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Deacon "Deke" Walker

I taught my son everything I know so he'll one day become better than I am

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a character in “The Knight's Tale: The Story of Jason Walker”, as played by Disarmhxc


Deke is opinionated, and outspoken on a lot of things. He's used to being right, or at least being allowed to think he's right on most topics. He can have a short temper at time and doesn't always seek out the most diplomatic method of solving conflicts. He has a tough time dealing with emotions and usually resorts to anger to mask any other emotions he doesn't want showing through.


Deacon's parents lived in California where he was raised. His dad worked as a welder in a machine shop and his mom worked as a receptionist. When he was 19 he met his wife Nickie, she wasn't like him. She came from a very wealthy family and had everything she could have asked for, except she found a happiness with Deacon, a boy she knew her parents hated, that was part of his charm. They ran off together, soon after Deacon joined the army and Nickie worked as a waitress in Los Angeles. When Deacon came back from Vietnam he was angry and upset with the government, most troops were. After they failed them out in battle he couldn't bring himself to go back to working within their system, making money for them with his taxes. He'd heard stories about Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs, didn't follow the rules, didn't abide by any governing body except their own, and valued brotherhood above anything else. It reminded him a lot of the military, so when he and some of his friends returned from combat they formed Knights of Armageddon MC, they tagged their club "Brentwood Original". Along with Deacon were his friends Beauregard "Beau" Duncan, who acted as the club's Sargeant at Arms, Jimmy "Crazy Jimmy" Rhodes, his best friend and the club's Vice President, and Walter "Roscoe" Harris who acted as the club's secretary. Deacon, Beau, Jimmy, and Walter all served together in the Marines, their unit was called the "Black Knights", so when they came to forming the club they kept the Knights name and added "Armageddon" to signify their rebellion towards the government.

Deacon and Nickie had a baby boy they named Jason. Despite her best efforts, both Deacon and Nickie knew that their son Jason was destined to be heading towards the same path as his father. However until he officially became an outlaw, Nickie was going to try to keep her son looking as presentable as possible, a feat that grew much more difficult as he got into his teens and started to share some of his father's same ideas.

So begins...

Deacon "Deke" Walker's Story


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"You know for as long as I can remember you do this...torture yourself, blame yourself when it's not your fault. I want to be with you, you want to be with me...but can't...because of that fairy tale Karma shit" Jason said pulling his jeans and shirt on. "You know by comparison, this hurts a hell of a lot more than some fucking shotgun" he said, his emotions were getting to that spot where he wasn't sure what was coming next. "Sorry....I can't keep talking about this....I'll see you later, call me if you change your mind" Jason said walking out the door. He couldn't think straight, he wanted Lolly, she wanted him...but they weren't together, Jason hopped onto his bike and took off, not sure where he was going, but he just had to go somewhere.


Jason ended up in the one place he seemed to go to when he needed to get away, the clubhouse garage. He'd been working on his bike for awhile when Nicky walked into the garage. "Hey, how's it going?" Nicky asked walking in. Jason didn't reply, there was only one person he'd have any interest in talking too...but he was pretty sure he wouldn't like the conversation. "I heard about getting the patch, that's a pretty sweet deal...although I guess you were always going to be the first one out of all of us" Nicky said. Jason stopped and looked at Nicky, "unless you want another wrench upside the head fuck off and leave me alone" Jason snapped. "Hey take it easy bro...I'm just coming to see what's up?" Nicky said. Jason was seeing red, he couldn't get angry at Lolly, it just didn't work that way...but because of everything at the barn, he and Lolly couldn't be together, at least that's how his mind read it. The unfortunate thing for Nicky is that Jason's mind was desperately searching for a target to focus his anger on and Nicky was in danger of becoming the lucky target. "Bro huh? Cause you couldn't fucking pull the trigger now everything is fucked up" Jason snapped. "What the hell are you talking about?" Nicky said confused. "Cause you didn't have the balls to finish the deal with Lolly, she's all fucking conflicted about what happened with me and her" Jason said angrily. "Sorry, I didn't know I had to leave EVERY girl alone, see you were pretty tight with Ria and all" Nicky snapped back, "Maybe if you could have kept it in your pants instead of cheating on your girlfriend like some fucking loser of an asshole..." and that's all Jason needed.

Deacon and Jimmy had been sharing a beer in the lounge when they heard banging and crashing coming from the garage. They ran into the garage and saw Jason and Nicky at each others throat. "Well...ya think if we let em keep going they'll beat the stupidity out of each other?" Jimmy quipped, "they'd have to kill each other for that brother" Deke said as the two men rushed over to the boys. Deacon grabbed Jason and pulled him away as Jimmy grabbed Nicky and yanked him back. "Cool it dumbass!" Jimmy snapped at Nicky, Jason tried lunging past his dad who slapped him upside the head "calm the fuck down!" Deke snapped at Jason. Finally both boys were just glaring at each other, Jimmy grinned "besides if we let you keep fighting like two fags what would people think?" Jimmy said laughing. "Fuck it...I got other places to be" Nicky said walking out the door, he started realizing the pain in his jaw, and realized he had been cut in a few places as well. Jimmy walked out as Deacon looked at Jason, "I don't know what this shit was all about...but you best sort it out before you kill somebody" and with that he walked out of the garage.

Jason just sat there by himself thinking....he then kicked a spare gas tank across the garage, this thing with Lolly was affecting him more than he'd ever thought it would.


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Jason sat there with his arm around Ria, he wanted more than anything to go back to Ireland, he wanted revive Matthias and make him really pay for what had happened. But he couldn't, so the only person left was whoever leaked him the information, whoever that person is...or was...they were going to pay, Jason could feel for Beau, but Lolly was close to him too, he could understand Beau wanting payback but if he wanted the traitor he was going to have to beat Jason to him...hell Beau had shot him with a shotgun at point blank, so he owed him one anyway.

Deacon walked over and sat down beside Beau, he could see Beau shutting down. "She's a fighter brother, just like her dad, if any kid could make it through this, it's gonna be her" Deacon said with arm around Beau's shoulder. It was a rare sight to see these guys showing emotion like this, but this was one of those rare occasions where the bond of the brotherhood really showed through. There were even members from KOA London at the hospital, they had no involvement or part of the incident, even though some of them probably had no clue who Lolly was...she was family.


Back in Los Angeles Jimmy had called an open church meeting, this meant even prospects and Mama's were allowed in, something that rarely ever happened. With Deacon gone, Jimmy was the acting one in charge.

"You've all heard about Lola, I know everyone here is feeling for her and Beau....well almost everyone" he said as a murmur went through the group. "The asshole who did this had info on Lolly, info there is no fucking way he could have gotten on his own, info that could only have come from this clubhouse" Jimmy said, he was far from the reserved one, and he was doing everything he could to hold his anger in right now. "Somebody in this room sold her out, sold out Beau's little girl...the only family he's got left", the room went silent as all eyes were on Jimmy. "To whoever it was...if you haven't figured it out're fucking dead" Jimmy said coldly. "But this club respects honor....whoever it up....admit it, own your actions.....and whatever your ending is, I promise you it'll be much easier than if we gotta find you ourselves....cause we will find you, I fucking promise you that" Jimmy said as he scanned the group. Members were looking around at each other, the un-asked question was who would have done it. "I understand admitting it right now would probably get you killed on the spot by everyone in this when we're done here, everyone go home...I'll be in my want to prove you still got balls, you'll know where I'll be..." Jimmy slammed the gavel down "We're dismissed"


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Beau sat back against the seat. His hand covering his face, trying to think. His mind went to some strange places as he wondered who he could bleed. He wondered darkly if Mathias was a B-. He hadn't been dead that long.

Suddenly, Ria's voice broke him from his thoughts. "Um. What's her blood type?" She asked with a sniff. Her eyes were puffy and red. "B-" Beau said softly. Ria looked around to the group. The members looked at one another. "I don't even know mine..." Dannyboy said softly. Beau though he was hurting, he felt grateful as everyone asked about their blood types. They all were willing to give up their blood to save his daughter.

It was then Deacon walked in finished with his phone call and asked about the progress. Ria spoke before Beau did. "Lolly has a rare blood type. None of us have it." She said softly.


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After a long wait, the doctor came out, her face was grim. Beau looked up. "There was a hospital that had B- but it'll take a day or so to arrive." She said and it was then Deacon spoke up saying something about his blood type being B-. The doctor looked hopeful. Beau looked up almost as if he was gonna say no. Deacon shoot him a look saying something about sitting down and shutting up. He wasn't doing it for him he was doing it for the kid.

Deacon went with the doctor- Dr. Douglas and then it was more waiting.

Finally after what seemed like forever, Dr. Douglas returned. "The transfusion was a success." She said and Beau sighed and started for the room. Dr. Douglas raised her hands. "She's still in a coma." She said and Beau looked confused. "How?"
"We-we never really sure when a person comes out of it. It could take days...weeks...years even. It's up to her." She said grimly. Beau sighed. "When can I see my daughter?" He asked, trying to keep the frustration from his voice. "Soon." Dr. Douglas assured him.

Days had gone by and Lolly still hadn't woken up. After a while, Everyone was able to come visit her. Ria walked in as Beau sat beside Lolly in a chair beside her bed. Ria looked at Lolly's face. It was strange to see Lolly so still. Lolly could never sit still, she hated it. She moved more in her sleep. As Ria drew closer, she noticed how pretty Lolly was. It was an odd thought but she looked so peaceful, where ever she was, Ria hoped it was as peaceful as she looked. She looked at Beau. "I'd been talking to Dr. Douglas." She said softly. "She said that, it sometimes, it helps to talk..." She said. Ria had been learning all she could from the doctor about coma care. She wanted desperately to wake Lolly up. "She told me." Beau said softly, Ria noticed, Beau's hand on Lolly's. Her heart broke for him. Ria took a seat on the other side of Lolly, looking at her. She hated that she'd had to be hooked up to all of those tubes and monitors. Thankfully, She'd been breathing on her own and her heart was at it's normal pace. Now she just had the IV hooked to her arm. She smiled some. Lolly would tease her now. Ria hated needles, she'd pick on her about it when they were younger. "You know. She'd pick on me right now." She said and Beau looked up. "I hate needles. Lolly, who fears nothing, would pick on me any chance she got." Ria said with a light laugh. Beau gave a small grin. "Like the one time, we were watching Nightmare of Elm Street: Dream Warriors. I screamed when Freddy had the needles for fingers. She laughed at me so hard." Ria said and laughed at the memory. "I remember. I came home about that time." He said recalling hearing Ria scream. If it weren't for Lolly's boisterous laugh, he'da thought something was wrong. He'd give anything to hear that laugh about now.
"I'll be taking her home soon." he said and Ria looked up then nodded. Lolly would need a nurse and Ria was more than willing to do it. She wasn't certified but there was a midwifery program at her school in Ireland that was acing. She figured she could apply those skills to helping Lolly. She was going to back to LA.
It was funny, It was Lolly that made her want to leave and it was Lolly that made her want to come back.

A Month had gone by and Lolly hadn't changed. Beau had her brought back to LA. Deacon had made it his main focus to find whoever this rat was -As did Jason but that was a given-

Everyone had came to see Lolly. Talk to her, bringing her gifts and what not while Ria gave them instructions on it. Ria kept at Lolly's side, she was her nurse of sorts. She would call Dr. Douglas every so often for guidance.

Ria sat with Lolly, having just finished checking her vitals and what not when she noticed some. Everyone had come to visit Lolly, Nickie, Beau -of course-, Nicky, Merc, her friends from her gymnastics team, Hell even Jimmy and Deacon. They were talk to her though Jimmy didn't talk long. They weren't particularly close, neither was her and Deacon but it seemed that after the transfusion. Deacon seemed to have a bit of a bond with Lolly. Even if she weren't conscious to feel it. The strange thing was, everyone but Jason had come to visit. Which Ria thought was odd. Lolly and Jason where like Batman and Robin. Well more like Bonnie and Clyde, they were inseparable -literally- in some cases as she found out last summer. So why hadn't he come to see her?

One day. Ria approached him about it. "You know. She'd been ticked if you didn't come to see her?" Ria said to him. He said something about being busy and that he hadn't found the time as he was looking for the rat. Had that been Lolly she would have seen right through that lie and bitch slapped the mess out of him. Ria nodded. "Okay." She said and was about to go back to Lolly's house. She'd been practically staying there since Lolly's been out He went on about not wanting to see Lolly like that, venting a bit. Ria nodded."I get it but maybe it'll help."