Natila Stonefury

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a character in “The Knights of Artorias”, as played by Butterfly Effect



"I'm quite shocking, I know."


General Information

Natila Stonefury

Thunder Hammer



Half Svartálfar (Dwarf) Half Dökkálfar (Dark Elf)

Member of the Knights Artorias

[ hair color ] white
[ eye color ] Orange
[ complexion ] Light Pale Grey
[ height ] 4 foot 7
[ weight ] Average for her race
[ body build ] Lean and athletic, Strong
[ markings/tattoos/scars/ect., ]Tribal markings on her face. Scars dart her body reminders of past training and battles.

Physical Description
Natila has a striking apperance. She is dark yet beautiful. Her mixed hieritage has given her the short and strong build of the Dwarf race with the grey skin of a Dark Elf. Due to her mixed blood her skin is of a lighter paler grey. She has the toned body of a fighter and athlete. Tough as nails in body with the grace of the dark elves in her face.
Natila's hair and eyes are also gifts of her mother's Dark elf blood. Pure snow white hair oft left in a wild mess showing off her style just as her eyes seem to glow with the free spirit within her.
Natila may be short but she is built like a brick her body able to take punishment that would fell many. Natila is darkness and beauty, grace and power all in one small package.


x Proficiency

[ STR ] [ 8 ]
[ DEX ] [ 6 ]
[ CNG ] [ 5 ]
[ ARC ] [ 3 ]
[ SKL ] [ 7 ]
[ CON ] [ 9 ]
[ WIL ] [ 7 ]
[ RES ] [ 8 ]
[ CHA ] [ 2 ]
[ SPD ] [ 3 ]

Natila is the type of fighter to get right up in her foes face and bash it in with her hammer. With her use of heavy plate armor and natural toughness Natila can take blows that would fell most. The only weakness in her defence is her total lack of a shield and her refusal to wear any type of head gear. She makes up for this with her sheer power and skill with her deadly warhammer.
Natila's warhammer called Thunderstrike is a special weapon that acts as a channeling device for her limited Lightning magic. While normally she can do little more then shock someone with a touch... Thunderstrike allows her to channel lightning into her strikes and even shoot small bolts of lightning from her hammer. Her main weakness is that she relies so much on her hammer. Other than it the only weapon she carries is a small dagger.



Natila is not an easy woman to get close to. She trusts few and is not one for social encounters. She tends to be cold and disant and with a stormy bad temper to boot. But this is all a shield, a defence against who she lets close. If you can get through her shell you will find that Natila is a driven woman and a loyal friend. She still won't talk much but if you earn her respect she will fight beside you to her dying breath. Natila is a storm of fury and rage against those that get on her bad side. And if you break her trust it will be almost impossible to earn it back. Natila is for good or ill often driven by her emotions more than her logic. This can get her in trouble and start fights at times.


Personal History

Natila’s story begins with the tale of two adventurers. One was a Svartálfar warrior and smith that left his home to seek a life of freedom and open roads. The other was a Dökkálfar storm witch who was exiled from her own lands and sought for a better life elsewhere. By some wild wind of fate these two crossed paths and soon found themselves as traveling partners. Over time the two become friends and then became lovers. And as these things go from this union Natila was born.

The couple now married and with a small daughter decided it was time to lay down some roots. Natila’s father worked as a smith and mercenary and during his time home he would teach Natila how to fight and how to forge. It was her mother that spent much time with Natila teaching her how to use and control her magical gifts. Life was good and Natila grew strong and well under the guidance of her parents.

Life went on and in what seemed like flash Natila had grown into the age of adulthood. It was on this day that her father forged Thunderstrike. With her Hammer in hand Natila became a mercenary herself. Sometimes she worked with her father and sometimes she worked alone. It was during one of those alone times that Natila lost everything…

Natila’s father and mother both took on a job. They did the job to the letter but the wicked noble that had hired them had never intend to pay them. He had them killed on the spot for a false charge. When Natila heard of it she flew into a rage and attacked the noble’s manor carving through it a path of death and thunder.

In Natila’s eyes justice had been served but the law did not see it as such. Forced into hiding Natila lived of thieving and banditry. Soon the name Thunder Hammer was being whispered of by many and fearful noble and merchant.

Natila’s reign of terror lasted for about four years before she was finally caught and dragged to the mines to spend the rest of her days. For two years she worked and toiled there until a group of the King’s men came riding into the mine. The offer was simple fight for the King as one of his knights and her record and the record of her late parents would be erased. And as if a cherry on top of a dessert they laid her hammer Thunderstrike at her feet. Natila took the offer and became one of the King’s new Knights.


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So begins...

Natila Stonefury's Story