The Killer on Spearwater Campus

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After the mysterious death of the beloved Varsity Cheer Captain -Annie Jenkins, fear spreads across Spearwater Boarding School. Georgia and her friends must band together to find the killer before he/she takes more lives.

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Character Portrait: Damian Spates

"There's something about seeing the smoke drift from a perfectly rolled joint. It's beautiful."

Character Portrait: elliana monlose

A young girl. Desperate for answers, she looks far and wide. however, she knows more about you than she does herself. be careful around her. she is fiery, hot, hot tempered, and smart.

Character Portrait: Stuart Harold

The Name's Stuart Harold. You can find me in the band Gorillaz. Murdoc Niccals always tries to talk a bunch of "peppermint tea" about me behind my back. Noodle's one of the sweet one's you'll meet.

Character Portrait: Roxie Inse Lilac

A person who stays in the shadows, yet, is known by everyone for being a revengeful person.

Character Portrait: Georgia

Georgia was Annie's best friend. They were inseparable. After Annie's murder, she is determined to get justice for her friend.