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Nicole "Nickie" Walker

Whether they're right or wrong, nobody messes with my boys!

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a character in “The Knight's Tale: The Story of Jason Walker”, as played by Disarmhxc


Nickie is very strong and opinionated, she's not afraid to stand up to her husband and tell him what she's thinking, or tell him how stupid he's being. She also has a soft side to her as well, and is viewed by many as a person they can confide in and talk to, very much the opposite of her husband. She understands the biker lifestyle and culture and while she doesn't let it dictate her sense of self or style, she also realizes she can't try and "change" her husband or the club and rather chooses to embrace the club and lifestyle as a whole.


Nicole Walker grew up in a wealthy family in the luxury filled community of Malibu. Even though she had "everything" she was miserable most of the time. Her father didn't see much of her and she could never impress her mother no matter how hard she tried, it just seemed everything she did was a disappointment to her mother. When she was just out of high school she met Deacon and fell in love with him almost immediately, they ran off together and while she had to wait tables and they had to barely scrape by with what they had, she was truly happy. She hated it when Deacon left for the war, and was all to happy when he finally came home for good. When Deacon started the KOA she had her reservations at first but she stood by Deacon and eventually warmed up to the idea, she also loved the idea of being married to a criminal and how much it would drive her mother crazy.

Shortly after Deacon got back, she found out she was pregnant and 9 months later gave birth to a baby boy they names Jason. Jason in some ways was a "Mommy's Boy", however not the sterotypical kind, as his dad also made sure he could handle himself. Nickie remembers the first time she was called to the school...Jason had told a teacher how his Mommy was "my favorite person in the whole world", another student later had laughed at him calling him a Mommy's the time Nickie got to the school the other student's parents had already picked him up to go to the dentist. While it wasn't Jason's last fight in was the last time anybody ever tried making fun of him.

Deacon and Nicole never had any other children, but when Deacon's friend Beau had his wife pass away, Nickie unofficially adopted their daughter Lola as her own, realizing that the poor girl would grow up to be a boy if it was left to her father alone. Beau taught his daughter to be tough and take care of herself, and Nickie taught her how to actually act like a woman.

So begins...

Nicole "Nickie" Walker's Story


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Jason had been in the garage for awhile on his own, he was somewhat calmed down now. He headed out to grab a drink when he heard Ria's voice on the other side of the door, she was talking with Red. Jason didn't really need anymore drama so he just figured he'd wait till they were gone. He heard Ria tell Red that she was going to Ireland till school, and the fight she had with Lolly over everything with Jason. He heard Ria start mentioning some of the things she told Lolly and some of the names she called Lolly, as Jason's anger was rising up again, it was true that nobody except maybe Beau was more protective of Lolly than Jason, and hearing Ria say these things was about to send him over the edge again. Red kept trying to calm Ria down, but she continued with the verbal bashing of Lolly...and that was it.

Jason literally kicked the door open making both Red and Ria jump. "Get the fuck out of here right now!" Jason snapped, Ria may have been furious herself but she'd also never seen Jason look the way he did right then either. "We were just talking Jason..." Red said trying to calm the situation, "last time I checked she didn't have a fucking patch and she's no Mama get the fuck out" Jason snapped again.

That's when a prospect popped his head in, seeing Jason yelling at Ria and Red he decided he needed to step in. "Hey listen, just cause your dad is the Pres doesn't mean you own this place" the Prospect said. He was in his late thirties, he was stocky and solid with rather large arms and the typical biker beard. "Hey listen, this is just a private conversation okay" Red said, as she seemed to be the only one in the room who saw the warning signs flaring up, she saw Jason as being just like Deacon and they had the same tell-tale tells that they were nearing the danger zone, and Jason was clearly on his way there. "Listen this guy gets fast tracked in cause he banged some slut..." he never got to finish the sentence. The prospect outweighed Jason by a lot, and definitely was bigger than the teen...but Jason was a Walker and that made up for any disadvantage. Jason punched the prospect in the jaw staggering him backwards. The Prospect regained his feet and charged Jason, tackling him to the floor, but no sooner had they hit the floor, Jason had flipped over and managed to get ontop of the the prospect, and immediately started raining down shots to the prospect's face, first with his fists then switching to his elbows.

Jason was finally pulled back, he looked back and saw Beau being the one who pulled him back. The prospect was bleeding pretty badly as he slowly got to his feet. "Thanks Beau....this fucking kid's got a bit too big for his brtiches" the prospect said, not realizing Beau had been there a bit longer than just the fight. "What did you call my daughter?" Beau asked in an icy cold tone, Jason just grinned "fuck man if he was willing to shoot're fucking dead" Jason said laughing. Beau just stared at the prospect, "running would be a smart move right now asshole" Jason said, the prospect realizing his major mistake took Jason's advice and disappeared. Beau just gave Jason a slap on the back as he walked into the garage.

Jason then saw Ria still standing there, "So you think I'm just some mindless dumbass is that it?" he said turning towards Ria, his eyes still burning. "That's what everyone thinks right? I can't think for myself is that it, some girl smiles at me or kisses me and I just do whatever she asks....WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I AM!!" Jason practically was enough to even start scaring Red, let alone Ria. "NOBODY FUCKING MAKES ME DO ANYTHING", things were red-lining for Jason at that point, "I wasn't baited, I wasn't seduced, lured or any of that bullshit! I knew exactly what the fuck I was doing...Lolly didn't make me do anything I didn't want" he glared at Ria, "and thanks...for awhile I was actually feeling bad about hurting you like that...but all this, what you said about Lolly and the gun in her face....and oh yeah, the fact that your anger towards Lolly was more important to you than sticking around the hospital to see if I actually lived or died...well thanks, I don't feel nearly as bad....cause I promise you this...right now if you were a wouldn't be walking out of here!" Jason punched the wall beside him, making a hole, he then stormed out into the parking lot. Jason was like an exposed nerve and pretty much any contact he made with people was just aggravating him further.

As Jason stormed out Red quickly grabbed her phone, there was only one person left who could pull Jason back from the edge he was on right now. She found Nickie's number and sent her an urgent text.


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Lolly made her way home. She checked to see if her nose was broken and thankfully it wasn't but her face was brusied up pretty nice. She iced her face and decided she just wanted to sleep. She climbed into bed and dispite her nose still bleeding, she could still smell Jason all over her sheets. She sobbed into her pillow. She wanted to talk to Jason but she knew it would only end in more yelling from him and more crying for her. Now, all she wanted was to have Jason back on her side. She wanted her best friend back. Both of them. Ria would never forgive her. She wanted to be angry still for her calling Jason a Community guy. It was something they called guys who fucked just about anybody. They were like a community pools. 'Open to the public.' It was funny then but now. It pissed her off yet she could only get but so mad. Ria wouldn't have said that if things hadn't gone down the way they did. With that, Lolly ended up crying herself to sleep.

Beau watched as some stupid Prospect called his daughter q slut in front of Jason. Jason was already on egde, He saw that so Beau didn't even bother stopping him until Jason got hit. Beau decided it was his turn so He grabbed the kid up. It was like pulling back a pitbull, Dangerous and only a few men had the balls to do it. Jason looked up at him and saw that it was in fact Beau that did it and seemed to be able to calm him some. Beau glared as the prospect spoke and Jason instigated. Beau was a big man, easily 7ft and though he looked big, it was all muscle. He was not a man to be triffled with as that prospect would find out later. Beau would deal with him later but for now. He had to keep Jason from killing someone. He gave the kid a pat on the back and decided that he'd go check on Lolly. When he got home, he went up to her room and peeked in. She was sleeping but she kept heaving every so often, the way she did when she cried. He didn't know what happened between her an Jason but it wasn't good. That girl never cried this hard. Only one person has done that and unfortunately it was him.

Ria was actually terrified as Jason screamed at her. She wasn't Lolly, who wasn't afriad to yell back at Jason. She jumped hard when he punched the wall and took off. She clapped a hand over her mouth, trembling. She decided enough was enough. "I-I gotta go. My flight leaves tonight."She said to Red as Red frantically dailed on her phone. Ria almost ran home, she was so scared. She didn't know how Lolly did it. How she could handle that.

Nickie was over at the garage almost immediately. "What the hell is wrong with you, Screaming at Ria like that?"


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Jason was on his bike as his mom pulled up. She jumped out of the Cadillac, asking him why he was screaming at Ria. He looked at his mom.....anyone else on the planet and he would have snapped at them, but he lost his temper on his mom once...he wasn't sure he'd live to survive a second incident.

"What the hell is wrong with you Jason?" Nickie asked. She could read her son like a book...Jason and Deacon both reacted with anger to cover any other type of emotion....only Nickie could decipher which emotion that anger was masking, she knew right away...Jason was hurting, which was the most dangerous state, as the Walker males didn't talk well to hurt like that, it made them feel vulnerable and neither Jason nor his dad took kindly to that feeling. Jason still didn't say anything, Nickie knew she'd get nothing out of him standing in the KOA parking lot, "get in" she said pointing to the car, Jason paused for a few moments then got into the car.

Nickie started driving, not saying anything for awhile, "you better have a damn good reason for screaming at Ria like you did Jason" Nickie said in a stern motherly voice. "I had to say something...she was slamming Lolly. Talking about her like she was some sort of slut, saying how she was glad Lolly had to go through what she did in the hospital with telling the whole waiting room and's all bullshit...I mean Ria kept talking about how she blamed Lolly, it was her fault, she lured me into it...nobody made me do a damn thing" Jason said spilling out to his mom finally. "So you and Lolly are together now?" Nickie asked, that's when she saw just how bad things were for Jason. They were on an empty highway, just Jason and Nickie, and that's maybe the only place Nickie would have witnessed it....she looked over and saw her son's eyes starting to tear up as he stared out the window, trying everything to hold back the emotions. His mom had always been the one person who could disarm him almost instantly. "'s just us" Nickie said softly, and she soon saw one tear roll down his cheek "We're not together....Lolly figures Karma is going to kill me or she wants to be with me, and I want to be with her....but it won't ever happen" Jason said, his voice on the verge of breaking, "so much for fucking showing people your just fucking blows up in your face" he said.

Nickie shook her head, this was perfect! Her son finally opened himself up to somebody and got shutdown..."good lord this kid won't ever open up to anyone again" Nickie thought to herself. "Jason, I, I don't buy that Karma stuff either, but Lolly does. And if she believes it, with you getting shot and everything...she's going to think that because she cheated on Ria's boyfriend, she'll believe that you two getting together means something bad has to happen, as punishment" Nickie said, trying to explain Lolly's point of view. "I know all that, it just doesn't click with me....she wants to be with me, and I want it...that should be enough" Jason said shaking his head. Nickie smiled, "it's terrifying how much like your father you are, you know that" she said with a grin. "Listen...there were a million reasons why me and your dad should never have been together....but that didn't stop us, if it's meant to be you just got to let it run it's course" Nickie said.

They drove a bit more in silence when Nickie spoke up again, "Listen...I know you were sticking up for Lolly...and I may have had some words for Ria hearing her say those things. But you have to realize Jason...know matter what you feel about Lolly, what you did to Ria was wrong, you hurt her, and you need to make that right. You're not the only one who does things they regret when they're hurting and angry" Nickie said. Then Jason recognized the area, "where are we going?" Jason asked, Nickie grinned, "you scared that poor girl half to're going to make amends before she flies out of here" Nickie said as she pulled up to Ria's house.


Jason stayed on the porch as Nickie walked up to the door, she rang the doorbell and was glad Ria was still there. "Listen honey...before you fly your pretty little head out of here...things need to be sorted out" she motioned for Jason and saw the look on Ria's face, "it's okay...I'll smack the taste out of his mouth if he tries screaming at you again" she said shooting Jason a warning look.

"Listen...sorry for all that back there. I get protective over Lolly and just kinda lost it hearing you say those things....but I guess you're not exactly in the best place right now either" Jason said shuffling his feet a bit, apologizing wasn't one of the things he did well. "I shouldn't have hurt you like that...with was a jerk move, and I'm...." he saw Nickie shoot him a glare, "...I'm.....sorry...for hurting you like that. You don't have to forgive wouldn't be the first one to hate me, and I just want you to know that I wasn't trying to play you or use you...everything I told you was true. And that line about the hospital....I dunno, even with everything that happened with just hurt when you never showed up at all, I mean I kinda got it, it was weird...I'd hear nurses walking down the hall and try sitting up thinking it might have been you. Like I can hate me if you want...but I wouldn't mind having you as a friend again" Jason said . He said his piece then sat there waiting to see what Ria's response was/


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Ria had been icing her face from the fight with Lolly as she heard another knock at the door. She was not ready for another fight. She put down the ice and went to the door. She couldn't believe that it was Nickie and Jason at her door. She didn't dare curse in front of Nickie but she wanted to. She had a few choice words for Jason but she wasn't sure if she could say them after the way he snapped out. She was still actually scared but Nickie said she'd deal with him if he tried something like that.

She listened to him apologize and sighed. " The things I said. probably not the proper choice of words but..." She shook her head. "It hurt. Way too much. She was my best friend. I never thought in a million years she could do something like that. You either. I mean I knew you two were close so maybe I should have seen it coming..." She sighed."I guess a part of my anger was because Lolly's ...well Lolly. We do the exact same things, yet She's better then me at everything, She'd a dead eye, She's stronger, tougher, She's not afraid of anything, and She's gorgeous, she could have any guy she wanted but I had you so...I thought I finally had something she didn't, something she couldn't beat me in but then..." She felt tears brim her eyes. She didn't even realize that until now. " I don't know if I'll ever be okay with what happened I were my fi..."She stopped as her eyes fell on Nickie. "I should have came to see you but I guess...I don't know...I didn't want to feel sympathy for you. I guess if I saw you, laid up in the hospital, I would have." She said and looked at him. "I honestly don't hate you but I don't know how I feel right now and I'm still too hurt to think about it." She said and looked over at Nickie then back to him. "I really gotta get going if I'm gonna make my flight..."

Lolly woke up with a start. Her head swam and her face hurt. She had to give Ria credit. She hit pretty hard. Lolly took a shaking breath and decided sleep was not happening now. She got dressed in a plain tank top and some beat up old work jeans and decided she needed to keep her busy, so she'd fix up that old Bug she'd been working on for ever. Her dad had told her she could keep it if she could fix it even though she was legally old enough to drive yet. Although once when they were about 12, She and Jason went joyriding. She ended up crashing into a utility pole. Something none of the adults ever found out about. Lolly sighed. She really wished things went back to the way things were before all this shit. She pulled her hair into a ponytail and made her way downstairs. She found her father asleep on the couch. She was hard on him, she knew that. She needed to her forgive herself but she also needed to forgive him as well. Jason was fine as she found out already. She needed to let that go. She found a blanket and gently lay it over him, she kissed him atop his head and headed out.

She made her way to the garage. Most people weren't allowed there but who was dumb enough to tell Lolly what she couldn't do? aside from the fact that if Beau didn't kick their ass, She certainly would. She noticed the clubhouse was relatively empty save for a few Mama's cleaning up. She made her way through the clubhouse and it was then she heard the Mama's whispering among themselves. Talking about how she could show her face after getting the heir apparent shot. Lolly went from Melancholy to Rage in a matter of seconds. She turned and sailed over the bar, and commenced to tearing into the Mama. Destiny, if Lolly bothered to care. She sent her fist into the woman's face twice before grabbing her by the throat. "You got something to say, you stupid bottle blonde bitch?! Huh?!" She screamed as the woman tried to block but was no match for the 15 year old's flying fist. As she sent a numerous amount of blows to the woman's face as she screamed. "Say it again, You stupid cunt! Say it again!" the woman, who was easily 20 maybe 30 years old, whimpered as her face was nearly bashed in. Lolly suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around her and snatch her off the woman. Lolly thrashed violently that she was almost out of their grip. "I'll kill her, I'll fucking kill her!" She screamed and Jimmy laughed and told the woman to get lost or seriously get dead. Lolly was breathing heavy and she was almost snarling as Jimmy practically dragged her toward the garage, the heels of her shoes dragging across the floor as Destiny managed to get up and run off but before Lolly lunged at her one more time, slipping at out of Jimmy's grip. Luckly for Destiny, Jimmy managed to baseball slid across the floor and scooped Lolly up and through her over his shoulder. Lolly heard Jimmy mutter something about Lollypop taking on a whole new meaning. "Lemme go! She's dead!"
Lolly had no idea that Jason, not too long ago was doing the same thing. Those two were almost identical in their actions. Lolly was just as violent as Jason, she just didn't look it.