Oran Oseal

A child of war criminals hoping to prove his intellegence in the Knight Elite

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a character in “The Knights”, as played by Nulix


Oseal stands at six foot one, has a skinny build, and fast legs. Oseal has the average face of a boy from Dormaney; tanned skin, green eyes, large brow, wide ears, thick nose, and a full smile. His hair is bright brown and curly, hanging down his forehead and ears as locks.


Oseal was raised in a small Dorman family, his childhood and teen years were spent playing sports with the rest of the boys in the village and adventuring in the woods. This developed Oseal's sense of teamwork and team spirit. Oseal holds that a firm unity among friends, or unity as a whole, is the biggest advantage a team, or a whole organization could have. Oseal carried this belief with him into his days training as a Knight in Tormaund, where he quickly adapted the language spoken their, Sorillian, as opposed to his native tongue of Baakchan, and the humor and phrases that came with it.


Oseal wears a set of White armor, on his shoulders he supports a small hanging square shield of Dormaney and a short blade holstered beneath it. On his lower back he keeps a small pistol.


Oseal was raised in a small forest village in Dormaney, living an active and healthy life. His mother was a native Dorman and his father was a man from Domanore. Oseal did not know much about his fathers history or of Domanore until he was in his mid teen years. On his fourteenth birthday his parents revealed to him that his father was a soldier who fought against the Knight expansion legions during the Domanore world war. When the Domanore armies were overrun hundreds of soldiers fled and went into hiding in the west, as did his father. Feeling his name ruined, with his father being a criminal of war hiding in rural Dormaney, Oseal decided to join the Knights, and actively rewrite his name in history. Oseal was sent to the Tormaund Academy where, through hard work and lots of self studying, he graduated into the Knight Elites with Nai Tsukumo and Xane Swipien. Oseal was recently put in a group of elites led by Knight Commander Roka.

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