in the most dramatic way, she almost died because the umbilical cord was choking her. And that was her, what most people did with minimal fuss she always had to make a big deal of and get everyone's attention. When her parents brought her home from the hospital she was screaming with giant melodramatic tears to boot.

She quickly became the center of their parent's world, but Dante never minded because he adored Luce the same way his parents did. From the day Dante first met her in the hospital, part of his identity would always be big brother. When they were little Luce always called him Brother Bear and he always spent most of his time looking after her and protecting her from every little harm - A habit that is very hard to break.

Trouble started when Dante hit puberty though. Up until then he had always been a kid, despite his temper in the end he always had to do what his parents told him to. More specifically his father who was as equally stubborn and anger prone as his son. When Dante hit puberty though he found a new aggressive side and realized that he didn't actually have to listen to his dad. Dante and his father practically had yelling matches every day. The two of them were too alike for their own good.

Because of this Dante spent weeks away from home in his teen years and eventually moved out when he was 17, leaving school and getting himself a job at a garage. He never once returned home for a visit since he's never had any inclination to continue a relationship with his father, however he often went out for lunch with and had his mother and sister visit him at his apartment. He's been at the apartment block for the last 4 years, and after getting in a fist fight with his previous roommate he invited his sister Luce to join him.

      Dante always makes a fist with his left hand when he's annoyed.

      Dante has a natural talent for cooking, he never would have dreamed it but moving out on his own plus his love of food forced him into the kitchen. He loves trying to new recipes and herbs. His refrigerator is always the place to go for food in his apartment building since its always filled to the brim with leftovers and he's not fussed about sharing.

      Dante has a large collection of spice girls posters that only his sister knows about and teases him about relentlessly.

      His sister Luce, he adores her and will always be the cute little girl who used to make up dance and force his family to watch them. Dante enjoys playing Sports and he likes the team atmosphere and working off some steam in a productive way. His friends are such an important part of Dante's life since it's not like he has big dreams or anything else to keep him going. Alcohol for the good times. Burgers are Dante's favorite food but Dante loves any and all food, he'd never turn down food. Lazy Sundays are what Dante is made for.

      His father will always be a sore point for Dante. All of his sister's boyfriends, in his mind she's still doesn't seem old enough to be dating boys. Rules and being told what to do. Hangovers always suck. Dante has always believed Religion to breed intolerance and ignorance, and he doesn't have the patience for it. Broken Bones are fairly common for Dante since he is always getting into fights.

Ever since letting his sister into his apartment, Dante has had very little control over his apartment and its decor. Not that he really cares so he always just sits back and lets Lucia do what she wants. It always makes her happy anyway.

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