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True Fireknaught

The true form beneath the skin.

0 · 340 views · located in Dasconov VR2G

a character in “The Kiraxo Galaxy”, as played by spark755



Eons ago, the universe was young and different species were just starting to appear. One unique species, which stood above the rest, was not born from the universe, but rather exiled from heaven for their rebellious beliefs. They were stripped of their wings, most of their divine power, and cast into the mortal realm. All they sought was the freewill to work and provide for their loved ones, like the mortal creatures. They did not want to spend eternity worshiping Him, living a pointless existence devoid of personal achievement, to no one’s benefit but Him. This ideology started as a single individual thought and spread among the entire cohort of these divine beings like wildfire.

The species that would eventually become the Fireknaught began as celestial beings called Deminaughts. They were angels created as females to serve the males, who were creatures of stone. Before the Deminaught were formed, everything was perfect in His eyes and all of creation obeyed his will perfectly. When He decided to augment his creation with the Deminaughts, something strange happened. A seed was planted and the Mortal Realm was born. Without haste, He quickly claimed this new realm and began to play with it, while trying to decide its ultimate purpose for His will. For eons, no sentient life existed. The creatures that did eventually evolve were mere animals. Evolution was taking form and He had no idea of how such life could exist without divine powers.

He used the Deminaught to watch over and understand this realm, as one day it would host their children. For many years, the Deminaught also tended to their males counterparts, in between praising Him and administering to the new realm. Eventually questions started to rise and the female beings became disgruntled. They decided to voice their grievances to the males, but the males did not want free will. They were like-minded with Him and enjoyed being served by the females, and so they informed Him so that judgment would be cast.

By now the Mortal Realm had developed its own consciousness, and it did not approve of heavenly rule. The females tricked Him into exiling them into the Mortal Realm, where the consciousness gave what power it had to the Deminaughts to repel Him and topple his veiled Dictatorship. Using their new powers and weapons, the Deminaught launched a massive surprise attack on the heavens. Because He was blind to the machinations of the Mortal Realm, He did not see this coming. In the name of freewill, the Deminaughts rose and razed many temples before they were stopped by Him and his new innovation, a military force, something He had learned from the Mortal Realm. From then on, He knew that war was inevitable.

Out of fear, He cast the Deminaughts into the Mortal Realm permanently. This time they were stripped of their wings and most of their powers. They became mortals, and some of them became male. The Deminaught now found themselves stranded on a planet. Unbeknownst to them, sentience was evolving and intelligent species were appearing throughout the realm, worshiping different names that all pointed back to Him. The Deminaughts speculated this was happening, but were unable to confirm their suspicions. Thankfully, they were very intelligent and still quite powerful. As stone-like beings, the Deminaughts were now forced to make their mark on the Mortal Realm. They swore they would one day return to the gates of Heaven and liberate it from Him.

For nine thousand years they remained safe on their planet and developed as far as they could with what material they had. Their planet lacked the natural resources needed to construct engines capable of interstellar travel, leaving the Deminaughts feeling like the Mortal Realm and Him conspired to trap them there. But when the time came, the universe provided a path for them, at a cost; Forced Evolution.

The visiting alien ships had no weapons and very little technology. They were essentially just large metal balls containing hundreds of vampiric creatures whose bodies were made of a stone different from the Deminaught. At first, these creatures claimed to come in peace, with the intention of freeing them. But eventually their true intentions were unveiled and war broke out. The Vampiric Gargoyles and the Deminaughts fought for six days. On the seventh day, the Vampires were destroyed, but the Deminaughts were largely infected with their vampiric disease, something which became permanently etched into their gene pool.

The Deminaught's physical appearance didn't change much, but their senses and powers did. First of all, their maws became like that of a Vampire’s and they now possessed the ability to infect others. Secondly, they became telepathic, able to establish multiple links with many different minds. Their physical strength and senses were also intensified, giving them the ability to move fifteen times their weight if necessary. Finally, the effects of daytime and nighttime were inverted from the Gargoyles’. They didn't turn to statues in daylight, but instead became stronger during the day and weaker at night.

Overall their new abilities and the presence of the Vampiric ships brought them closer to their original powers. It wasn’t long before the Deminaughts figured out these ships. Their telephatic abilities helped them learn the Vampiric language and the ships' controls much faster than normal. It took many years, but eventually the ships became operational. Deminaughts also developed a written language based on the Vampiric symbols from the ship and what they recalled from the Celestial realm. In one exodus, the Deminaught fled the planet, floating in space until they found a planet that they could properly evolve on and develop their own unique technology.

Once settled, the population quickly grew. They served a leader named Demigrem Demiarch, another divine being who had been exiled from heaven and then escaped from Hell. For the next few thousand years, these stone warriors would follow Demiarch, wiping out populations and forming Utopia Socialisms all over the universe. The Deminaughts became the servants of life forms made of flesh, leaving large populations on planets as free labor so that the people could have good lives. Like the Angels, they tended to every need of the young mortals. But at the end of the day, the Deminaughts too could do as they pleased, such as spend time with their families.

Many question whether the Deminaught reproduce through natural birth or by passing on their infection. Truthfully the answer is both. As of now, anyone who is bitten will take on the attributes and advantages of the stone body (including vampirism), but due to recent evolutionary adaptations, they will continue to look like humans. Now they are known as Fireknaughts and serve a new leader named Zaltos Kiraxo, one of the last remaining Kiraxin in the universe. At some point the Fireknaught and Kiraxins merged to become one race, working together to take their Federation to the next level.

So begins...

True Fireknaught's Story