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Amelia Inglebert

Daughter of the Chief Engineer in Ironhart's military base located in the capital city of Forge.

0 · 235 views · located in Anvil, the Farmer's Village

a character in “The Kingdom of Ironhart”, as played by Amelia Inglebert


Amelia looks every bit her age at eighteen years old, though she carries herself as something of a tomboy.

She's got red hair, somewhat short at neck length, but is rarely seen without her hat. It's a traditional newsboy-styled hat, with a pair of goggles normally perched right up above the beak of it.

There's no mistaking her gender however, as she tends not to dress too conservatively. Some have described her fashion as being down-right revealing. Her normal attire consists of something like a black body-suit and a brown hide jacket she wears that has an open front, kept together by straps and clasps. Neither garment has sleeves. She wears large, if not clunky boots and oftena tool belt around her waist and slightly oil-stained gloves over her hands.


Amelia has a very uplifted personality. She is eager and dedicated when approaching most situations. From inventing to adventuring, Amelia will always be the one trying to press others into decisions in order to learn something new, even if she herself hadn’t thought the situation through. Sometimes her excitement can get the better of her, but generally it manifests itself in a tremendous desire to explore, adventure, or discover something new and exciting.

She is a very compassionate girl, and has a difficult time seeing others in peril or distress. Extraordinarily sympathetic, she will do her best to help someone who is in some sort of obvious trouble – be it giving food to the poor or helping a lost child find their parents. Coming from a broken family herself, she is particularly sensitive to family-oriented situations. This can lead her to being tricked if others take advantage of her generous nature.

Not without a temper, Amelia gets easily annoyed by irrationality, or people that are absent-minded, easily confused, or otherwise 'fluffy.'

Around friends, she likes to tease, telling wild stories just to spur a reaction. Being as educated as she is, her crazy stories can often be misconstrued as factual.


All her life, Amelia has lived in Forge, the Capital City of the Kingdom of Ironhart. She openly admits to never having left the city before, or traveled far beyond its walls. She lives with her Father, Lance Inglebert, and has been without her Mother, Fina Inglebert, for some time. It's not clear what might have happened to the girl's mother, as Amelia still refuses to make any certain claims on the matter. She was a rather secluded girl in her youth, spending all her time studying and practicing her father's trade that she never made any friends. Amelia created a small robot named Bit when she was eight years old to satisfy the subconscious desire for companionship.

Amelia's Father is the head of the Ironhart Military's Engineering division, and she has lived with him on-base for years. That being said, she's become very familiar with military life, from protocol to training practices - some of which she even practices herself. She dislikes deadly weapons or force and avoids using any whenever possible.

In current events, she has recently been accepted by Kayve to be his apprentice. She works alongside him on his quest to do one of two things: restore magic to what it was before an incident known as 'the Fall,' or replace magic entirely with mechanics and science for day-to-day life.

So begins...

Amelia Inglebert's Story