Sentrius Tetran

A pompous Knight who values glory and honor above all things. Though, he has some good in his heart.

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a character in “The Knights”, as played by PirateofPie


Sentrius is tall, well built, sort of like a standard soldiers build. He has short brown hair, dark skin, and a little bit of stubble on his chin. He stands at around 7'1. He usually wears his red Knight uniform most of the day. When relaxed, he often wears nothing too special. Often a shirt, jacket, and sweatpants.


Heroic and unfaltering in his need to dispense justice upon the land. He always holds a copy of the knight handbook with him at all times. He's very proud of his accomplishments throughout his training career with the knights. Though...this is usually the description he himself gives to people. If you asked his teachers they would call him a good knight, but they would also call him...pompous, a glory hound, and kind of a jerk. Time will only tell if this is true...


Sentrius wears red knight armor with a blue cape.

His main weapon is a plasma blaster. It has too settings, blaster mode which allows it to function as a high grade blaster gun, or he could switch it to blade mode, which has the weapon emit a plasma blade for close quarters combat.

He is also equipped wit ha standard knight's shield, that Sentrius modded himself to resist more damage than it usually would.


Born on the Capima mainland, Sentrius had dreams of becoming a Knight Elite warrior. Though he had always wanted to train at the Avana-Nvarro Academy close to home, Sentrius decided to see what these other academies had to offer first. He ended up on Mt. Ravin, having to train in it's harsh volcanic lands, Sentrius struggled at first, until he made it to the top. He had eventually expected to be transferred to the Avana-Nvarro academy as he made the top of his class. However, due to some unexpected mistake, a student not one, not two, but three ranks below him got the transfer instead!

And of course, the Knight offices couldn't get this settled quickly. There was a bit of confusion as to why this happened and it seemed like it would take forever to get settled. Sentrius while a bit defeated decided to stay at Mt. Ravin and complete his training. And complete it he did, as he graduated from the top of his class. Sentrius still hopes to reach even higher after his graduation from the academy.

So begins...

Sentrius Tetran's Story