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Tholdys Zurror

high wizard, host of demons

0 · 207 views · located in The Kingdom of Bengary

a character in “The Kingdom of Bengary”, as played by Kyubey


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Physical description: Tall and lean, Tholdys appears almost serpentine when in motion. He stands at a neat 6'0, but appears taller, courtesy of his angular proportions. His skin is medium brown with warm undertones, which is sharply contrasted by his pale, almost sea-green eyes. In contrast to the fashions popular at the Capitol, his hair is kept shaved close to his head. Tholdys is seen mostly wearing a variety of dark-colored, flowing robes. As the high wizard of Hinvale, his status is expressed through quality of fabric and footwear as opposed to aggressive decadence, but for more formal occasions, he can appear more bejeweled styles.

The exception to Tholdys's conservative, gothic garb is one of the 'demons' is at the forefront. At that point, he could be wearing anything - or nothing.

Personality: Most of the time - a good seventy to eighty percent of the time - Tholdys is a well-trained courtier: soft-spoken, educated, curious, and tactical with his words and deeds. Having been the High Wizard for almost a decade, his income and position are relatively secure, and he's started to look for a magically-inclined wife to continue the Zurror line. Unfortunately - or, fortunately, depending on who you ask - another twenty to thirty percent of the time, Tholdys is...

There's a lot of words for it - 'haunted', 'possessed', or, the High Court's favorite, 'visited'. Tholdys is 'visited' by a variety of spirits, most of them some flavor of violent, unfriendly, lustful, slothful, or otherwise mischievous. While these 'demons' manage to never do anything that would personally affront the King or other members of the royal family, they excel at alienating various other members of the court, if not potentially injuring them. Despite the complaints, Tholdys remains fairly entrenched, after one of the 'demons' averted an assassination attempt on the King at the King's own name day celebration. Tholdys has also been able to exceed the purported limits of his attack magic while possessed, making him a formidable and attractive weapon.

Equipment & Abilities: As an upper-tier courtier, Tholdys has money and reputation on his side, as well as a working network of listening ears. He is generally not involved in any kind of physical conflict that would demand his powers be used on the offense, but it is whispered that the High Wizard could utter a curse that would cause your head to leap from your shoulders and roll away from you. No one has tested whether or not this is true.

Historical Background: The Zurror family has produced wizards for the Hinvale court for the past hundred years. That said, they are an expansive family, closer to a monastic order than a noble house; the average Zurror child has four or five adult siblings, notwithstanding those who perish before adulthood. Magic runs in the Zurror blood, and they are raised from childhood to be on the lookout for partners who could improve their lineage. Zurrors who turn out less than impressive end up as middle-of-the-way farmers or artisans, turning their powers towards the soil or specialty crafts. Stronger Zurrors make for good healers or matchmakers. But the chief aspiration of a Zurror is to become the next High Wizard of Hinvale - the confidant and servant of the King of Bengary. These Zurrors possess an unusual, sometimes incredible, depth and scope of power, from illusions to aggressive magic to, allegedly, being able to predict or see the future.

Tholdys Zurror was not expected to be the next High Wizard - he had an older sister and older brother who showed more prodigious skill at a young age. However, after his first 'visit' at the age of fourteen, his parents' began to channel their ambitions away from his siblings and into him. During one of these 'visits', they presented him to the King, disguising Tholdys as a lively young man in general, as opposed to admitting their son's true proclivities. For years, Tholdys exhausted himself trying to combat or contain his demons while honing and strengthening his magical powers, but one always came at the cost of the other, and he only barely received the appointment as High Wizard. As his powers grew stronger, so too was he visited by more and more powerful demons, until Tholdys began to find that he was missing hours of his day, or whole days in his entire week. Only after saving the life of the High King did Tholdys begin working towards integration with the spirits, so that, while he is not always the captain of the ship, he isn't locked in the brig, so to speak.

So begins...

Tholdys Zurror's Story