King Lionel

The Grandfather of Briena Skysong. His grey-blue eyes are old and wise, though he looks only to be in his late fourties. Dark red-brown, shoulder-length waves are salted with silver. He is the King of the Elven People.

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a character in “The Kingdoms Of Calraida: Lycan, Elven, Human”, as played by BrienaSkysong


He is handsome, tall, and strong featured.


He loves his granddaughters, Bri and Grace, very much. When Bri ran away, Lionel was Devastated. He searched until only the others whom had keener senses and taigg could follow her trail. He wishes desperately to see his granddaughter, to tell her he is sorry.


A longsword, the pommel marked by a stallion's head. His mount, Goromir. A huge Shire stallion, black as night, with a broad blaze, and four bright white, feathered stockings.


To be addressed.

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King Lionel's Story