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Marie Deron Inautta

"Say, that's pretty. Mind if I try it on for a while?"

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a character in “The King Sword”, as played by Tardisfreak


ImageMarie Deron Inautta

Marie has short black hair, a soft face, and very feminine features that make her seem quiet, and reserved at times. Her eyes are two different colors, the right eye being orange, and her left eye being blue. She is small, standing at 5ft tall, but is surprisingly strong. She has long, arms and legs, and quick fingers, that can snatch the earnings right off a woman if she was really focusing. Her main strength lies in her speed, and endurance. She can outrun most people and keep running for a long while. She is an expert climber, and has a great head for heights, feeling comfortable at most heights. She wearins light leather armor under her black clothes, and black coat, each with many pockets. She has a cowl that she can pull up to hide her identity, and she wears a large black hat that belonged to her father. She has a large scar across her chest that she got raiding the same tomb where she got Charlotte.



Marie makes an effort to seem friendly and nice, and can be nice, but underneath her only priority is herself. She has an affinity for shiny objects, and loves to take treasure, or objects of value, and will take any and everything if given the chance. When it comes down to it, she is a good person at heart, not wanting to really hurt anybody, but her lust for treasure often causes her to come into conflict with many people as she takes most things she can get her hands on.

Marie was born in Valein, and is helping them now, though her motives remain cloudy.

Exploring: Marie loves to explore any environment she is in, looking for secrets, or treasures.
Looting: Be it from a building or right off of people, living or dead, Marie love to take things of value. She has her own hoard stashed away in secret.
Reading: Marie loves to read anything, stories, or book, but she will usually be seen examining old maps, or reading old texts, usually trying to find forgotten dungeons, or treasure troves.


Marie was born to a noble family,any early in life she gained an eye, and a talent for taking things, specifically ones of value. She frequently got into trouble from her bad habits, so her mother decided that to break them, she would teach her daughter how to be a lady. These lessons failed, though Marie never let on to her parents that she continued to steal things from her parents noble friends. Finally caught one last time, she was put under house arrest for two years. When she was final released, she had enough of the royal life, and left in the night. She took her fathers old hat, and a dagger, leaving a note saying she left. A few years latter, she came across a tomb, and upon unlocking it, accidentally caused a cave in. During the cave in, a piece of a statue, fell, and tore a gash across her chest, the falling statue also opened a door to a sealed armory. Selecting a strange weapon, she would latter come to call Charlotte, she used it in her escape from the tomb. She crawled back to the nearby town, delirious from blood loss, but managed to make a full recovery, and continued to hunt treasure troves, and tombs across the land, with her eyes set upon the legendary sword.
Her father, Haril Ruial Inautta, is alive at 51, and fighting with Valein.
Her mother, Martha Kana Inautta, is alive at 49
Her older brother, Marcus Felin Inautta, is 30, an fighting for Valein
Her younger brother and sister, Roker Hateph Inautta, and Maril Roloth Inautta, are both 8 and living with her mother.

Treasure Hunter/Thief

  • Charlotte: A strange weapon that Marie found in an tomb. It has two sides, one serrated with sharp, hooked teeth, and the other, long and sharp like a sword. It has two modes it can flip between. Its compact mode allows Marie to strike quickly with its serrated teeth, and score a lot of hits. Its extended mode gives Marie more range and power with its more sword like edge. She lovingly takes care of Charlotte, and never lets Charlotte off her person.
  • Throwing Knives: Marie carries a few small throwing knives that she can use to disarm traps, or wound enemies from a distance.

Marie craves for the sword, and she is willing to double cross anyone to get it. She wants to find it so she can have it as the ultimate treasure, the one object that would make all other thieves recognize her as the greatest thief that ever existed.

So begins...

Marie Deron Inautta's Story

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The sun was rising, signaling the start of the day or perhaps the end of one depending on one’s perspective. The warm rays of sun gently blanketed the world and chased away the chill of the fall night. It was going to start snowing soon. The seasons seemed to be going by so fast as of late across Valein and Roune. The chirps of the birds began to flit across the sky and the regular hum drum of the day spread and soon, everyone had to leave behind their dreamland and face the day that would not be ignored. From a distance, the scene was peaceful and colored by the lives that passed and intertwined with one another.

It wasn’t peaceful though.

War is on the horizon. The sleepy towns waking from slumber were existing in a semblance of life but they were really just surviving. The kingdom of Valein was struggling to keep Roune at bay and Roune was pressing further and further into their borders. Soldiers were everywhere and the people were getting anxious. When would the war finally end? At this point some of the vassal didn’t care who won just as long as someone finally did. It really was a sorry state of affairs on both sides of the line.

It had been centuries since Roune last truly invaded Valein and the King’s Sword created. Most believed the sword to be a simple fairy tale but the rumors have begun circling again. Was the weapon real? If it was, where was it now? A sword that powerful could end the war if it was ever found. Without it, it looked like it was only a matter of time before Roune finally took over Valein. Looking for the sword was just a folly, probably only useful in the fact that it distracted both kingdoms.

And through it all, the King’s Sword waits for its turn to play into the events of the world. Alone, asleep, and silent, it waits. Long forgotten in the Despi Mountains near the border between Valein and the ‘Mist Lands’, the land of the unknown and death. It was near equal distance between the kingdom of Roune and the mainland of Valein. Though the Despi Mountains were technically part of the Valein kingdom, few lived around the mountain for superstitious reasons. It was said that anyone who entered the mountains never found their way back. But it is just superstition. Who knows what really goes on in its depths.

It is in this desperate affair that our story begins; two kingdoms locked in a struggle for survival and a weapon with enough power to make it anybody’s game.

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Marie ran along the tree line of the recent battlefield. Keeping to the shadows, she pulled her cowl up, and examined the remnants what what could have only been a truly nerve racking battle. And it was recent too. Marie felt a shiver of excitement pass up her spine, and under her cowl she smiled. A fresh battle meant, fresh loot, and fresh loot meant, well, it didn't really mean anything, but Marie didn't really care; as long as there were spoils aplenty she could care less about all the actual fighting. In fact, only a few minuets earlier, some Valein soldiers had destroyed the drawbridge just to keep the Roune's out. It wasn't a permanent solution, but it had stopped their advance. She laughed silently, it didn't matter to her as long as there was treasure to be looted, and trinkets to be sold; she personally hoped that this war would drag on longer, so she could increase her wealth.

Finally slinking from out of the shadows, Marie approached the first lifeless body. From the armor, she could tell they were from Roune. Pushing the man over, she began to search his person for anything that could either fetch a nice price in a market, or was just shiny enough to catch her eye. Locating the mans money purse, she emptied the contents onto her hand, and satisfied with her find, stuffed it into one of her many coat pockets. She continued on when she had thoroughly looted the body, and moved on to the next. She worked quick, making sure to check everywhere for hidden trinkets, and treasures, while at the same time making sure never to staying the same place for too long. She continued across the battle field like a plague, approaching men, and leaving them with only the clothes and armor on their backs.

Marie didn't stop until her many pockets were practically spilling with treasure, as she retreated back to the cover of the brush. She continued to move until she reached a clearing near the Valein's keep, and sat down to examine her spoils. "Oh, your a pretty one!", she exclaimed, raising a small jade ring up to the light. She smiled at the way it sparkled in the suns light, and slid it on her own gloved index finger. She then withdrew a silver necklace, and gasped as she held it up to the light, "Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I am going to keep you", she said placing it into one of her breast pockets. She perked up suddenly, "What? Oh of course none of the delicious treasures could ever compare to you Charlotte.", she said, pulling her unusual weapon off her hip, and caressing it lovingly.

Varil sat by the fire with some of the other mercenaries that had been employed by Roune in their conquest. He took a slow drink from his mug, and studied the fire deeply. The previous skirmish had yielded interesting results. Many men had fallen, but they had managed to push the forces of Valein back past the river, and now they waited for orders to be given.

"Hey Varil, you waiting for the broth to get cold?", someone said, jerking Varil from his thoughts, and causing the other mercenaries to laugh.

Varil smiled, and accepted the bowl from the man across the fire, "No, just waiting for you all to burn your tongues, that is if it ever stops boiling", he said, earning a few more laughs from the circle of mercenaries. He raised a spoonful pu to his lips, and blew on it to cool it before he filled his mouth and began to chew.

"Message for Varil Jenaqu from his highness, Bismark Cain, high king of Roune", someone behind Varil said, just as he was raising another spoonful to his mouth. As Varil turned the messenger began to relay his message as Varil continued to eat. His eyebrows furred as he listened, the King wanted his services specifically, in addition to presumably other knights; but what use could a mercenary be in finding and taking a sword from Valein. When the messenger finished relaying the message, Varil paused his eating, , "Am I to meet Cain, and where?", he asked, and the messenger told him. Varil turned back to the fire, "Tell him I will be on my way, just as soon as I am finished with eating", he said, and the messenger nodded and left.

When Varil had eaten his fill, he stood up, fastening Gatharin, and Fairblood to himself, and shouldering his ruck sack. "Good friends, I bid you farewell", he said, slightly bowing.

"Your actually going to search for this, magic sword?", one of the mercenaries asked, as Varil turned and began to walk away.

The King has summoned me. I should at least find out what this is all about, he said over his shoulder, and set out in the direction of the main camp.

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Routa Belvadear Cain

Routa found himself looking his father up and down, seeking anything that would give away an injury. He couldn't quite see anything on the man but he did find it rather curious that his father had kept his visor up. He knew his father to take the visor off during counsel meetings such as this. He glanced at the other advisers in the room as they began to talk amongst themselves before he turned back to his father. Upon hearing why his father kept his visor on, Routa gave a light nod. What kind of scar did those knights leave on his father's face? Would he go blind? Was it really bad? Damn his worry and curiosity! It wasn't his place to question his father and king here. He would have to squash his worry for another time. And now he was going to disappoint the man to boot.

"Things on the font aren't as good as we hoped, unfortunately. As you ordered, I took my men towards the Eastern border. In the distance I saw one of the Valein knights and their forces massed around the bridge. We tried to hurry, but unfortunately they were able to destroy the bridge before we had the chance to cross. They have effectively defended the pass," Routa answered and grit his teeth. He clenched his fist and didn't look up at his father. He knew there was nothing he could have done but he had to ask himself, what if they had moved faster, stopped less? They might have reached the other side and defeated the army stationed there. But then again, without rest the men would have been too tired to fight. "I am sorry that I have failed you. If we had gotten across, we could have surrounded the army and had a major victory."

He needed to think of other things besides his failure and there was something else his father had mentioned in his message. The young prince shook his head and did look up at his father then. "I got your message about this fabled sword... if it is true that sword could affirm our victory over Valein and prove we have the divine right to lead. But if it isn't true, then we were on a wild goose chase. What if it is a Valein ploy to get us to separate our men?" he asked then. "Do you have an idea of its location and who you are going to send after it? Besides the sword, what plans have I missed at the counsel? I'll do whatever I can to make up for my failure at the Eastern bridge."

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"Warrior-for-hire heyo! What bringith thee to the lair of this mighty web?", someone said behind Varil. He glanced over his shoulder to see someone coming up the same path as himself; he stopped and waited for the smaller person to catch up. "That's quite the flowered tongue you have", he said with a friendly smile, "I have been summoned to the court of the king, to meet with him about some hunt for a legendary sword. I may assume the same of you?", he answered. Either Cain was scrapping the bottom of the barrel, or he had other plans set for the future; Varil wondered if the war was really bad enough for Cain to summon this small man. "I hope to find out why we are to be sent to search for a magic sword. Personally I do not believe such a thing even exists. If such a did exist, it would have been found years ago, Varil said chuckling to himself. He addressed the man at his side, "Pardon me, but we have not formally introduced our selves. I am Varil Jenaqu, at your service.

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ImageMarie Daron Inautta
After Marie finished sorting through her treasures, deciding which ones to keep and which ones to sell, she stood up and stretched. Her stomach growled, and she patted her belly, "Shush now, we'll get food soon. Now then, where is the nearest town?", she asked taping her chin thoughtfully. She perked up, and cocked her ear, seemingly listening to something. Marie then smiled, clapping her hands together, "Yes that's right! There is a town not far from here, oh Charlotte, what would I do with out you?", she exclaimed pulling her weapon off her hip, and hugged it tightly; she then returned it to her hip, and set off in the direction of the town.

Marie bit into the beef leg, and moaned in bliss as the warm juices exploded in her mouth. She chewed, and swallowed slowly, enjoying the flavor, and the heat. It had been a while since she last had a hot meal, and she was determined to let this meal last. She had traded three rings, and two necklaces for one beef leg, a quarter of a cheese wheel, and half of a loaf of bread; the man she had bought them from hadn't asked how she had obtained the jewelry, and she liked it. It made selling her wares so much harder when people asked how she had obtained her many trinkets. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a group of Valein soldiers; for some reason she became interested, and began to tail the small group.

Finishing her beef leg, Marie threw it away, and increased her speed. She drew up, silently, behind the first soldier, and quickly pick pocketed the man, successfully gaining his coin purse, and a key ring. Silently putting her new items away, she slowed her pace, allowing the small troop to gain more distance from her. Marie followed them to a small stone hut near the end of town, and watched them all disappear into it; she quickly dashed to the forests edge, and waited among the bushes. When the soldiers left the building Marie silently shot out of her hiding place and caught the door, slipping inside like a ghost.

There wasn't much in the hut, an old closet, a used, rotting bed, but what caught Marie's eye, was the large chest sitting on the far side of the room. She smiled widely, and rubbed her hands together greedily; the stupid soldiers hadn't even thought to put their treasures in a more secure place. Throwing caution to the wind, she jogged over to the chest, and wasted no time in picking the lock; her eyes widened as she took in its contents. The chest was filled with silver, and gold jewelry, bright gemstones that twinkled and shimmered in the dim light, and even a few statues. Marie squealed in delight, and began to ravenously fill her pockets again, "Charlotte look at all the beautiful treasures those lovely men left for us!", she exclaimed holding a silver tiara up to the light, and gazing at it in wonder, then the world went dark.

Marie woke up slowly, on the back of a horse. She blinked groggily, and watched the ground pass beneath her, before glancing up at her surroundings. The setting sun glinted painfully, off her captors armor, so she turned her head to analyze the rest of her surroundings. The men riding at her captors sides were wearing armor as well, Wait, that's Valein knight armor!, she realized with a start. Beginning to panic, she tried to pull her arms up so she could push herself off of the horse, only to find that they were tightly bound behind her, and what was worse still, her feet were bound as well, and Charlotte was missing.

Marie felt her heart start to beat faster, what cruel things had these men done with Charlotte? She tried to scream out for her trusted companion, becoming aware of the gag in her mouth. Unable to control herself any longer, she began to twist and writhe on the back of the horse, moaning, and screaming into her gag. "Looks like the thief is awake", one of the knights commented, chuckling at Marie's feeble attempts to free herself. "So she is? Reico, double check if she is the one, we don't want to bring in the wrong girl again. That mistake was embarrassing enough", said the man on the same horse Marie was on. A third knight pulled out a scroll, and began to check things off of it, "Black hair, check. Black clothes, check. Black hat, check. and most importantly different colored eyes, check. Yep, this has to be her". Marie's eyes darted frantically from one man to the next, searching for Charlotte, or any means of escape while she tried to pull her hands out of her bonds. The knight sitting on the horse that carried Marie rolled his eyes and sighed, "Someone knock her out before she spooks the horse, I would rather I get back to the king without an injury caused by this crazy woman". Marie looked wide eyed at the man, and moaned loudly into her gag before the world went black again.

Marie woke up a second time, her head pounded loudly, drowning out any other sound that might have been made. Sitting up slowly, the world spinning softly as she did so, she looked around her self again; instead of the back of a horse this time, she was in a prison cell, probably residing in some dungeon. Examining her person, she realized she was only wearing a shirt, and trousers, while the rest of her gear sat on a table outside the cell, Charlotte hanging the wall above her hat. She drunkenly reached out for Charlotte, but her arms fell short as the chains holding them became taught. Examining them groggily, she sighed, at her state it might take as long as thirty minuets to pick the lock, and then there was the predicament of she had no tools with her. "Damn. Curse my need to posses objects of value", she said quietly, looking around for anything she could use as a lock pick.

The knight approached the main hall, his holding his helmet comfortably at his side. He waited for the great doors to open, and then strode proudly up to the throne, stopping just short, and kneeling in front of his king. "Sire, the thief woman you requested had been captured and awaits you in the dungeon", he announced proudly, still kneeling.

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Cassian Valein Courtsmen
Very, very slowly, Cassian exhaled through his nose. He needed to keep his head, his wits about him. His father's thoughtful look only meant bad things. There was no way he'd be allowed to stay here, or sent off to fight. His father was stubborn. His fate was inevitable. And honestly, at this point he'd mostly come to terms with it. Though he was bitter that his father was making him play at choosing his own fate. 'Decide what to do with the thief.' He was no idiot, he knew what his father was thinking. All the pawns had been set up in the wrong places, and running away would do no good. And maybe it wouldn't be too bad? Other than the fact that it looked like he would have to travel with a lowly criminal. And a woman, no less. But perhaps she was cunning--though not cunning enough to avoid capture--and if they did come across a Rounen force looking for the 'magic sword', they could wreak havoc among them. That would be entertaining and more worthwhile than just looking for a sword that didn't exist.

He spent a moment in mock thought, mostly trying to organize his words properly and not sound too harsh or too meek. Because when it came down to it, he really didn't want to do this. But how his Father played the words. 'You wish to be king some day.' It felt just the slightest amount humiliating, as if his father was poking fun at him after tying his hands.

"I suppose," He said with a faint grudging to his drawling tone, "While I have little information on the woman, I could take her along in lieu of the knight, if it pleases you, Father." He folded his arms over his chest. "Though I'd like to know her background and speak to her before leaving with her to minimize the chances of her eviscerating me while I sleep." Cassian had little trust in anyone. He'd trusted Serena a small amount, due to her knighthood, and look at what had happened to that. That gave him little reason at all to trust a common thief who may not have any great love for the Kingdom.

If he were to travel with the thief, he'd need to know how to protect himself from her, and how to work with her. It wouldn't do to get on her bad side, because she might not have as many qualms about stabbing him or deserting him on the road and thieving his stuff as a the knight would have.

"Perhaps it would be wise to promise her a sum of money in return for bringing both the sword and my own person back unscathed." He added after a few moments of silent thought. Yes, that's what thieves liked, right? If the reward for not killing him was greater than whatever personal satisfaction it might bring her, then he'd be safer. And it might also stir her to help him fight if they did encounter danger. "How much shall I offer her?" He asked, veiled insecurity in his voice. How much was his life worth to his father? He was the Heir Apparent after all. But, if his father already had the notion of sending him away, perhaps there were other motions in line to make his undoing. Again he wondered if his brother had come back...but he quickly vanquished those thoughts from his mind. Such paranoid ideals would make him weak, he needed to focus on the present.

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Varil crossed his arms slowly, Bluey? Not the first comment of on my appearance; though to be honest, I rather enjoyed it", he said with a small laugh. "The main road. As you wish", he said, nodding at Routa, then turning and following Laitris outside. "Well my small blonde haired friend, it seems we are to divert attention away from Cain's boy, and his party", he said when he was far enough away from the tent, "A horse would be nice", Varil said in agreement, laying a hand on Gatharin as the pair walked off down the road. He smiled at the remark of their legend being told. As a young boy, Varil had always enjoyed legends, and stories; and had often pretended to be the hero of his own adventures as well. As he grew, he stopped pretending, it was childish, but he never stopped enjoying a good story of adventure. "I hope there are no rats, and black gates forbid and giant ones. I don't like having to deal with those bad tempered rodents, save for even a giant one", he said shaking his head.

ImageMarie Deron Inautta
Picking the first lock had been hard, the world kept spinning, but Marie had managed to do it, holding the rusted piece of thin metal in her mouth. The manacle hit the floor with a loud clink, and she sat back, waiting for the world to stop spinning. She waved a hand in the direction of Charlotte, "Don't worry, dear. I'll get free, in, well. That is to say, when the world decides to stop throwing itself about like an itchy dog". She stopped and though, a wide smile growing across her face, which grew into uncontrolled laughter "Oh, hahaha, just imagine Charlotte, hahaha, the poor mutt, rolling, hahahaha, on the ground, oh the poor beast", she gasped between drolls of laughter.

Marie's laughter finally died down, and she lay back, a dumb smile still on her face. She breathed in deeply, thoroughly winded."Oh my. Well, we need go get ourselves free don't we", she said sitting up, and taking the rusted metal in her free hand and starting on the second manacle around her wrist. It was slow going, and it seemed to take even longer, but Maire finally managed to free herself from her bonds. She giggled in delight, and scooted toward the table that held her belongings.

In desperation, she reached she reached out for Charlotte. "No, no, no, no, no, Charlotte, come closer, please! I, I, oh, no, please my baby, come closer!", she begged, tears starting to form in her eyes. She cocked her, and retreated back into the cell, wiping away her tears, "Yes, yes. I need to be brave. For you, my dearest. Now then, where did I put that pick?", she said looking around. She picked up the rusted pick, and skipped over to the cell door, the sound of her bare feet echoing throughout the cell. She stuck the pick in, and began to work on the lock, but quickly pulled it out when she heard footsteps approaching her cell.