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High Commander Esphireses

High Commander of the Fireknaught Space Armada

0 · 440 views · located in Pito IX

a character in “The Kiraxo Galaxy”, as played by spark755


Name: Esphireses Estherol
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 250 lbs
Race: Fireknaught
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Skin Color: Tan

Esphireses has been around since the Fireknaught were Deminaughts and made of stone. He has watched Fireknaught Federation grow tremendously and oversees all operations involved the Plasma Division of the Fireknaught Federation. Esphireses is not your standard Fireknaught, his physical strength, and he has trained with Shinobi to use Chakra based attack in combat.

So begins...

High Commander Esphireses's Story


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Character Portrait: High Commander Esphireses Character Portrait: Imperial Fleet of the Phoenix
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The Fireknaught Federation had just stumbled upon this galaxy and Pito IX was one of the first planets they stumbled across. Their sensors and scanners picked up anomalies in the planet and its atmosphere, but nothing could specifically be pinpointed. With structures built across the lands that were covered in vines and other organic plants. The atmosphere was superb for common lifeforms and the lands seemed abnormally fertile.

"Sir, we're not picking up any signs of life. No animals, insects, or other forms of life can be detected. What should we do?"

High Commander Esphireses stood quiet for a moment as he pondered his response. He knew something was up, but he needed to figure out what was going. No matter what he chose, he had to make a quick decision.

"Send down a couple scouting parties. See what they can find on the ground. We'll remain here in case something happens." Esphireses spoke in a bold tone.

"Yes, sir. Dispatching commands for scouts and placing the engines in neutral. Relaying orders across the Phoenix network to the entire fleet." The ships AI spoke as it's red form vanished into the ships systems.

A few moments later, holographic screens appeared around Esphireses. On each screen was a different admiral or commander of some ship or force. The AI was linking all the ships so that it could process all the information being provided and allow everyone to witness what the scouting parties on the ground when they land. Everyone was excited and scared at the same time, not knowing what to expect.

Six Aeries-AESS rocked from a hangar on board the Maw of Righteous Deliverence. Behind these Aeries were two Alpha Class - AESD and two Omega Class - AESD. The Aeries - AESS dropped into the planets atmosphere first in case something did arise. After a few minutes, the Alpha and Omega Class AESD dropped through the atmosphere. After a landing zone found with some forestry outside of what looked like it once was a small town despite it's glorious architecture, the dropships would release their load.

The Omega Class - AESD each carried what looked like a Arachnid - PCLT. The Arachnid - PCLT was stood on six legs and capable of carrying two Fireknaughts. The pilots of these mechs quickly took the reigns and got into a defensive position while the other 32 Iron Machina Fireknaught soldiers exited the Omega Class dropships.

As the Omega Class dropships lifted off, the Alpha Class ships dropped off their load of 42 Fireknaughts each. With the exploration of this galaxy being the main goal, each fleet was equipped with various units from other divisions and technologies. The Iron Mortal Infantry produced very good scouts and with cloaking technologies available from the plasma technologies around them, they were near unnoticeable until they were right on top of you.

When the last of the Fireknaught were off the ships, the dropships and starships took off into the sky to dock on their homeships. With 112 footsoldiers and two mechs, the Fireknaught quickly set up a perimeter as they synced their systems and the mechs adjusted according to the atmosphere, finding out there was nothing to adapt to. What they didn't know was the planet was capable of shifting gravity and atmosphere to fit the being standing on its surface. One of the many secrets that they would discovered later on.

"Everyones synced up, so let's get a plan and get to moving. We'll cloak the Arachnids and Iron Machina. The rest of will move slow and try to document anything abnormal."

"Sounds good to me. We'll put the Arachnid in the middle and the Iron Machina can call in behind the Iron Mortal. The fleet will keep us covered from above."

"Alright, move out!"

And with those last words, the large Fireknaught scouting party took off into the woodlands towards the small town. There wasn't much to find except plant life. Due to the Fireknaught's clothing and armors, they didn't even notice their was no breeze. Everything was still, and they knew that, but the plants still had a gentle flutter every so often as if there was wind. It would take an hour to reach the town, but the Fireknaught moved steadily and didn't stress the fact.