Georgia was Annie's best friend. They were inseparable. After Annie's murder, she is determined to get justice for her friend.

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a character in “The Killer on Spearwater Campus”, as played by emilymeeseeksxo


Name: Georgia Johnson

Looks: Black, brown eyes, Black afro which she ties back, thick lips, petite body, 5ft 10

Personality: Georgia aspires to be a journalist when she is older and so she has a very inquisitive nature, which will later tie in to her being the leader of the groups investigation of Annie's death. She is quite a sensitive person and is very distraught after the news of Annie's death, however she remains strong through the roughest times and encourages the others to never give up

Equipment and Abilities: Georgia uses her intelligence and investigation skills to get her out of trouble as well as her courage and determination.

Historical Background: Georgia's father is a journalist for a news channel in Africa, and her mother is an alcoholic. After moving away from Africa when she was only 4 years old, she never saw her father again. No matter how much her drunken mother tells her that her father was a terrible person, Georgia believes that her father is a hero and that she want's to be exactly like him. After things at home between her and her mother got violent, Georgia was sent away to Spearwater where she lived a happy life, until Annie's death.

So begins...

Georgia's Story