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Gille Crow

"God knows what Gille is thinking about."

0 · 304 views · located in Corona

a character in “The King They Deserve”, as played by Mindfang




Age: Thirty-two

Region: Corona
Noble/Commoner: Noble-man of Corona
Occupation / Rank : Councilor of Corona

Skills and Abilities: Gille is very agile, and finds it easy to hide in the shadows, literally. He may not be as good with a sword, but he can definately wield a dagger, more stealthily than most. His other 'talent', is being very 'Convincing', may he be lying, or telling the truth, or just trying to persuade someone, it almost always works. He knows pretty much everything about everyone.
Characterising Traits: Lying is definately something I'm good at. Knowing most things before other people too.. Being constantly aware of people. It'd be smart not to trust me. A snake's bite can be deadly, trust me, you do not want to find out. Gille likes to refer to himself as 'The Snake', he is aware of most plans in the realms, and is often mistrusted because of his shady characteristics. He however, also has a warm heart, and an affection for the Snowshades.
Personality: Let's start with, Gille is NOT your friend. Unless he actually feels like you're close to him. He is very self-centered, and loves only himself. He doesn't reach for affection much, even though he dreams of falling in love again one day. He's very secretive, tends to stick his nose in other people's buisness, then again, it is his job, and his title. If you get in Gille's way, he WILL do something about it, one way or another, and he will definately get to his goal, no matter what it is. Gille is also titled the 'Ambitious Little Bastard'. He cares not for such titles, whatsoever.

Face Claim: Jean Luc Bilodeau

Height: 182 cm.

Weight: 65 Kilograms.

Armour /Everyday Wear: He usually wears a black leather cloak, covering his silver-embroided, Forest Green Tunic, and rich leather pants,. His boots have a small metal heel, that tends to do a clacking noise when he walks. He usually wears gloves and a hood when in other Regions. His armour is mainly made out of leather and chain, for more agile movement. He is not quite a fighter, and does not interest himself in fighting wars or battles.
Weapons?: He has a set of daggers made out of the best steel that could be found Corona. He also has a small chamber, connected to his room, in which he keeps poisons, herbs, and other alchemy ingredients.

*Gingers | *Snakes | *Snow | *A Good Gossip | *Knowing Everything Before Others | *Winning Arguements

*Physical Battles | *Economy Discussions | *Being accused of something | *Bears

*He is NOT a Physical Combat person | *Fears of Losing his game | *Being Mistrusted is also a weakness, the less he knows, the more chance there is to get to him.

//More TBA

So begins...

Gille Crow's Story


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Corona, the Region City. The North of this Region is entirely occupied by the City of Corona, one fourth of which is the Golden Castle and it's allied settlements. Corona had seen better days than these, the Council would be too occupied in attempts to keep peace in the Realm, and still have control over their people.

The War declared by Flores and Tempestas was not happy news, but the alliance with Nocte made the Council feel stronger. Currently, they were rushing to decide who to Crown, in order to keep the City in peace, atleast for now.

Gille Crow, one of the most loyal members had been offered a place on the Throne, which he declined, despite his desire to be there. As he said, a King could not be a Snake, for it was not a talent given to an old hog. Perhaps the Councilor of Nocte would do well on the Throne, but that is yet to be discussed. Corona is awaiting a glorious victory, and a mysterious Nobleman to arrive and save what is currently falling.

The Blackwood family was also considered for the throne, however, the Council had not yet told them of their plans, since it all is in consideration, even though they do not have much time to think, since War is soon to start.


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Character Portrait: Gille Crow
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Council Chamber of the Golden Castle

The stone walls of the Council Chamber made the room look rather cold and unwelcoming. The floor was made out of the best wood the Late King could find, and the chamber itself was decorated with paintings, vases, sculptures - new and old. The table was covered in a light, Green-Gold cloth, representing the colours of Corona and it's Council.

Corona was once known as the City of Gold, before the Royal Family had decided to make it the Capital City of the Realm, centuries ago. After that, the only title left to remind people of the real name of Corona, was the 'Golden Castle', or as many would prefer calling it, 'The Castle of Gold ... And Liars', as Gille would say. Upon the table, plates and vases made out of pure gold and silver, seeing as the council once had no idea where to put the gold if not to decorate the entire castle. There was a small wooden stand in the middle of the table, on whom a large tome had been placed 'Once There's No Ruler, The City Falls Apart, How Do You Form A New Start?' A rather interesting book, especially in these times, where the council had so desperately been seeking a King. There was a letter sticking out from the corner of the tome: The order of Crowning.

The Council already had some ideas of who they could put on the Throne, but with the upcoming war, the candidates were becoming less and less. The Council was not bothered by that, whatsoever, since the less candidates there were, the easier it was to choose.

"The Blackwoods would make a fit choice." One of the minor councilors spoke.
"So would the Ashmores." Gille raised his eyes and stared at the councilor, his voice as soft and smooth as the finest silks, but with a tone of command in it.
"The Ashmores DO have alot of influence on Corona's guard. Having them on our side would be rather lovely." The councilor spoke once more, to which Gille gave a nod of approval.
"However, we must not make rash decisions, Lord Aren. You care for your family alot, don't you? The Ashmores have no children, yet they have lots of riches, and the entire Guards Collective beside them, if you do something that will not please them, they may turn around and make you pay for it. Not speaking ill of the Ashmores, ofcourse, but we all know that's true, do you not think so, Lord Crow?" The King's advisor spoke, who now had no more than a mere place on the council.
"Very well. Unfortunately, time is very little for me, at this moment. We shall proceed another day." Lord Aren - One of the Councilors of Corona spoke, lifting himself from his chair, and moving his obese body across the room, and out the door.

The Council nodded, and made their way out, untill the only two people in the Chamber were Lord Crow and the Advisor - Derren.

Derren stared at Lord Crow for a moment, before raising himself from his seat, and looking down upon the Snake. "You're too smart for the good of the Council." He spoke. "If we manage to get the Lords of Tempestas, and the Lords of Flores to come meet us, and discuss this war thing, hopefully make a truce, you better not ruin this." His voice had the sound of threat. The Snake, however, did nothing but yawn, and remove himself from the chair, walking up to the Advisor.

Gille was clearly taller than Derren, which made Derren feel inferior every time Gille came close to him. Now, the Snake was looking down at the once Advisor. "If you're going to invite them INTO the Castle of Gold, you're really stupid." He said with a smirk, to which Derren growled, and instead of replying walked out of the room.

Gille ran a hand through his hair and smiled to himself. A smile that was full of mystery. A smile that could not be trusted. "Remember, my darling Council, we're all liars, even if you think you're not." He nodded at the empty room, dusted off his cloak, and put it on, before retreating from the room.