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Ceil Achlys

Aren't my pokemon adorable?

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a character in “The Kyushi Problem”, as played by Venom0861


Name: Ceil Achlys
Type Specialty: Psychic

Appearance: Ever since Ceil began his journey he wanted to make an impression with how he looked. Once he'd won the money he needed he went to the first botique he found. Looking through the selection he fell in love with the pure white suit he found. The symbol on his forehead and circles around his eyes are symbols of his training from Aeyla.

Ceil to be described in word would be determined. That's not to say he hasn't had his defeated moments. He's friendly to everyone he meets,and completely obsessed with things he finds adorable. He's a very easy person to trust but his life has made it very hard for him to trust people leading to his having very few of what he would call true friends.

1.His Pokemon
2.Honest Victories
3.His mother/sister
4.Cute/Adorable things

1.People who use Pokemon for their own gain
2.His father
5.Bitter food

So you want to know my story? I guess after everything you've been through to get here you've earned it. It's a long story so you may as well settle down and take a break. You'll need it before your next battle trust me the Champion's a little crazy.

Well, any way the beginning of my story is a little odd compared to most. I grew up in the Kalos region with my mother and little sister. I never knew where my father was or even what he looked like. I spent the first 10 years of my life listening to stories from my mother about all of the wonderful things people had achieved with the help of their Pokemon. Every day was a new story and another warning about the dangers of misusing Pokemon. At least once a year I would ask my mom about my dad. Each time here smile would fall and she would simply reply that he had left when I was very young and my sister had just been born.

Such is the way my life went until I reached the age of 10 and was able to go off on my own Pokemon Journey. I was so excited the day before I left I could hardly sleep. I was up and standing at the door waiting for my mom to wake up to see me off. Finally she woke up and walked out to see me standing by the doorway. She walked over to me pulling me into a hug tears gathering in her eyes. "Do the best you can, and remember Pokemon are your friends. No matter what happens I'll be proud of you." All I could do is smile and nod hugging her close before turning and running out of the house towards the place I was to meet with Professor Sycamore.

He met Professor Sycamore on the edge of town. After a short discussion the Professor awarded me with Fennekin to be my first partner. I was elated my journey could finally begin. With Fennekin by my side I was able to defeat the first gym of the Kalos Region. One night I was halfway to Cyllage City to challenge my second gym. I was up way later than I normally was. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being followed. As I looked around I saw a floating face. Looking more closely I found that it was a Gastly. I quickly brought out Fennekin and after a short battle I had a new friend to travel with me in my journey. I continued my journey training the entire way to the Cyllage Gym.

After a long difficult battle not only had I defeated the Cyllage City Gym, but My two Pokemon had also evolved. I now had a Braxion and Haunter. So encouraged by my Pokemon's growth I rushed to the next city challenging the Gym well before I was ready. I reached Shalour City and rushed into the gym expecting to crush my way through the Gym like I had before. But I was wrong. Even with my obvious type advantage over the Gym Leader I was quickly defeated and quickly sent out of the building being told he was one of the most disappointing challengers she'd had in a long time. I was completely defeated. After having been so quickly tossed to the side by the Gym leader I had given up hope of journeying to the Pokemon League. I began wandering through the hills of Kalos.

After weeks of wandering I came across a trainer in the forest. As was the custom when two trainers meet she challenged me to a battle. I was reluctant to enter into another battle afraid that I would again loose and be thrown to the side. Before the battle began something strange happened I felt like the trainer was looking through me analyzing who I was and what I'd done. Before I could question what it was she was doing she released her Pokemon and the battle began. It was a long battle and a very close battle ending with her being victorious. I recalled my Pokemon and reached to my wallet. Before I could remove the money she told me to keep it. "Instead of paying me why don't you let me teach you?"

I agreed almost instantly. The kind smile on her face made me trust her and want to make myself better reintroducing me to me desire to climb to the top of the Pokemon league. I followed her to the house where I would be trained. When I walked into the house there were two Pokeballs resting on a shelf. She pointed at the balls. "Choose one of the Pokemon in the balls. That will become your new partner. You will not be using your current partners until I can see how you raise and treat your partners." Of course I opposed the idea wanting to stay with my trainers. After a quick debate I agreed and looked at the Pokeballs. I reached out and took the ball on the right. "Good choice. That is Ralts a psychic type which is what kind of battling I'm going to be training you in. I am Aeyla the Psychic trainer, and now your mentor." I nodded excitedly ready to begin my training.

After two months Ralts had evolved to Kirelia. I was so excited, and Aeyla was so proud. Right after Ralts's evolution Aeyla walked over to me lifting her hand to my forehead pressing her palm into it. When she pulled her hand away I was left with a slight burning on my forehead. I looked into the stream seeing it solidifying into the mark that is now on my forehead. I spent the next year with Aeyla continuing my training with Kirelia and my original team. At the end of the year I woke up to see a note on my nightstand with a Pokeball resting on top. I reached out and slid the note out from under the Pokeball being careful not to disturb it.

"I've taught you everything I can. It is time for you to go continue the pursuit of your dream. Take this Beldum you will find that it is slightly different from most. Take this gift and I hope that it will help you on your journey. I look forward to hearing of your adventures. Good Luck." I was of course upset that my training was over but Aeyla was right. It had been almost two years since I'd been defeated at the gym it was time to go back. With my newly grown team I walked into Shalour Gym and challenged the leader. Going into the battle she mocked me remember having defeated me the years previously.

The battle took as long as it had the first time, but this time I was the victor. Korrina fell to her knees when I had won and instead of mocking her like she had to me all that time ago I walked over and held my hand out to her helping her to her feet. Having won the gym badge I continued my journey. My team continued to grow as we traveled. Delphox, Gengar, Gardavoir, and Metang. My Pokemon and I were finally on our way. After nearly 7 years I had finally reached the Pokemon League. The Elite Four were as much of a challenge as I'd hoped every battle was fun and challenging and my Pokemon and I were able to defeat all four of them. Next was the champion. It was the single most challenging battle I had faced up to that point but during the battle my Metang evolved to Metagross and thanks to his new strength my team and I were able to defeat the champion.

After having achieved my goal I decided it was time to head home to see my mother. It had been 8 years. I was almost fully grown and hadn't seen her in whole time. Along the way to my mother's house I found a Pokeball on the ground. It was one of the luckiest thing that had happened to me in a while since I was out of Pokeballs. I hit the button to make sure there wasn't a Pokemon inside. What I saw was an odd stone resting in the ball. I took the stone to look at it. As I was investigating the stone I didn't noticed that the Pokeball had disappeared. I saw no value to me in the stone and traded it to a shop in order to get some Pokeballs.

When I walked into the house I found her sitting at an empty table staring holes into it. I sat next to her and put my arm around her. After a long greeting I told her my whole story. She was so proud. She then reached into her pocket pulling out the stone I had traded to get the Pokeballs. I told her how I'd sold that exact stone and asked why she'd bought it. "I just saw it and thought it could be a useful item or you." I sighed and told her I'd take it to the professor to get it analyzed. Then I took a deep breath getting ready to ask the question I'd been searching for an answer to. I asked about my father again. She returned her gaze to the table. "Last I heard he was in Johto investigating a forest." I thanked her giving her a hug thanking her for everything she'd done for me through the years promising to return soon.

I went to the professor's lab to get the stone checked out and get a pass to travel to Johto. After looking at the stone the Professor told me that it was a mega stone specific to Gengar. After careful thought he pulled out a box. "This wrist band will enable you to use your bond with Gengar to increase his power in battle. As long as he is holding that stone." He went on to explain the process of mega-evolution to me telling me about the limitations, and how he would return to his normal form after each battle. After a short practice battle with the professor he handed me my pass to travel to Johto.

The next day I was on a boat headed to Olivine City. As soon as I'd arrived I asked the first sailor I saw directions to the forest. He was confused for a moment then realized what I was talking about. He kindly gave me directions to the Ilex Forest. I thanked him and ran off towards Goldenrod City. When I arrived at the city I noticed many people dressed in odd black uniforms. Ignoring the people I continued my rush to the south where I'd been told the gateway to the forest was. On the way I saw an Abra. Using my last Quickball I luckily was able to capture her and have a new addition to my team. I continued my journey into the forest. I rushed into the forest searching for any sign of my father. After an hour of searching I found an odd shrine in the middle of the clearing. Finding myself completely exhausted I decided to take a rest against a leg of the shrine.

Shortly after having dozed off a man broke into the clearing screaming. "I FOUND IT CELEBI WILL BE OURS!" I slowly rose from my spot on the ground. "I don't know what a Celebi is, but I doubt it belongs to you or anyone for that matter." The man spun looking at me. "I don't know who you are but get out of here. Celebi belongs to Team Rocket." I'd heard of Team Rocket. I knew what they did to and with Pokemon.

"Pokemon don't belong to any body. And as for who I am. My name's Ceil Achlys from the Kalos Region." The man laughed. "That's impossible. Ceil Achlys is my son's name and there's no way your him." I scowled at the man seeing the resemblance between us. "No I was your son but as of now I don't want anything to do with you. If this is how you treat Pokemon I'm going to stop you from getting Celebi." I stared at my father so hard that I felt something break in my head. Suddenly I could analyze him perfectly I knew exactly how he was going to battle and I knew the best way for me to counter it. Needless to say the battle was short and I had won. He ran off into the woods searching for back up. After he'd left something strange happened in the clearing.

Everything was bathed in a strange green light. I looked around trying to see the source of the light as my gaze drifted up I was surprised to see a small green Pokemon descending to the shrine. "You must be Celebi." The Pokemon's response was to excitedly shout out. "Biiii" I watched as it darted around the clearing before coming to a stop in front of me. Hesitantly I reached out a hand to the Pokemon and lightly touched its head. It cooed excitedly. "Do you want to come with me?" It cooed again as I reached into my bag pulling out a Pokeball. The Celebi reached out and touched the button disappearing in a flash. The ball didn't even shake Celebi had chosen to join my team.

I quickly left the forest and looked at the map for the Johto Region. I decided to stop by the resident Professor's lab. I talked to a local trainer who was kind enough to take me to New Bark Town. I thanked the trainer and headed into the Lab where I met Professor Elm. After talking to him and explaining what I'd done in the Ilex forest he was kind enough to begin the process to attempt the take down of Team Rocket. I looked around the room noticing a lone Pokeball sitting on a table. After asking him about it he'd tole me that it was a Cyndaquill that hadn't been chosen for a trainer's journey this year. I asked to take the Cyndaquill with me and after a slight hesitation he'd agreed to let me take the Cyndaquill with me. Not having an open spot on my party he was sent to my box where he would be until I returned home.

I returned to the Kalos Region to talk to my mother and tell her about what I'd learned and introduce her to Celebi. About halfway through my telling my story my sister bust into the house launching into some tale about a Region we hadn't heard about before called the Kyushi Region. I was already getting excited. I finished the evening with my family. I wished my sister and mother luck telling them I was off to the Kyushi Region.

But before I left for the Kyushi Region I returned to my mentor. To tell her of everything I had accomplished. She was happy to see me again but she could tell that something had changed about me. So she challenged me to a battle. I accepted the challenge and as we lined up to face each other I looked at her and could instantly see her strategy and planning I understood everything. During the battle my team moved with perfect precision never missing a chance to attack and dodging with perfect set ups. When the battle was over she walked over to me smiling. "You have surpassed me. Never before has a student been able to scan me and learn my strategy." She walked over to me lifting both of her hands to my eyes. When she pulled them away I could feel a familiar burning around my eyes. "These are the marks of the master psychic students from my training. You are the only one to have ever achieved this level." I smiled and thanked her again. Promising not to abuse these abilities she had trained me to unlock while continuing my journey.

The next day I left to the Kyushi Region to begin a new journey. Upon arriving I instantly began traveling from city to city defeating each gym with precision. Until I reached the Elite Four of the Kyushi Region. upon reaching the Elite Four I was faced with a choice. An apparently younger girl welcomed me to the arena where she told me that the Elite Four was in the process of reformation. Recently the fourth position had opened up and I was given the chance to take the place defending the people and Pokemon of this new region. After careful thought I decided to accept the position and joined the Elite Four of the Kyushi Region.

Well, there you have it. That's my story. Thanks for listening, but you should get going the Champion doesn't like to be kept waiting. If she's upset at you just blame me I'll take the yelling later. Good luck with your next challenge.


Item:Absorb Bulb
Mystical Fire
Future Sight
Item: Gengarite
Confuse Ray
Shadow Ball
Sucker Punch
Item:Wide Lens
Ability: Synchronize
Focus Blast
Calm Mind
Item:Air Balloon
Ability:Clear Body
Bullet Punch
Meteor Mash
Iron Defense
Item:Expert Belt
Ability:Natural Cure
Magical Leaf
Grass Knot
Aerial Ace
Item:Flame Orb
Ability:Magic Guard
Psyco Cut

Box Pokemon

Flame Wheel

move 1
move 2
move 3
move 4

So begins...

Ceil Achlys's Story