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Nephinae Irithiin

"Don't ask how the sword breaks, ask why would it break. Hah! Finally! I sound intelligent, and mysterious."
The Untold

≼General Information ≽

Full Name
Nephinae Irithiin

"Key Keeper"
"Sword Breaker"


Born in Irithyllian, but a portion of life spent living in Solaris




≼Appearance ≽


138 lbs

General Description

There's almost nothing distinctive in Nephi, expect for ears that protrude more than usual, and freckles - that tend to be seen on humans, maybe dark elves, but rarely Ljósálfar. For the latter had always been seen as perfect humanoid creatures. A true beauty in this world.
One could view her as slightly boyish female, mostly thanks to unkempt short hair of hers. That as she says is the fault of her hair alone : "What? And? Blame the hair. Not me. Each time I try to comb my hair, well, do anything with them. It just... goes back to what you see now."
Her body is that of a grown woman, though she's still young. When it comes to posture, it tends to be relaxed, bored at times.

Only few saw her without her favorite guard clothes, without the gloves that cover scarred hands, scarred from broken bones, and cuts, that she gained trying to survive after banishment.

Hair color : Brown
Eye color : Amber
Complexion : Fair
body build < wait really? Ectomorph, Apple type. Good luck with that ^^


≼ Proficiency ≽

Nephinae never had a talent for magic, nonetheless she liked to study it at first, read books. Learn how the Arcane flow works. - But she could never learn how to use it, always failing at first few steps, as if she was doing something wrong. Sure, there was something in her, an arcane flow, that could be controlled and most of all used, but it wasn't good enough, nor anyone new how to help her use it.
Instead she spent time on learning different things, at first, like diplomacy, political decisions, and planning. Though how much she learned is... hard to say. While she had free time, Nephinae raced with other elves, just to see who was the fastest, and she was always second - an elf younger than he by a year bested her each time, they raced.
Still she was born in Irithyllian, home to magic, yet unable to fully manifest the arcane powers. Worse... manifest them at all, for that her own family cast her out.
You can't stay, you're staining our family honor. - Mother said, and she can't forget it.
It's funny now, his words remind her more of humans than elves, but... turns out these two kinds are not so different as she thought. That she learned when she arrived in one of the human cities. In her new home.
This is where she learned the secrets of a trade, from an unexpected friend. This is also where she became a guard, learned how to fight, though teachers were not the best, they weren't bad either.

(Can't help, but present profficiency in a form of a bit of past, darn it ^^)

STR = 3
CON = 4
DEX = 5
WIL = 6
CNG = 3
RES = 5
ARC = 1 well max 2 at the moment
CHA = 5
SKL = 5
SPD = 6

≼ Demeanor ≽
Nephinea is a strange Ljósálfar, while all of her kind shies away from drinking, she loves to drink. Party with friends, with people in overall.
One could easily say she's an easy going, and also lazy type of person, though she was... far different once.
Likes/ Dislikes
  • Books
  • Taverns
  • Drinking
  • Dancing
  • Guard clothes

  • Anyone touching her stuff
  • Evil people
  • Formalities
  • Elves
Hobbies/ Previous job
  • Previously worked as a guard.
  • Sketching
  • Dancing

  • Prove her family was wrong
  • Be a hero for those who need one
≼ Past ≽
Nephinae was born into the family of the most prominent of high mages, and worst of all... a family with high demands. Though the high demands were mostly from her mother's side. Who happened to be in a council. Mother wanted Nephinae to take her place in the council once the right day comes, but... for that she demanded her child would be a master of arcane, and know at least a thing or two about diplomacy. - Why diplomacy? Well, because she wouldn't be the only one in the council.

I rarely saw my mother during te day, night as well. She was always busy with something - politics, decisions, and some other work.
"I don't have time to play games with you" she used to say.
I guess being a third most important person in the council had to be a reason good enough to... never have time for me.
Good thing is, my father usually had time, when he wasn't teaching, that is.

- taken from Nephinae's diary.

Her life could be called fine till the age of 12, this is where her mother had enough - she couldn't accept, that her daughter of all people couldn't use magic at all.

I remember that day clearly, yet another exam, after a lot of studying, lot of pratice, that had no use for me. I wish, I knew.... she intended to banish me, if I fail.
Of course I failed, all I could do at that time, was but a simple ball of light, to push away the darkness of the night, but that was far too little. For my mother it was... as if something had cursed her with the worst child she could ever have. I had been banished by my own mother for not being able to use magic at all, which was clearly a lie - I made a ball of light.

- taken from Nephinae's diary.

Banishment was a surprise, one that I didn't like at a time. I remember crying, like any child would. Begging my mother to give me another chance. I also remember my father, with a pained look on his face, but somehow, for some reason... he did nothing.
First days out of home, in the wilderness were not as bad as the next ones. I had food at the beggining, and some of the travelers I met helped me. But only few. With each pasing day, and night food became more scarce. Water I could find, but hunting wasn't my thing. Not then at least.
Now that I think about it, I broke my fingers during the hunting. Thanks to that I almost died, and then... met a friend.
- taken from Nephinae's diary, the first twenty days she can barely recall.

Thirty days, maybe more spent on traveling, on surviving, and escaping from danger - the latter not always being just an animal. Thirty days to meet a dwarf, that hated elves, but too soft hearted to leave a child be.
Another thirty days for them to talk, talk for the first time since the meeting, and another thirty to arrive in the city. Then... then came the traveling, growing up, and learning things she would've never learned, never experienced, if not for one damn dwarf, that hated elves.
Gri'gha, I still remember the day she became a guard, and I settled down, well, somewhat. Just to keep an eye on her.
- Torekheg drunkenly recalling his meeting, and life as a guardian

After the banishment, after she was taken in by a dwarf. Dwarf became like a second father to her. Not only that, he became a teacher, a friend, and a drinking buddy, though latter was caused by the dwarf. He's also the reason Nephi likes to drink.

Putting that aside, many would probably wonder how she, an elf, became a knight... story is rather simple, and it involves a contest, in which anyone could participate.
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So begins...

Vessa's Story