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"Whether good or bad. Its never pleasant to wake up from a dream."

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a character in “The King Sword”, as played by Gintoki Sakata



Iota stands at a lengthy 5'11 and weighs approximately 161lbs. While not exactly muscular, Iota keeps himself fit and has maintained a relatively toned body. In shorter terms, he has the perfect runner's body. Despite his fragile and weak appearance, he has built up the necessary amount of upper body strength required of the average, everyday male. He can actually be quite the handy man when given the motivation. Iota doesn't exactly give off the impression of an adult, as his more boyish features have failed to leave him. One might be thrown off guard by his innocent smile, only to catch him slipping off towards the nearest brothel. He has silky blonde hair that has been groomed and maintained to be long enough to reach his mid-back when let down. He keeps it tied back in a loose ponytail, using a red ribbon given to him by a village girl that he had grown quite fond of during one of his travels. The rest of his attire consists of several white, well-kept dress shirts and green trousers. Whenever he sets off to the next destination, he sports a dirty, green cloak that was a parting gift from the caravan who raised him. Iota's overall posture is very polished for a lowborn individual such as himself. His body language would almost fool someone into thinking he was a noble, if it weren't for the light spring in his step that shows up whenever he gets into one of his flamboyant moods.


Iota is a very free and vibrant spirit. He plays by his own rules and lives life to its fullest. Fueled by his passion for music and lead by his nose for adventure, Iota sets out to gather as many tales as he can, preaching the feats, accomplishments, and shortcomings of men both great and small. The life of a wandering minstrel was made for him. Iota's charismatic attitude and the friendly atmosphere he brings with him have opened up a wide array of connections during his travels. He has few enemies and many allies throughout the continent. Nowadays, its almost impossible for him to travel somewhere without being greeted by a familiar face.
Unlike most men, Iota pays a lot of attention to his appearance. He takes especially good care of his hair and almost seems proud of it. While almost nothing can get Iota riled up, a blemish to his face or hair makes him positively ecstatic. This is when the more flamboyant portion of his personality comes out.
Iota doesn't know the meaning of personal space and is anything but bashful. A hug here, a playful shove there. What's a little physical contact between friends? Of course, this isn't to say that Iota isn't a complete flirt. Because in all actuality, he definitely is. Iota has never seen anything wrong with giving into pleasures of the flesh, ever since he was 15. He almost never leaves a town without visiting the local brothel at least once.
A pacifist by nature, Iota could never even fathom the thought of going into battle. Not that he has anything against fighting in general. It just isn't something he could see himself doing. That being said, Iota is far from a coward. He faces confrontation head on, with little thought accounted towards the consequences. If things take a turn for the violent, then that's when he runs. Luckily, he's never gotten caught... yet. However, if a comrade is left behind, Iota would race through hell in back to protect them. He isn't above sacrificing his own body to shield others.
Iota is very sensitive to strong emotion. If someone is angry, he will do whatever it takes to quell their rage. If someone attempts to hide their sadness, Iota will cry for them. He doesn't tend to get very close to many people, so once he finds just one, he's becomes overly attached to them. Even so, he knows when to back off, if the other person finds him truly annoying.
Death. Surprisingly, Iota can lay eyes upon the most gruesome of sights and continue to wear his usual smile. It isn't that things such as death don't faze him. Its more along the lines, that he is too shocked to react. So shocked, that within the darkest of moods, Iota continues to laugh and talk as if nothing had happened. Most people often see his words and actions as unnatural. Iota gives off a very creepy atmosphere. Rather than react, Iota prefers bottles up his negative emotions and allow them to slowly eat away at his sanity. Iota has a very strong will, but it can only hold out for so long before he snaps.

The word "Kingdom" means next to nothing to Iota. He pledges loyalty to no man and lives life on his own terms. Rather than serving another, Iota sees whatever task he does for another as something he does of his own free will. As far as he's concerned, no one can 'make' him do anything.

∞Music∞ It would be a wonder if he didn't. Iota loves nothing more then to kick back and play a soothing tune on his lute. Its times like this where he is most at peace. Not to mention that it is his livelihood. So there's that too.

∞Socializing∞ Iota is a conversationalist. He can't go 5 minutes without bring up a subject of some sort. Mind you, he is no chatterbox. The empty void of silence is just a bit too much for him to handle. He loves to tell stories, even if they aren't accompanied by a song. Epics, tragedies, satire. You name it and he'll tell it.

∞Poetry∞ While he is a musician first and foremost, Iota's real passion derives from writing in general. Actually getting down the story on parchment is what drives him. Not that he minds accompanying it with a pleasant melody. His works also include erotic poetry, which come in handy when he's dealing with the ladies.

Bi-sexual. Although, more partial towards women. As far as men go, Iota never really had a taste for the battle-crazed masses of muscle, clashing swords and bellowing shouts of honor and victory. He much rather prefers men such as himself who harbor slightly more effeminate traits.

Iota was born in the small town of Grosnia. A mountain town positioned in between Valien and one of its border nations, apart from Roune. He was orphaned as a babe of no older than three weeks. His single mother slipped him into the wagon of a particular caravan as they were making their way through town. Upon discovering him, the caravan took him in and raised him as their own. It was from them that he learned the value of hard work and realized his love for literature. As he grew up, Iota was always fascinated by the heroic tales of brave and valiant warriors. He always wanted to become a knight and go on adventures just like them. As a child, it was a hopeful dream. But as he grew, Iota realized that kind of life wasn't meant for him. He decided that if he couldn't be the lead role, then he would at least make sure the lead's story is carried on in the memories of those who come after them.
At the age of seventeen, Iota had decided that he couldn't be restricted by his caravan's usual routes any longer. His sense of adventure urged him to venture to more distant lands. And so he did. After saying his goodbyes and receiving various parting gifts, Iota set off to begin his occupation as a traveling minstrel. Starting out his new life was tough at first. This was the first time Iota had ever been on his own. He could hardly sleep at night, whenever he had to camp out. The brief encounters with civilization were a safe haven to him, whether he was met with malice or hospitality. Iota has made many friends in different regions all over the continent. Mercenaries, house wives, royal guard, prostitutes, farmers, even hermits. He has seen the world through the eyes of many different people from all walks of life and written songs about those who have truly grabbed his interest.
Out of all the stories he grew up with, one stood out among the rest. The legend of the Dragon Sword. Recent news has reached his ears of both the Roune and Valien forces making a conquest to find the sword. While he can't shake the unnerving feeling in his gut at what might happen, should one of the conflicting sides achieve their goal, it has always been a dream of his to write a song worthy of the Sword's name. In his mind, the only way to do the sword justice, would be to first experience the sword's splendor and the journey there himself. Only then would he have the inspiration to construct a song of legend. Despite Iota's efforts to join either side on their quest, he has been shot down countless times. Quest or not, where he was trying to go was a battlefield. He wouldn't last a day in their world. Besides, there were countless other bards and minstrels who had beaten him to the punch, the majority of them actually having some combat or field experience. They had no use for a poet who could not wield a sword, should the time call for it. Even so, Iota has not lost hope. Persistent as he is, he won't give up until he finds his meal ticket to the sword.
The only family he is aware of is the caravan that raised him.

Neutral. Iota is a Traveling Minstrel who is currently traveling through Valein.

Besides a lute, a quill, and a piece of parchment, not really. He is completely against violence. At least for himself.
Iota could be considered very right-brained dominant. He isn't very good with technicalities, but has a knack for creativity and puzzle solving. Other than combat, Iota is slightly above average at most things, when it comes to hands-on activity. Sort of like a 'jack of all trades'. What would take the average person and hour to accomplish on their first try would take Iota roughly twenty minutes.
While he may be the type who would unconsciously give away information before he could even be tortured, Iota is far craftier than most would think. He has picked up a few tricks with pickpocketing over the years. Along with this, he is an adept master of disguise. If being chased through a crowd, he could easily snatch whatever item he requires. A shawl and an untied boot might be just what he needs for a successful camouflage. Iota has a hidden talent for cross-dressing, with an added lack of shame to boot.

Iota couldn't care less about the sword itself. No. What he seeks is the story that he could spin from it. What Iota wants is a hero. Someone who could show him a tale worthy of gods, firsthand. Iota believes that if anything can satiate his thirst for adventure, then the legend of the Dragon Sword would be it.

So begins...

Iota's Story

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Image"Though far from gallant, on he rode."

"A boy who dreamt of honor and glory."

"Great was his heart and greater his spirit."

"But, alas his body was worn and old..."

A deep sense of serenity and quiet fell over the tavern, save for the phlegm-induced spit take in the background. The silence was disrupted by the laugh and cheers of the tavern's inhabitants. Whether they were residents or passer-byers, drunk or sober, every soul in the tavern had stopped what they were doing to listen in on the young man's song. Iota opened his eyes, once the first 'clang' rang out in his ears, followed by many more. He eyed the small bucket that laid before him as slivers of copper and silver began pouring in from various directions. He couldn't help but revel in the luck he was having today. This really was the best tavern in town to score off of the local drunks. He would have to give that urchin boy an added tip for the information he had sold him. Then again, he was lucky enough to have gotten anything at all, after his unsuccessful pickpocketing attempt.

After everyone had more or less lost interest in Iota and returned to whatever they were doing prior, he took this opportunity to count his earnings. Setting down his lute, he rushed over to the bucket before some unsavory fellow decided to snatch it up. While not exactly brimming at the seams, the bucket gave a generous jingle as it was lifted up.
"22 silver coins sand 47 copper! At this rate, I might have a buy a round for the whole house." To this, a couple of nearby patrons lifted their brows to Iota. Crooked, toothy grins cascaded under their dirty beards. As Iota pondered whether he should try doubling his earnings, a sudden itch in his throat caused him to cough, implying that his throat was dry. 'My, my. It looks like I'll have to wet my whistle before I can perform again.' Content with himself, Iota made his way over to the barkeep. He moved with the radiance and grace of a prince, catching a disgruntled gaze or two as he passed by the other patrons.

"Good day, my good bar keep! One mug of your finest ale!" Iota chirped, taking a seat at the bar and placing his bucket-sized wallet onto it. A portly man in his mid-30's scowled at Iota, looking noticeably unimpressed as his gaze went from him to the bucket.

"Tha'll be forty two silver, lad. Not that a pup like you could stomach it." After this, the man let out a hearty chuckle before returning to his initial scowl. "Well? Ya got the money er not, boy?"

Iota was perplexed. While he did have the funds to cover it with todays fees, this purchase would leave Iota practically broke. With a drawn out sigh, Iota took five silver coins out of his bucket and gently placed them onto the bar. "Aye... I'll just have what everyone else is having, then."

After slapping a gargantuan hand onto the coins and sliding them into his apron pocket, the large man took no time at all to prepare Iota's drink. The barkeep then proceeded to slam the mug on bar desk dripping a fair portion of it onto the bar itself and his hand. "Try not to puke after the first sip, pup." The burly man quipped, before stumbling off to tend to his other patrons.

Not even bothering to recognize the bar keeps rude behavior, Iota began playing a few tunes in his head as he lost himself in his drink. He was struggling to decide whether he wanted to write about the one armed juggler he met in Heist or the miner who swore he could spotted a dragon in the Grotian mines and even spoke with it. Ultimately deciding that the juggler seemed the much more interesting of the two to write about, Iota woke up from his trance, only to find that he already went through most of his drink. "That's no good... I should go chat with some of the locals to make this last longer~" With a childish grin spread across his face, Iota began walking over towards one of the tables. As soon as he came within eight feet, he was immediately greeted with unwelcoming grimaces and malicious stares. It was obvious that the brutish characters who mostly inhabited the bar didn't quite care for his company.

Well if the confrontational approach wouldn't work, then Iota knew what would. Once again taking a seat at his bar stool by the fireplace, he grabbed his lute and began spinning another tune. This time, it was about widow who's husband was buried under an orchard tree that never bore fruit, year round. The next time she returned to his grave, the tree was bustling with ripe orbs of mouth-watering sweetness. While this didn't bring about as much commotion as his previous song, he received a few bouts of applause from the friendlier looking fellows along with a silver coin and several pieces of copper. While he didn't quite get the response he was looking for, Iota could now at least tell who would be more willing to chat with him.

Making his way over to a pair of young folk, who looked to be no older than twenty, Iota walked up to them with his trademark smile. Luckily, they seemed to be a little more accepting of his company. After only a few minutes he got to know both of the young men quite well. Joan and Parkiff were their names and both of them were soldier trainees, training to become guardsmen. Shortly after their conversation about what kind of women they were into, Iota's attention was grasped by a hooded figure who had made his way into the tavern. "He's quite the handsome one, now isn't he?" Iota commented, receiving a couple of bewildered looks from the trainees as he pointed to the newcomer.