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Ayame Rhaeph Aylana

"If you don't want to go to War, why are YOU starting it?!"

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a character in “The King They Deserve”, as played by Mindfang




Age Nineteen

Region: Flores
Noble/Commoner: Noblewoman / Aylana Lady
Occupation / Rank : Daughter of the Lord Family of the City of Fall | Noblewoman of Flores / Aylana Family

Skills and Abilities: Ayame is known for her love of books, and passion for Herbology. Ever since she was a kid, she had been interested in becoming an Alchemist, or atleast learning the ways. When her father offered her a private instructor, she was as happy as she could be. She has been studying Alchemy and Herbs for ten years now, she knows how to make poison, medicine, delicious wines, drinks, and much more. As a Noblewoman of the Aylana Family, she was also educated as a child, and has grown to have a witty personality from time to time, and trying to be as perfect as she could, so she can answer things as if they were no-brainers.
Characterising Traits: Ayame is known for having a 'Library Bedroom', seeing as her room is full of bookshelves, work desks with alchemical tools, decorated with beautiful flowers and herbs. She doesn't leave her room often, if at all, to the point that her father made the maids bring her food to her room. Ayame is also known for making witty comments, especially if she's standing up for her Sister. She tends to find answers to common educational tests as if they were no-brainers, but Politics is far not her thing. She would much rather prefer the peace and serenity of her room.
Personality: Ayame is too much a neutral character, around others, she pretends that everything's great and tries to smile, even if her heart is falling apart, but when she's alone, or talking to her siblings, she'll be completly different, tell them about how she's feeling, how things affect her, even though she doesn't do it often. Ayame has really loved animals, especially felines. She has two cats: 'Rhael' named after her great-grandmother, the cat's breed is a Siamese, who is currently three years old. And 'Serena', a Munchkin, which is currently 9 Months. Ayame takes care of both her felines with great passion, and those return the favor by helping her out with her alchemy, bringing her different herbs (Which she trained them to), and just being there for her when she needed a warm, soft, fluffy friend. Ayame prefers peace and serenity, but with the upcoming war, all she can do is sit in her room and pretend everything's going to be okay, ignore the world around, pretend she doesn't know what's happening and continue doing what she loves most, even if sometimes it feels lonely being constantly by herself. She's a little too anxious to go out and talk to people, because she feels like they'll dislike her, or think ill of her, but she does her best, and attempts to be very friendly to a person, even if she doesn't like them, who knows, maybe there will be benefits.

Face Claim: Lily Collins

Height: 165cm

Weight: 52kg

Everyday Wear:
Armour: For now, she has none, seeing as she was never interested in fighting, distance or up close.
Weapons?: Her poisons, obviously. And if she's lucky enough to find something to stab someone with for self-defense.

*Herbology | *Alchemy | *Felines | *Peace | *Silence | *Reading

*Politics | *War | *Being Inferior / Feeling Inferior | *Those who return her wit | *The Cold | *Insects

*Insects | *The Fear that she's never good enough. | *The fear of people judging her, talking about her behind her back. | *Fear of Pain | *She's quite physically weak.

So begins...

Ayame Rhaeph Aylana's Story


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City of Fall - Ayame Rhaeph Aylana's Chambers

Ayame gently held Serena in her arms, patting and scratching behind the Feline's ears meanwhile one of her personal maids was brushing her long, dark brown hair. She tilted her head slightly in wonder, "Why all the sudden formality requested of me today?" she asked, her eyes moving to look outside the window, which had direct view to the main court. She could see several carriages arrive, she recognized the crest, those were the Solariums.

The maid smiled happily at Ayame, and put the brush down, walking over to get one of Ayame's favourite formal dresses. "I'm surprised you have not been told, m'lady." She nodded gently, choosing between the different floral colours and patterns of dresses, "After the most recent union of the Solariums and Aylanas in the council court, they have decided that you or your sister would have to wed the Solarium boy, for political and war efforts." she said in a gentle voice.

Ayame's face went pale. Not only had she never talked to a boy except for her Brothers, but never had she even liked one. And now, all of the sudden, she had to wed one? A Solarium, no less. The Solariums and Aylanas had strong bonds since the past, breaking a promise would not go well! She twitched, and Serena jumped off, walking away slowly. Ayame then rose from her chair, turned around and glared at the maid. "I'm not going anywhere!" She said loudly.
"I'm sorry m'lady, but these are your Father's orders. You know how much your Father cares for you, he's giving you the chance to become a Queen! No, THE Queen!" The maid said reassuringly.

Ayame thought about it for a second, and opened her mouth to protest, but realised that there was no use. She had a sister, so there was a chance that she wouldn't be the one to get married. She sighed and stripped down from her everyday dress, and put on the one the Maid had handed to her.

"You look stunning." The Maid said, putting the Aylana Necklace around Ayame's neck. "Anyone who got the chance to wed you would be a lucky man!"

Ayame trembled at the thought, she knew that her mother got married at fourteen, and Ayame was nineteen right now.. But she just didn't feel ready. "What if they don't like me? I prefer my books and my flowers. I'm not a good conversational partner." She said insecurely. The Maid gently patted her back. "M'lady, your father will want you to be in the meeting hall in about ten minutes. And do not worry, many women who are married right now and have a loving family did not know their husband untill after the marriage. " She told her, and walked out of the room.

Ayame sighed, walked up to the window and stared out of it, inspecting the new-comers.