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David Baxter

"I believe in a non-aggression policy. So please, for my sake and yours, STEP OFF."

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a character in “The Killing Kind”, as played by Joseph_Bennett


His name is David, and he's called Thoreau by his friends, at least that's what he tells you. He seems about twenty-ish, and wears a very dirty suit jacket and tie that when asked about he mumbles something about a job interview and then trails off for a couple of seconds before changing the topic. He carries with him a briefcase that has a long threaded rope made of paracord that goes through the handle, which he carries it with, around his shoulder. Inside the briefcase he carries three books: The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, by Steven R. Covey, The Informed Argument (Sixth Edition), and a notebook and pen. He also carries a pocket Bible, of the new Testament, that he has never been seen reading, as well as a flashlight, a very old canteen, and a very small penknife.
Very adamant about taking off his welding mask, except to eat or change to a gasmask. When asked about that, he says "I found it." and does not elaborate.

Sex: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Hair color: Brown.
Eye color: Unknown.
Faction Affiliation: Former FEDRA civilian fighter, deserter.
Height: 6 foot even.

Gear: A 3-foot crowbar and a M1 Carbine, with very little else. A bunch of loose .308 rounds are in his briefcase. The gun itself is very old, a relic of the Vietnam era, seventy years prior, and it serves more as an intimidation tool than much else. Three mason jars filled with napalm, as well as a plastic cigarette lighter. "It's surprisingly easy to make, y'know."
As far as medical supplies, he carries a half-empty plastic container of antacids, a bottle of opiate painkillers, and some torn up shirts that serve as bandages. Single-filter gas mask, with four filters.

Strengths: Incredibly friendly, good at melee combat, ambitious, good scavenger, good bargainer/salesmen.

Flaws: Evasive to blame, occasional bouts of what seems to be a superiority complex, not a good marksman with anything but a rifle or carbine.

Skills: He knows a bit about car and engine repair, and is very good with boats and small watercraft. He can use a knife, knows how to gut and clean animals. He also cannot weld, despite the helmet. He is a firm believer in the capitalist system, which he's read a little about, and will sell you practically anything, from food to spent rounds. Positive gain is very important to him.

David was born in Waco, Texas, about a year after the 'Fall of Mankind' as he puts it. He grew up on the Brazos river, slowly travelling towards the gulf of Mexico, where he then travelled along the coast and through Georgia with his family. His father and mother raised him in the former North Carolina. Once he was about 17, he left his family behind with their small town and started travelling north and westward, towards Iowa, where he was hoping to find another town that he could join, along with a couple of his close friends, making a group of only three. On the seventh day of his journey, he was exploring an abandoned building, and was pinned underneath a collapsed section of roof, with a group of infected coming close. The other two of the group didn't think they could do anything, so they left him with a gun and precisely three bullets. Rather than killing himself, he broke free after a day and started travelling, starting again with nothing. He considered heading back to North Carolina, but by then he found himself in Missouri. Disoriented, he instead travelled on foot for 44 days, heading westward. In the year 2032, he found himself in Nevada, where he was found collapsed, briefcase in hand, in the middle of Laughlin. He was taken in by FEDRA, allowed to work and eventually gained a decent job as a soldier. After the seventeenth person he killed in defense of FEDRA and himself, he decided he wanted nothing to do with it anymore and moved north, donning a welding mask to protect his identity, and eventually found himself outside of Washington, in the year 2034. Now, he just wants to find a home, and is considering travelling back to North Carolina, but he doesn't think he's up for it. He heard something about Fireflies in Seattle, and is trying his best to avoid them while also surviving in the city.

So begins...

David Baxter's Story