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Avery Jenson

"Unfortunately, life goes on...whether you want it to or not."

0 · 540 views · located in Modern Time

a character in “The King's Inn”, as played by Grumpy-Converse


- Full Name:
Avery Elizabeth Sage Jenson
- Nickname(s): Ava or Avery
- Age: 21
- Gender: Female
- Race: Human
- Sexuality: Heterosexual

- Hair Color: Blonde
- Hair Length: Just Below the Shoulder
- Eye Color: A deep blue
- Skin Tone: A sort of pink - peach colour.
- Height: 5'3
- Weight: 119lbs
- Body/Build: Avery has a small and slim build, with B cup breasts.
- Image[x]: ... l.jpg?o=73
- Physical Appearance: Avery has deep blue eyes that could make you melt, and a warm smile to match. Her hair falls in blonde curls around her shoulders, framing her heart shaped face and pointed chin. She is quite short, standing at 5'3, and has a petite, and slim build, with B cup sized breasts. She usually burns in strong sun - and never tans - especially on her shoulders and the back of her neck. She has size 5 shoe size.

- Regular Clothing
- Image: ... _large.jpg
- Description: She wears blue, faded jeans with pockets in the front and back, with a loose t-shirt printed with different coloured squares. She wears something between a scarf and a hood, and calls it a snood, around her neck. She wears little make-up,but will wear a little bit on her cheeks and around her eyes, with some lip balm on her lips. Her shoes will either be converse or old trainers.

- Regular Clothing 2
- Image: ... _large.jpg
- Description: She wears a loose top with a black bow on it, and frills around the collar. She wears a thin scarf around her neck loosely, with two bobbles on it. She also puts on a short skirt, with grey floral tights underneath. She wears grey flats, and her hair is tied loosely to the side with a bobbon. She will wear some sparkly lip gloss, a little bit of blush, some eyeliner and possibly some mascara.

- Dressy Clothing
- Image: ... byWolf.jpg
- Description: A long, black, gothic dress with straps. She usually accompanies the dress with a black band around her wrist. She will either wear a choker around her neck,o a necklace, depending on the occassion. Her foot wear would either be black tights or knee high socks with black knee high boots, black high heels or black flats. Her make-up will be black eyeliner, mascara, and possibly some black eyeshadow, with some blush and lip gloss.

- Dressy Clothing 2
- Image: ... xciskl.jpg
- Description: A long, peachy-pinky dress with white frills. She will leave her hair down, but put a white hairband with a flower in it. She will leave her make-up suttle, yet sweet, going for a more girly look - compared to her other dressy outfit, which is more gothic. She will wear three-quarter-length tights in a light pink or white colour, and pink flats.

- Mother:
Name: Annalese Marie Falks
Age: 38
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Appearance: Annalese was much like Avery, with her curly blonde hair and short height. The only difference was the maturity of the two, and her mother's golden brown eye colour. She has a heart-warming smile and stands at 5'4.
Personality: Annalese was a kind person in general, one of those mothers who ive you what you want, and let you have sweets before dinner. Though she was kind, even gave to charity on a regular basis, she could also be sharp-tongued, strong-willed and stubborn. If she thinks she is doing what is best, she will stick by it, ignoring other people's thoughts and decisions.

- Father:
Name: Paul Arthur Jenson
Age: 39
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Appearance: Paul was a tall and muscly man, and looked rough. Apart from his tall, muscly build, he actually has a fatherly look, as well, with his deep blue eyes, dimples, and reading glasses that balance on the edge of his nose.
Personality: Paul is two different people; In the sense he has two completely different personalities. In one of his moods, he is a sweet, caring gentle man, who will always be there to give you a hug, or stick up for you. However, in his other mood, he is completely the opposite - and I mean completely. He is a harsh man, shouting and yelling at anyone who speaks to him, and has abused Avery and her mother on a few occasions. The line between these two personalities is very slim.

- Siblings:

- Favorites: Chocoate, Raspberries, Strawberries, Sunsets, Lake Views, Expensive Cars, Friends, Animals, Photos
- Least Favorites: Murky Yellow, Cramps, Ignorance, Dandelions

- Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Writing
- Weaknesses: She can't swim; She never had lessons, as her parents found it pointless. She can be easily persuaded. She is quite gullible.
- Strengths: She is good with children. She is light and nimble on her feet, and can climb. She is great at storytelling.
- Habits: She bites her lips when she is trying not to cry, as hard as she tries not to, she has a habit at picking at scabs.
- Hidden Talent: She can write stories, and can dance ballroom dancing.
- Personality: Avery is a nice girl, helping others in need, and listening to their problems. She can be quite stubborn, at first, but will soon see your sideof the situation, and will agree with you, even if she was right. She is extremely shy around strangers, and feels awkward and out of place around them. She tries to be polite, but if someone angers her, she will lose her top - not literally! - and will get extremely mad, though she won't hold a grudge for long. She has a tendancy to overthink things, worrying if they will go as planned. She is the opposite of rebellious, an though she will do slightly innapropriate things, she wouldn't dream of doing anything if someone is around. It is very easy to gain her trust, and once you do, it is hard to break, too - but if you do break it, she will be devastated. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and takes break-ups extremely bad.

Even with her mild personality, she can be as crazy as anyone else on this mad world. She can have those times when she just wants to be left alone in her room, those times when she just laughs hysterically for no reason and those times when she wants someone to comfort her. She does get embarrassed easily, too, and that is one thing she hates, as of course she likes people to like her, and if she does something embarrassing - what if they think she is weird?

- Biography: Avery was born on March 25 1991 to Annalese Falks and Paul Jenson, the two high school lovers. Annalese was only seventeen when she got pregnant, and Paul was eighteen at the time, the two of them were Seniors who were just months from graduating. As soon as Annalese was declared pregnant, her parents kicked her out, and Paul and her livd in their own apartment. Being irresponsible teenagers, when Annalese was in labour, they took a bus - the cheapest one they could find, at that. Unfortunately, the bus didn't arrive for another two hours, as they missed the bus before that by milliseconds. Paul had left his phone at the house, and Annalese had broken hers after dropping it in a puddle, so the two had to wait for the next bus. By then, Annalese was sprawled out on the wooden bench under the bus shelter, moaning, with Paul's coat around her, while Paul stood out in the rain, waiting for the bus. When the bus did arrive, Annalese was escorted on immediately - but the bus driver claimed that Paul had to pay for the unborn baby also. Paul was outraged, and didn't hve enough money either, and so he began giving out while Annalese screamed in the backseat. Eventually, a woman paid for the 'baby,' and then headed down to help Paul. She held Annalese's hand, and Avery was born then and there, on a red bus with the paint peeling off, that smelled of dried in piss and the eldery.
Avery was named what she was after the woman who stuck by Annalese's side, as the woman was named Sage Averson.

Avery had a seemingly average childhood - playing hide-and-seek and Free-Pod with her friends, homework that she rushed, crying over a doll that lost it's head... the list coiuld go on forever. Well, her childhood was almost completely normal. Her father, Paul, left just three months after she was born, the pressure of a child too much for him. Though it seemed horrible at the time, leaving with her just her and her mum and eating only pot noodle or takeaway for about five or six years, and never having enough 'bonding' time with anyone, the worst was still to come.

Just before Avery's sixth birthday, Paul came back. He moved back in and took charge, and basically turned their lives upside down, then spun it around a bit, before kicking it in the gut. He started abusing Annalese, and Avery would sit in her room, rocking her pillow, which she had drawn a face onto, as she listened to the cries and yells from her parents in the kitchen. She never understood what was going on, and would sometimes creep outside the kitchen door and watch as the tears streamed down her face, as her world fell around her.

"If my life was a jigsaw, it would be a picture of a rainbow, and a house, and a pony, everything amazing in the world, except one piece is missing, and no matter how hard we look, we can't find it. Almost perfect, but still can't reach our high standards. Then, Daddy comes back, and throws the jigsaw on the floor, breaking all the happiness we had." - Avery Elizabeth Sage Jenson

When Avery turned eleven, and started developing breasts, her father raped her. It was the first time her abused her, but wasn't the last. She was smacked, hit, kicked and punched, and once her and her mother attempted a runaway, only to be caught by Paul, and beaten worse than ever.

- Quote: "Everyone wants to be happy and nobody wants pain, but you can't have rainbows without any rain."
- Theme song: If I Die Young - The Band Perry
- Other: She has had suicidal thoughts in the past.
- Potential Interest: TBA

So begins...

Avery Jenson's Story