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The King and Guard

The King and Guard


Assassinations and other dangers are a daily worry for any King. But the King of Vallrien is a unique man targeted by seemingly the entire country. Can his personal guard keep him alive through it all?

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The King of Vallrien is a hard man to deal with. He makes many enemies and even fewer friends. The attempts on his life out do any other King before him. However, that doesn't stop him from being difficult to work with, or from being seemingly cold and hating just about anyone that comes around him. Throw in a young guard just recently promoted from his position to handle the King on his own, and things get rather interesting. The youth has to try to figure out how to work with his King and protect his life with daily attempts to kill the King. It's a wonder that his Majesty has managed to keep his own life all this time. The question standing now, will the King accept this new guard, or will things spiral out of control far before any common ground can be found?


There are two main characters for this role play. The King and the guard. Other characters are NPC's and can be introduced by both players used however they wish, but there is no need for a character sheet for these other players. Only a sheet needed for the guard and the King. I'm looking for someone to play the King for me. I'll be playing the guard. If you think you can do it or are very interested, please send me a PM with a sample of your writing. Thank you very much!


Please feel free to make your sheet look however you wish it to look. I like to be a little more colorful and design-esk with mine. You do not have to be, but it does look nice :)

Character Name:

Image/Description: (image is preferred but a well written description is acceptable too)






Weapons: (if any)




Also I don't like totally weak characters, nor do I like overly powerful characters. Basically try to balance out how strong they are in a fight, letting your character be tossed around for a bit is fine too :) So if you think you can't balance that out, then don't message me. All that aside, if you think you can totally pull this off, feel free :) I'm excited to see what you got for me ;)


1: Have fun!! XD

2: Please try to write a good sized post. At least a couple hundred words would be perfect. If we need the others character faster (I.E a long conversation between both characters) We'll do a collab via PM or some other system (I use PiratePad, it's awesome)

3: Please no overly powerful characters (try not to be super super weak either, that's no fun and kinda old...), No Godmodding.

4: Be respectful to each other.

5: Did I mention have fun?? :)

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing who will be interested :)

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Bethany Lyon

Zakiriya was laid up on something. It was warm, and the feel of it was different. It was probably what woke him. Since when did he fall asleep though? He couldn't really remember. The last thing he remembered, just barely, was killing the Captain and then Fyi after that being swept away by some woman. Finally, asking for forgivness from Bethany. He didn't remember if she'd answered him or not. It was nothing but darkness from that moment.

The young knight turned his head to try to see where he was, half expecting to be laid up in a cell. However, when he didn't see any bars around him, he was slightly surprised... or maybe he was relieved. The room was large, with other beds strewn out across it. Zakiriya recognized it as the healers room, a large ward located near the center of the palace, not far from the Queen's room actually.

Settled with where he was, his next task was to locate Bethany. Unsure of how long he'd been unconscious, or if she was truly alright, his first priority was her. Moving, he pushed himself up feeling a groggy sort of headache attack him, almost as if he'd slept for too long. Tossing the blankets aside, he pulled his body off the bed. He could feel bandages lacing his frame. For a moment he wondered why and tried to remember when he'd gotten injured. Zak ignored it though as things were still a bit hazy.

Sword... he thought groggily and searched for his weapon, which he could not find. A frown pulled his lips and he turned to head for the door.

"And where would you be going?" challenged a voice.

Sitting in the corner of the room, the queen's dark eyes scrutinized him from behind her book's covers. Bethany was resting comfortably in her arm chair, legs crossed, and despite his concerns; was more or less unscathed. "Don't worry, no one's going to attack you here," she stated very matter-of-factly.

Placing the book in her lap, she pursed her lips at the sight of his bandages. Evidently, not much time had elapsed since the incidence in his room for she still wore the same attire she wore then, down to the scattered specks of brown from Fyi's wound. "Rest, or do I have to give you an order everytime you get injured to look after yourself?"

Zakiriya whirled around at the sound of the Queen's voice. His first thought was to kneel, but as she continued he felt as he were being berated... which he probably was. Glancing around the room, he finally settled with a slight inward sigh, reserving himself to just stand there until she finished. Bowing his head to her, he wasn't entirely sure what to say in response. Or if he should say anything at all and just go back to the bed. The knight was still worried though, and with something like that happening so easily, he was even more driven to be at her side.

"My Lady, are you alright?" he asked, turning the conversation and hoping that she didn't avoid it as well and 'order' him. He on the other hand, was quite alright, aside from the headache.

In response to his question, Bethany's expression darkened for the briefest of moments. She always knew people close to her would conspire against her, reminding herself that she shouldn't have been surprised or shocked at the Captain or Fyi's betrayal. Sometimes detaching her emotions was all she could manage to keep reality in check. She willed herself to stay away from that place in her heart, an ebon well of hate and remorse. Willed and failed.

"As you can see, I'm doing quite alright," she smiled, "At the very least, better than you are. You'll be glad to know that your name has been cleared, for the time being."

Time being.... which means I'm still suspected, he looked down to the floor, silence filling the space as he contemplated that. Zakiriya supposed it was only natural. Yet again, he was feeling that same hit to his pride. There was really only one way to fix that though. He would have to be more careful in the furture and show her that he was nothing but loyal to her. Saying it, though, felt as if he were trying to polish something that shouldn't be. Words... just didn't do the trick. He gave her a nod in response.

Zakiriya pulled one hand up and gave her a bow, an elegant one, "My Lady, my life is yours."

She caught herself smirking, his declaration oddly reassuring amidst the turbulence of her own thoughts. "And I'll keep telling you I don't want it. Live for yourself. No one owns the right to any life other than their own," she chuckled, apparently amused by his act of loyalty, "Remember Chevalier Kotane, you're no use to me dead."

Zakiriya straightened, watching her without hesitation, "I live to serve, my Lady, and I will not die so easily," it was a rather presumptious thing to say he was sure, but... after all of the things that had happened so far. It was definitely the truth. His unwavering gaze held hers as he spoke.

"Good," she replied smoothly, matching his gaze. "Life is a precious, frivilous thing."

Satisfied he was alright for the moment; Bethany made to stand, effectively concluding their conversation. There was still much work to be done, and now with the matter of Fyi's treachery revealed, she had a veritable back log of issues to resolve. Claiming her novel, the title flashed quickly before him, reading 'The Known World: Airelia'. "Here, you might find this educational," she said before tossing him the text. "Tell me what you think when you're done."

Zakiriya caught the book deftly, turning it over he eyed the title, an eyebrow lifting slightly. His hands held it as he opened it somewhat gingerly. He wasn't sure he wanted to know. Fear of the contents kept him from turning the pages even more, but he was so curious at the same time. His hesitation was clear as he stood there, eyeing it. Finally he looked up at her, hands closing it, but tucking it under his arm, "Thank you. I will prepare to accompany you," he said softly. He would read the book later, probably that night when he was not busy with her daily duties of running around the palace. Or perhaps in this case, trying to figure out what she was going to do about Fyi and the Captain. He was sure there was going to be a lot of backlash about that.

"Didn't I just tell you to rest?" she mused. The queen sighed eventually, depressing her small shoulders. "Nevermind, if you have enough energy waste you might as well help me out a little. Come, I'll assign you some appropriate tasks. Chevalier Dufrain will take over your duties for the remainder of the day until the situation has calmed."

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Character Portrait: Zakiriya Kotane
Character Portrait: Bethany Lyon


Character Portrait: Bethany Lyon
Bethany Lyon

"You may think all people deserve a share in the government, and that all people are so wise that we need their advice. That is, in my opinion, false."

Character Portrait: Zakiriya Kotane
Zakiriya Kotane

"Command me. I am your shield and sword. I will never betray you, I will always serve you."


Character Portrait: Bethany Lyon
Bethany Lyon

"You may think all people deserve a share in the government, and that all people are so wise that we need their advice. That is, in my opinion, false."

Character Portrait: Zakiriya Kotane
Zakiriya Kotane

"Command me. I am your shield and sword. I will never betray you, I will always serve you."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Bethany Lyon
Bethany Lyon

"You may think all people deserve a share in the government, and that all people are so wise that we need their advice. That is, in my opinion, false."

Character Portrait: Zakiriya Kotane
Zakiriya Kotane

"Command me. I am your shield and sword. I will never betray you, I will always serve you."

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Re: The King and Guard

Hey Qaida! Just reporting in to let you know that work has been hectic the last two days sorry D: But rest assured, I'll start working on a post when I get home tonight :)

Re: The King and Guard

Thanks for the collab Qaida! It was great fun to read :D Zakiriya worries over the silliest of things sometimes xD

Anyway, feel free to jump to the manor and unleash whatever evil plans you've devised. Dufrain and Cassidy will head off for their own adventure for the time being :P

Re: The King and Guard

Hey I'm interested in joining.
Not too long ago, almost all of the roleplays I was in have died, so I'm going to give this one a shot.
I'll try to get a CS in ASAP.

Re: The King and Guard

Of course not! I loved your post as well :D I'm open to anything right now so please, feel free to do as you see fit ^.^ I can roll with anything hehe my plans are easily altered so no worries at all. I honestly didn't have anything for you right then anyways XD So I'm glad you took it and had them leave the castle :)

Re: The King and Guard

Hey Qaida! Just leaving this here to let you know that i enjoyed your post :P I hope i haven't derailed your plans with my reply, if i have, feel free to msg me and i can adjust things :D

Re: The King and Guard

Hi Mister :) This is active, but it is a one on one and I've already got a player for it. Thanks so much though :) Perhaps another time?

Re: The King and Guard

Is this still going to be active? I'd like to submit a character, and I'm willing to wait for other players, but I'm just wondering.

Re: The King and Guard

Hey Cyber! Sure thing, go ahead and create your character for me whenever :) Thank you very much!!

Re: The King and Guard

I would like I join this possibly. Could I put a character sheet in after I get out of school?

The King and Guard

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