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Amelia Kein

"Idiots. Do you ever think about the consequences first?"

0 · 172 views · located in Terejhsa

a character in “The Knights of a New Age”, as played by Ƒɨrɛ aŋd Ɨcɛ


Nickname: Amy
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Height: 6'2''
Occupation: Knight-Healer

Appearance: Amelia has long, straight, black hair, and bright blue-grey eyes. Her skin is almost pale in complexion and nearly flawless. Other than her eye color, she doesn't look like anything special. However, with her height, she's not an easy person to miss. She wears her silvery-blue armor when necessary, and on any other occasion she wears a simple grey dress. But no matter the time, she always keeps her sword with her. Often she'll travel in a black cloak with the hood pulled forward so her face won't be seen.

Personality: She's quiet, especially towards people she doesn't know very well, but she will state opinions she feels and facts she sees. She's always watching and listening more than talking and being in the spotlight. However, when in battle, she will jump all-in, showing a side of her that is open and free-flowing. After fighting, she's very careful and helps those who've been hurt, but with the little flame still burning from fighting, she'll tell her hurt comrades that they should be more careful.

Magic/Abilities: Very skilled healer. Good in combat; best when using a sword.

History: If you ask her about it, you'll probably get very little for an answer. She might even say, "I don't have one," and switch the subject. It might sound rude, but truthfully, she has a short one at best. She grew up as an orphan and was "adopted" when she was ten to the town healer, a kind old man, who just so happened to be a former knight. The healer taught Amelia everything he knew and then died. After the funeral, Amelia left the town and has been wandering ever since.

So begins...

Amelia Kein's Story