Chief Science Officer Waymaze Sidnoise

Knight General whose contributions to in scientific study helped end a brewing civil war in Capima.

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Tall and lanky, standing at 6'2, Waymaze Sidnoise is a seemingly frail person. People who knew him before the wars could often see him out of armor, he had a flat nose, pale skin and constantly wore his lab coat draped over a shirt and a pair of sweatpants. Nowadays, he barely takes his white knight armor off. It's seems dulled due to constant experiments done while wearing the armor. It is covered in scorch marks and blemishes. He is covered in this armor from head to toe without a single part of his body left open for anyone to see.


Sidnoise is a very friendly and amiable Knight. Always willing to help those he sees in need and always showing a caring hand to younger Knights under his tutelage. His passions are science and research as evident by his knight armor. He'll fight when he has to, but he prefers working with the mind and performing research that aids in combat rather than engaging in direct combat himself. He always strives to make new discoveries in the name of science.


He wears a customized white armor, designed to withstand combustion, acidic chemicals, and high freezing temperatures, and electricity,. In other words, just about any mishap that could happen in a lab. The armor covers him completely. He often carries with him a briefcase, containing scientific and medical equipment in case he needs to work on the battle field


Born in Olana and raised in Capima, Sidnoise is a Knight who has travels the world many times over and still can't get enough of it. His dream was to become the greatest scientist the Knights had ever seen and as soon as he set out on the Urakas academy, he started heading towards this goal. He quickly grew accustomed to working on the laboratories more so than the battlefield, though his scores for both subjects were quite high. In the end, his two highest scores were in Science and medicine. When given the choice, he chose the white armor of the science officers as his primary designation.

He soon arose to the ranks of Chief Science Officer. Essentially a general in the case of White Armored Knights, this was an honor for him. He went on to accomplish many great deeds and develop many great technologies that would be used by the Knights in the future. His crowning achievement was during The Great Urakan Uprising of 2225. There he had discovered a cure to a plague that had inflicted both sides in a war. This achievement earned a call of peace between two factions and gave Sidnoise a place in Knight history.

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