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"One step forward brings me two steps back. Every attempt stymied, every chance dashed. Who is Raka? I am not the man I once was, and I wish to know, more than anything, who I used to be."

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a character in “The Kurokawa Inn”, as played by XShishioX




❝It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.❞

Normal ||Pompeii | Bastille
Fighting ||Dragon Force | Yasuharu Takanashi
Emotional || Ichiban no Takaramono (My most Precious Treasure) | Jun Maeda
Death || Will of Heart | Shiro Sagisu
Anger || The Power to Strive | Shiro Sagisu
Out of Control ||What Can You See in Their Eyes | Shiro Sagisu

❝There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.❞

Image∞ Full name ∞ Sigh... "It's the name that Milady gave me, yet it feels... clipped, like the wings of a bird, longing for freedom."

∞ Nickname(s) ∞ "Ehh, you can call me whatever you like as long as it isn't mean."
"Puppy", "Pup", and "Two-Face" are the most common, but you can call Raka anything else you could think of and he'll respond. Names are important here.

∞ Alias ∞ "My, 'Titles,' how inane... I didn't ask for them. Apparently, some little twit thought he could use them to show off my power. That particular brat is no longer breathing."
"Raijuu," while this is really more of a statement of species, that same individual also called Raka a, "Heavenly Thunder Beast." While the classification stuck, Raka hates it.

∞ Age ∞ "I suppose this makes me an adult now, eh?"
Raka is, biologically, eighteen years old. However, due to the nature of his contract with the Mistress, his true age is, probably, some hundreds of years old. Raka has been a captive for a long time.

∞ Gender ∞ "Here I thought that one was obvious. Come on now..."

∞ Sexuality ∞ "This is... incredibly vexing, and don't you dare tell anyone I said this... I just want someone to love me? Is that so wrong?"
Closeted Bisexual.

∞ Role ∞ "Fitting, I suppose."
Employee Manager.

∞ Face Claim ∞
Laxus, Fairy Tail

❝Lions, wolves, and vultures don't live together in herds, droves, or flocks. Of all the animals of prey, man is the only sociable one. Every one of us preys upon his neighbor, and yet we herd together.❞

Image∞ Height & Weight ∞ "I suppose I'm the right size."
In human form, Raka is five feet and nine inches tall. He weighs 162 lbs, approximately, and has an excellent BMI (Body Mass Index, a reading of the total measure of fat on a person's body) of 6.5%. He is well muscled, but not overly bulky. He is thin, but not overly skinny either. He is just the right size for his shape, height, and weight. This form is perfect for daily life.

Lastly, in his True, Raijuu Form, Raka stands roughly eight feet tall, is roughly six feet wide, and is roughly fourteen eight feet long with a seven foot tail. He weighs roughly one and a half tons, and is muscled rather powerfully, albeit not bulkily. The Raijuu is built for speed, not strength. Raka is capable of running up to speeds of 100 miles per hour for extended periods of time, but must rest after continued exertion, just like all mammals. Raka's limit seems to be running, or flying, for an uninterrupted hour, at his maximum speed. Further, if Raka allowed it, one could ride on his back, as it is wide enough to support one adult or two children. Lastly, though strength is not it's forte, the Raijuu is quite strong, capable of bowling through a wall, or ripping steel apart with its jaws.

∞ Hair color ∞ "A good color for me, I suppose."
Raka's hair is a lovely blond, cropped short. It's soft to the touch though it isn't very shiny. When he transforms, Raka's hair becomes white fur, and though it is soft, it's much rougher than his human form's hair.

∞ Eye color ∞ "I like his eyes better."
In his human form, Raka's eyes are a fierce, determined Amber, a mix of brown and gold. When he transforms, Raka's eyes become an eerie, bright green.

∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞ "Just... This..."
Just one. Raka sports a lightning bolt shaped scar over his right eye, though he has no recollection of how he got it. All of his memories from before the Contract are blurry, evident of his extended stay within the Kurokawa Inn.

❝Laughter is like a flash of lightning, that breaks through a gloom of clouds, and glitters for just a moment.❞

Image∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦ Growls when upset.
✦ Knocks thrice upon the frame of a door before entering.
✦ Prays daily to the God of Storms, Susano-o

∞ Likes ∞
♥ Smoking after a meal. Raka carries a pipe in his jacket pocket which he uses to smoke a strange purple flowered plant. The smoke is simultaneously sweet and bitter, and changes colors as it cools. It leaves Raka's mouth as a bright red, when it's hot, before cooling slowly to orange, purple, then blue, and finally, to grey before disappearing.
♥ Honesty. Raka is a big fan of telling the truth all the time. Doing so is a great way to get on his good side.
♥ Loyalty or dedication. To Raka, the ability to stick to your guns, no matter what anyone else tells you, is the single best trait you can have. Sora deeply respects people who are dedicated to something, even if it's not something he finds particularly interesting. As long as you're working hard towards a goal, Raka will respect that goal and do his best not to get in the way of it's completion. Provided, of course, the goal isn't overtly evil or malicious, or in opposition of his own goals, namely, his freedom from the Mistress.

∞ Dislikes ∞
✖ Arrogance. Raka hates people who look down on others.
✖ Senseless violence. Living with a beast inside him has made Raka particularly sensitive to excessive amounts of violence. During any battle he's called upon to partake in, Raka will always stop the match the second the bout has been decided. He does so by stopping his attacks just short of actually striking his opponent, and asks for their peaceful surrender. Raka hates seeing people hurt other people, or being a cause of someone else's pain, for no reason.
✖ Fighting with his powers. Raka is good at what he does. Too good. It isn't fun, it isn't fair, and it certainly isn't a thing to be proud of being good at.

∞ Talents ∞
✔ Playing stringed instruments. In what little free time he's given, Raka has learned to play the violin, cello, and mandolin with a moderate degree of skill. While he's no virtuoso, Raka is good enough to play his way out of a paper bag.
✔ Blowing particular shapes with his pipe smoke. Raka's gotten good enough to make more than just rings too, he can make basic shapes, letters, numbers, and even create accurate pictures and representations of figures with his smoke, provided there is no drastic air movement in the place he's blowing smoke.
✔ Fighting with his powers. The Raijuu is an apex predator. Raka didn't have to learn any particular style to be a powerful fighter. The Raijuu within him simply knew how with its instincts. Raka, being an intelligent sort of guy, figured out the rest on his own.

∞ Hobbies ∞
✔ Playing his instruments. If one were to ever sneak into Raka's room without him noticing, they would be able to witness the plaintive melodies that haunt his eerie. Raka only plays after dark, on nights when the sky is clear and the moon is bright.
✔ Flying. While Raka is bound, as per the Contract, to stay within the boundaries of the Inn, unless under the Mistress's orders, he loves to soar, winglessly, through the sky. The feeling of true freedom, no matter how fleeting, always manages to make him smile.
✔ Blowing smoke. Due to his Contract, Raka's not allowed to die needlessly. Though Raka can still be overpowered and killed with physical injury, his body is immune to age and disease. As such, no matter how much he smokes, Raka will never get sick or die. The only sign he even smokes at all is the minor raspy quality of his voice, but even then, it could just as easily be attributed to his bestial nature. Regardless, Raka is fond of smoking his pipe, and making pictures with the colored smokes his pipe weed makes.

∞ Fears ∞
✘ Coulrophobia. The unnatural fear of clowns or jesters. The fuckers are unnatural.
✘ Claustrophobic. Raka hates small, enclosed spaces. Makes sense, the Raijuu is kinda big, and Raka's been, essentially, imprisoned all his life.
✘ Drowning. Though Raka isn't the strongest swimmer, that isn't his main worry. Excessive amounts of water can short out his powers and physically make him hurt.

∞ Flaws/Weaknesses ∞
✘ Raka's forms are weak to energies. Extreme sources of heat, kinetic energy, cold, gravitational energy, and acid are all just as effective on him in his beastly form as they would be on his human form. While he does have some protection from the elements in the form of scales and fur, Raka's Raijuu is a predator, not prey. Between hunts, the Raijuu is meant to hunker down somewhere safe, dry, and of a mild temperature to raise young, rest from the hunt, and escape the elements. It is not meant to endure them.
✘ Large amounts of water, big enough to submerge the Raijuu, even if only partially, are very dangerous to it. The water causes his electricity to fritz out, and Raka cannot control it properly. In some cases, if the Raijuu has a particularly large amount of energy stored within it, the resulting, "short circuit," can cause an explosion of electrical energy that is very harmful to Raka's physical form.
✘ The Raijuu's hide is sturdy, but it is made to repel slashing and bludgeoning attacks from stronger predators and rival Raijuu. The scales it possesses are not meant to handle piercing attacks. This makes the Raijuu susceptible to attacks such as higher caliber gunfire, and anti-vehicle weaponry. Supernaturally sharp arrows, spears, or spikes, will be just as effective on Raka as they would be on any other target. Piercing the Jinouga's hide is the best way to injure it.
✘ The Raijuu can disperse energy as well as absorb it, but its ability to disperse and convert electrical energy isn't anywhere near as tenacious as it's ability to absorb it. The Raijuu can be forced to short circuit if it is overflowed with electrical energy. Further, if the Raijuu's, "internal battery," is full, the electricity it so readily absorbs cannot be stored, and will, instead, damage the Raijuu's body like normal.
✘ Though the Raijuu's form is fast and strong, it isn't particularly durable at all. Faster or stronger opponents, as well as more durable opponents, will have an easy time deflecting or evading the Raijuu's attacks and could outlast or outperform it.
✘ Raka is excessively loyal. He would trade a single friend for the well-being of the world. Skilled opponents can take advantage of this and manipulate Raka by threatening his friends and family.
✘ Each of Raka's forms has it's own specific weaknesses. These are simple. The Human form has almost no physical offensive or defensive power to speak of, making him, at his very best, a Peak Human Athlete. He does maintain some control over his electricity within this form, but the amount of control is no where near as substantial as it is in his True form. On the other hand, Raka's True Raijuu form is rather agile and strong, but it isn't durable at all. Further, while a Raijuu is known for it's lightning speed, it isn't exactly one of the most physically strong species of Yokai. More durable or physically powerful foes won't have a hard time outlasting or outperforming the Raijuu. Lastly, though Raka is somewhat intelligent, he isn't any more so than your standard college freshman. Todd can be easily outsmarted by more intelligent foes.

∞ Secrets ∞
⌛ Raka is bi. However, he doesn't yet know that he is.
⌛ Raka's contract is different in nature than most of the other contracts involving the Mistress's constituents. Instead of binding a human to the Spirit world, Raka's Contract seals the powers of a Yokai into a more human form, allowing him to be manipulated more freely.

❝I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use our power the greater it will be.❞

Image∞ Power/(s) ∞ "I am the powerful, thunderous 'Raijuu.' I am him. He is me. Thing is, I'm still not sure whether it's that I'm a human with the soul of a beast, or a beast with the soul of a man. I suppose we'll find out eventually."

~Raiju Physiology: This power allows the wielder, in this case Raka, to transform into a Raijuu, and back again, at will. A form of shape shifting, this power stems from Raka himself, as he is, at his deepest level, a Raijuu. However, his Contract with the mistress, as well as his own power, allow him to take the shape of a human. Further, and quite luckily, when he uses his powers, his clothes are absorbed into his new shape. When he assumes his human form once again, his clothes come back as well. Don't ask him how any of that works, the science isn't all there yet. Raka's power grants him a few different abilities, which lend themselves to usefulness in combat. Raka is capable of using any combination of his abilities for as long as he has the energy to fuel them. Obviously, the longer, harder, faster, etc. that Raka does anything, he will fatigue and become weaker. Naturally, the only way to replenish this internal supply of energy is by eating, sleeping, and resting - e.g. not using his powers. However, the only way to increase the amount of energy he has is by exercising, training, and meditating - using his powers in a guided manner. The best way to explain all of Raka’s powers is to list what he is capable of, then describe what can be done in each of his forms: Human, or True Raijuu. The following is a list of abilities that Raka possesses:

~Raijuu’s Shape: When Raka changes his shape, his body grows its own scales and natural weapons. In regards to scales, whenever Raka changes his shape, his body becomes covered with a tough, scaly hide, which is capable of turning away most human weaponry. That being said, Raijuu is a predator, not prey. His scales are meant to protect him from errant horns, antlers, or hooves of the beasts he hunts. The Raijuu is always on the attack, not defense. While his hide is tough, higher calibers of weaponry, such as anti-vehicle, are still capable of hurting Raka, and can be quite a useful deterrent. The same can be said of particularly sharp or hard melee weapons. Though it is rather hard to slash through his skin, his scales do not protect him very well from piercing or blunt attacks. While these weapons would still need to be moving very quickly, or with a good amount of force, they will have a much easier time effecting Raka than slashing attacks. Energy, however, such as heat, cold, sound (vibrational energy), corrosive (acidic), gravitational (extreme pressure), and kinetic (movement/momentum) energies can still harm Raka as usual. Raka’s natural weapons, however, are a much different story. Made of incredibly dense, and wicked sharp bone, Raka is capable of generating the following Natural Weapons: claws, teeth, horns, and a tail. These weapons are hard to break, though it’s not impossible.

~Electricity Mastery: Only while in True Raijuu form, Raka becomes capable of freely manipulating, generating, absorbing, and infusing electricity into his body from his environment and vice versa. Due to this, Raka is immune to electricity while in his Raijuu form. He benefits from a less potent form of this ability while maintaining his human form. Raka's Raijuu form is capable of generating, storing, and releasing up to 500,000 million volts of electricity at once. This amount of energy is equivalent to, roughly, 5 strikes of lightning. Obviously, these figures represent the daily limit of his abilities. Raka would need to rest after producing such an amount for a full eight hours before being able to do so again. Further, he would require sufficient calories to recharge his internal batteries as well.

~Enhanced Condition: Raka benefits from enhanced strength, speed, durability, stamina, regeneration, immune response, reflexes, and physical senses. His body was built to be the ultimate predator, and is rather formidable. While his Human form is powerful, these benefits are massively more impressively while Raka is transformed into his Raijuu form.

~Wingless Flight: While Raka is only capable of displaying the power of flight in his Raiju form, the benefits are rather exhilarating. When transformed into his Rainu form, Raka can, "step," on air, allowing him to levitate freely as if the air underneath his paws were solid and capable of supporting his weight. Further, Raka can, "run," on air, allowing him to, "fly." Although this flight is somewhat limited, as Raka can only do so under the open sky and while in his Raijuu form, Raka is capable of, "running," on air and can use this form of transportation interchangeably with his land movement. Lastly, Raka moves at the same rate of speed through the air as he does on land.

Image∞ Personality ∞ "Ugh... This is so boring... I don't wanna answer any more questions!"
Raka is, in a word, blunt. He is always straight-forward and to the point, no matter what it is he's doing. This doesn't mean that he's incapable of lying, or other forms of larceny, however, that being said, Raka would greatly prefer to tell the truth and be done with it. Further, he never sugar-coats anything, and barely seems to realize that other beings are capable of feeling discomfort due to his actions or words. This isn't because Raka is a particularly callous, or ever pernicious individual, but rather, he respects others highly enough to give them his honest opinion, even if it might hurt their feelings. He knows that information is important, and misinformation could end up being the cause of much worse fates than a mildly bruised ego. Therefore, he would much rather tell someone that they aren't a good pianist, than lie to their face about their talents, thereby saving them the embarrassment of a poor performance in front of a less accepting audience. This is, by far, Raka's most dominant personality trait, and colors his interactions with everyone.

Despite Raka's perceived appearance as harsh, or even uncaring, there could be nothing further from the truth. As it was stated previously, Raka's frankness stems from his concern for others. Despite his rough exterior, Raka's heart is warm, and gentle. This is not to say that Raka is above the occasional bout of gruffness or insensitivity, but he usually tries to hide his irritation of/with others from the parties involved. While Raka had always been a caring individual, this two-facedness, in which Raka hides the darker parts of his personality from others, is what garners the bad reputation Raka is known to possess. Despite his caring nature, and almost even bolstered by his sensitivity of others, Raka is cursed with a vile temper, and is prone to fits of rage, in which he curses everything around him, and all but attacks people who try to get close to him, much like a wounded animal. This is, usually, due to the fact that someone has hurt his feelings, or the feelings of one of Raka's friends, causing him to overreact in response to the damage done.

Raka, in spite of his large heart, and honest mentality, seems to be cursed with a form of social apathy. While he would like to make friends with others, and share in their lives, he is, surprisingly, rather shy around new people and has always found it very difficult to make new friends, or jump into social situations in which he is unfamiliar or uncomfortable. This stems from nothing less than an inferiority complex, stimulated by his blunt personality. He knows that the value he places on the truth is much higher than most other people, further, he knows that this hasn't done much for him except earn him a bad reputation. As such, Raka tries not to engage in social events too much. He believes that he would ruin the event, so he tends to stay away from them. That being said, his shyness isn't enough to completely disengage his sense of propriety. If entirely necessary, Raka will show up, say greet the host of the party, eat something, if snacks are available, and then leave. He is always polite, but he would much rather leave early under the guise of having work to do than stick around and make a fool of himself.

Lastly, Raka is loyal to the point of utter foolishness. As it was stated earlier, Raka has very few friends, and he makes new ones very slowly. As such, what few friends he does have are very precious to him, more so, even, than his own life. Raka would do anything for a friend, even if he knew that friend was planning on stabbing him in the back. He would much rather help a friend than himself, which is, frankly speaking, the reason he is still working at the Inn. He's friends with a few of the workers there, despite his reputation for gruffness, and brutal honesty, and he feels like he would much rather stay and suffer under the hand of the mistress, than leave what few friends he does have to rot without him. As such, Raka's always overworking himself for the same of others. In fact, this has often lead to him getting in trouble with the mistress who would prefer that the takes she gives out remain delegated as she had originally said they should be. While Raka can do just about every job at the Inn with a good degree of skill, he couldn't do so all by himself, and he is much more valuable to the Mistress in his most recent faculty, as her hand, and the enforcer of her will within the Inn.

❝Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.❞

Image∞ Romantic Interest ∞ "If I cut open your heart, would I find it there? If I cracked open your skull, would it reveal its secrets to me? How do I find it? What does it look like? What is love?"
Currently, none.

∞ Most Precious Person ∞ "....."
Raka has none, so far. While he respects the Mistress, and works for her out of debt, obligation, and gratitude for taking him in, he does resent that she's keeping his Contract hidden from him. He's forgotten the Contract's stipulations, and Raka expects that his Contract is the reason for the loss of his memories. Obviously, is is true, meaning that the Mistress won't let him see even one letter of his Contract.

∞ History ∞ "There's been trials and tribulations... Of those, I've had my share. I've climbed the mountain, I've crossed the river, and now I'm almost there."
There is not much that is known about Raka's past, given his current memories of it. It's expected that his Contract with the Mistress has muddled with them. It is also assumed that only the Ristress knows the full scope of Raka's past, and keeps a record of it somewhere, bound in an elaborately decorated book with a leather cover.

∞ Other ∞ "I think that's everything... What else could you want? What about you, huh? What if I turn the questions on you?"
None as of yet.

So begins...

Raka's Story


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Ren Hirano

The awaited and much anticipated trip to the village of Gokayama had finally came! Many students had anticipated the trip, most of which only cared for the free day off school. While others felt it would be a great historic trip. When the students arrived, the air was rich and the weather perfect; perfect for a trip in the woods that is. Ren had organized a little bit of an event of her own while they were here. She had heard of a legend where if you found a shrine within the forest of this village, you would find yourself engulfed into the Yōkai world.
Night had arrived, and the students were taking refuge in an inn within the village.

"Time to get this show on a road!"

Hyped and ready Ren stood near the entrance of the forest, awaiting for her fellow students to arrive themselves. Although energetic as always, Ren couldn't help but feel a little nervous. She had invited quite a mix of people, personality wise. It wouldn't be a surprised if not all of them got along, but hopefully some sort of bonds would be made. It wasn't to clear to even herself why she even wanted to do this, she could just search for the shrine alone, it's not as if she is scared of getting dirty or some serial killer being out there; after all it was a peaceful village. After seeing some of her fellow students and hearing the rumors that were spoken of them, she honestly felt like reaching a hand out and maybe making some fond memory in their lives. Atleast that's what Ren was hoping for, just a fond memory she could look back on and laugh about.

Even with the slight hope of such bonds or memories being made, Ren didn't quite have her hopes up on everything going well. People always had some sort of problem with another and don't look past it quite often. It's the sad truth, but even if plastic friendships here are made, at least hopefully they would have a good time.

Ren lifted her head and looked at the night sky, it was gorgeous, nothing you would ever see out in the city. " Honestly, I wouldn't mind living in a place like this..." she muttered to herself. I bet the people here really have to work hard for their living, no desk jobs, only labor could suffice.she thought.
"Aaah! I would much rather live in a castle though! Maids and butlers, then a prince would come my way and lift me off my feet and take me away!" speaking her mind allowed again, if you saw her she would be blushing and swinging her arms back in forth as she day dreamed of such a fantasy. Ren didn't have luxury back at home, she can at least dream of it for the time being.
After calming down, she looked around for anyone whom may have been close. I twas hard to see in this darkness, all she had to light her way was a flashlight. A rather dinky flash light, hardly worked right, but it's all she had. She waved the light around, tyring to look for anyone whom seemed familiar. She couldn't quite make out anything, so she simply put the flash light down and put her hands in her pockets.
Ren was wearing her normal attire, a white plain t-shirt and some regular shorts. Nothing that would stand out, but enough to bare through the slight chill in the air. At this point there wasn't much for Ren to do but wait. She simply leaned against a tree and looked to the stars as she thought of her current situation with the others and what this little event could bring.

"The Kurokawa Inn"

Chatter and laughter was filling the rooms all around the inn, it was quite and active night. Many guests spending their time in the gambling hall, to dining, and even some ruckus going on in the bedrooms. The inn was indeed very active tonight. Recently the inn's popularity has been rising, news of wonderful events and the service being outstanding. All of this popularity has made the staff work harder than they should, it was time for some new employees to be hired.

On the very top floor of the inn, through an elevator,a flight of stairs, through a couple doors sat the head of the Inn, The Mistress. She was the head of every thing that was a part of the inn, from the building to the staff. Every breathing employee was hers, they did work for her after all. The lack of staff with the increasing popularity was no mystery to her, she knew of it and had planned to take care of it.
She sat at her desk, her room full of books, jewelry, and important papers that she so diligently kept track of. Her stunning appearance never faded even when taking care of the work she had to pull all nighters for. She was a diligent woman and it took more then lack of sleep to effect her appearance and capabilities.

"Raka, it is time we file some new contracts."

She smiled the well known sly smile of hers, she looked to Raka with stern eyes.

"Give the staff their orders, do not inform them of the newcomers we will be having. Only you are to lead them to me, when I call for the rest of the staff, only then will they play their part in training the new recruits. Have Penelope entertain the guests, the guests enjoy it. As for her morning shift she will be required to collect a list of what ingredients the chef needs, it's time to restock. Once she is done, she will hand it to you in whom you will hand it to me.

As for Jurou, he will be needed in the dining hall. Specifically catering to the women, our gender ratio isn't equal and we have more males visiting the inn then women. If he plays an attractive role then it will help spread word of out inn to the women. Make sure he also serves...the unattractive women as well. No cutting corners. As for his Morning shift, he will be put to labour. I want him scrubbing the floors of the main lobby and cleaning and resetting tables in the Dining Hall.

For now your duty will be to retrieve the new members and escorting them here. You will be given further orders later. Inform the other employees what I have told you and cater to anyone who needs it until they arrive."

She stood and turned herself to stare out of the window of her office. She focused her herself on what was the other side of this realm on a very specific place. She unsealed the magic placed on a shrine deep in a forest, she herself would not know what sort of people would investigate it, nor did she know how long it would be for anyone to step foot into it. It was visible to the human eye now, whom ever dared set their feet into it would find themselves embarked on a new little adventure.
"Only a matter of time..." she muttered to herself."


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It isn't often that stillness is what dominates Raka, the Raijūu of the Kurokawa Inn. Then again, it isn't very often that Raka gets any sleep either. That being said, Raka's usual habits aren't exactly the most animated either, but only in sleep does Raka appear so completely placid. His eyes are shut, but only just, and his limbs seem to weigh heavy on his frame. His eyelids darken to a deep shade of purple, and his skin blanches until it appears as white and dry as paper, and he breathes so slowly and rarely that his body barely moves at all. If one didn't know any better, they'd swear he was dead. However, just as swiftly as it took hold of him, sleep left Raka. Though the blonde had only just managed to lie down in an attempt to get even just a wink of sleep, the end of day and the onset of dusk was all it took to rouse him from his fitful slumber. Raka's eyes snapped open, and his body stiffened. Groaning with frustration, Raka sat upright and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He hadn't been expecting to get any sleep, and instead of being restful, whatever sleep Raka did manage to get seemed to be entirely unhelpful. Raka felt, if anything, more tired than when he'd laid down those few short hours ago.

"Well," Raka mused, stretching his sore muscles. The joints in his back and neck popped once, twice, three times and Raka sighed with relief. "Time to start the day."

Having awoken with the rising of the moon, Raka had a rare moment of real, usable time, not just a brief couple of minutes between chores. Remembering it had been a week since he'd last stepped out on his own to relax, Raka managed a smile. Excusing himself, Raka stepped out into the fresh morning air, breathing in deeply the scent of dew-covered grass and the remnants of the day's heat. In the distance, a furious ball of red sat, sinking into the western horizon. Angrily it reached ever higher, trying to claw it's way back upward with a weakening, yet sharp light, that pierced the bellies of the clouds above, their blood staining the darkening sky. "Red skies at night..." Raka pondered aloud. Usually this meant one thing: good weather. The old adage wasn't always right, but Raka had a wonderful feeling that better things than clear skies loomed on the horizon.

With a scoff, that quickly turned into a quiet fit of chuckling, Raka discarded those worries and shook his head. After all, it wasn't like this hunch of his would actually lead to anything. His hunches were, astoundingly, usually indicative of the opposite sort occurrence taking place. Raka threw his head back and laughed at the night sky. "Looks like I'm taking things too seriously today too..." Sighing, Raka shrugged and allowed himself to take his bestial form. As if he were a dog, shaking the water from its coat, Raka's appearance shifted from his more human appearance into his full Raijūu form. Growling with pleasure, Raka simply took off running, and as he poured himself into the moonlit sky, his feet took purchase on the chill air, and Raka took flight. To watch the running of a Raijūu is a spectacular thing. Their gait is effortless, and their energy appears boundless. Raka stampeded across the night sky without so much as a whisper of sound to alert anyone to his presence. Finally, having made his way to his intended destination, Raka descended onto the mountaintop, whose base was immediately next to the Inn he lived and worked at. Sitting on the top of the mountain, Raka reclaimed his human form, simply shaking off his Raijūu body and assumed his position in prayer. Clapping his hands together, Raka wished not for prosperity or peace, nor power or fame. Instead, as Raka prayed, all he wished to convey to the great lord of the sky was contentment. Raka was happy here, despite the Mistress's interventions and the irritations of running an Inn. Raka enjoyed his work, he enjoyed his life, and he enjoyed making the people around him happy. It was a good life.

Having finished his prayers, Raka once more assumed his Raijūu form, and descended from the mountain, making his way to the Mistress's office. When he finally touched down on the balcony outside her door, Raka retook his human form, and awaited the attentions of his Mistress, who let him into her office in short order. Bowing his head politely, Raka knocked three times upon the door frame before entering; a sign of respect. Raka stepped swiftly inside, and knelt before his Mistress's desk, awaiting his orders. After collecting herself, Raka's Mistress spoke.

"Raka, it is time we file some new contracts."

As she finished her train of thought, she smiled that well-known exceedingly sly smile of hers, one that could only hold devious intent. She looked to Raka with stern eyes speaking up once more, but softly, and with an air of command that none could refute.

"Give the staff their orders, do not inform them of the newcomers we will be having. Only you are to lead them to me, when I call for the rest of the staff, only then will they play their part in training the new recruits. Have Penelope entertain the guests. They do enjoy it so. As for her morning shift she will be required to collect a list of what ingredients the chef needs; it's time to restock. Once she is done, she will hand it to you who will, in turn, hand it to me.

As for Jurou, he will be needed in the dining hall. Specifically catering to the women, our gender ratio isn't equal and we have more males visiting the inn then women. If he plays an attractive role then it will help spread word of out inn to the women. Make sure he also serves the... unattractive... women as well. No cutting corners. As for his Morning shift, he will be put to labor. I want him scrubbing the floors of the main lobby and cleaning and resetting tables in the Dining Hall.

For now your duty will be to retrieve the new members and escorting them here. You will be given further orders later. Inform the other employees what I have told you and cater to anyone who needs it until they arrive.

Raka merely nodded. "Yes ma'am." He said simply. At that, Raka stood and turned simultaneously, and swiftly left his Mistress's room, following his nose to Penelope, whose orders would be, most prudently, given first. After giving her the orders from the mistress, she would, most probably, complete them by the time Raka had tracked down Jurou and given him his orders. Afterwards, Raka would only have to return the list of needed supplies to the Mistress and then he could make his way to the old shrine. That was, after all, the only place the Mistress could have been referring to when she mentioned needing new recruits. Sighing, Raka tilted his head upwards and sniffed hard. Getting a bead on that damnably elusive shadow via smell was infuriating at best. As Raka was so often reminded, Shadows don't really have a physical form, and, as such, don't have a smell, even worse, they don't make sound unless they want to. However, after a while, Raka picked up a scent that could only belong to her. The smell of rosin for a violin. Following the smell, Raka stepped up to the doorway and knocked three times on the frame, before taking a step back and waiting for her to allow him to come in. Hearing her address him, Raka smiled and bowed his head lightly before letting himself in. "Evening," he said politely. "The mistress has informed me of your duties tonight. Nothing too difficult it seems. As usual, you are to entertain the guests tonight with your music. However, before they begin arriving you are also to create a list of supplies that the chefs need, as well as any other supplies the Inn might be running low on. Once your list is complete, you may give it to me and I will, in turn, hand it to the Mistress." Raka concluded concisely, speaking clearly and to the point. "That's all for now." Raka said, smiling lightly before excusing himself from her room.

Having given Penelope her orders, Raka shook his head before easily catching a whiff of the resident Dhampir's scent. The pheromones they usually applied during seduction were an easy way to track them down. Chuckling softly to himself, Raka stepped outside the Inn and took his Raijūu form. Once more, Raka soared into the night sky, following his nose to Jurou, who was resting atop one of the Inn's roofs. Landing gently behind the Dhampir, Raka reclaimed his humanoid form and addressed his colleague. "Evening Jurou. I've got your orders from the Mistress for tonight. You're to entertain the women guests tonight, in particular. However, you're not to ignore the less attractive female customers. Look at it this way, if you do a good job, those ladies will tell their friends and even more attractive women will start making their way to the Inn. Before the guests arrive, however, you're to assist the others in cleaning the main lobby as well as resetting and cleaning the dining room tables. That's all for now." At that Raka left, leaving no room for questioning in his orders. Besides, there were much more pressing jobs to finish.

As expected, by the time Raka had finished with Jurou, Penelope had finished with her list, which he promptly brought to the Mistress's office. Leaving it in an envelope inside the box on her door, Raka took on his Raijūu form, and left the Inn, heading out to the old forest, towards the old shrine where he knew, undoubtedly, that new, "recruits," would show up. Raka flew swiftly, invisible against the night sky. His coming and going would be as nothing but a dire wind across the fells. Reaching the shrine in short order, Raka sat atop the steps of the shrine, waiting. Upon hearing the footsteps of his, "recruits," Raka would take the shape of a will o' wisp, and draw them across the bridge into the Inn where he would bring them before the Mistress.