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Taryn Richards

Ugh... whatever it is you need, it can wait, it's too damn early

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a character in “The Kyushi Problem”, as played by laxnchill20


Name: Taryn Richards
Type Specialty: Bug/Rock
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 195

Appearance: Taryn has shoulder length red hair and eyes to match. She is of an average height and build, there are some who would find her attractive, although she has never really sought out a relationship. Too much work. She usually wears a simple black dress over a T shirst, and thigh high socks. She wears them because they are comfy and she thinks they look nice, even though others might think they are simple and boring.

Personality: Taryn is incredibly lazy, her school work of course always suffered as a result. The one exception to this is that when it comes to pokemon battling Taryn is never lazy. She works hard training and battling with as many trainers she can find. Despite her drive to excel in pokemon battling, she has been known to wake up well past noon, and even later. This bad habit didn't disappear after she became a gym leader, if anything, it got worse. Her gym is known throughout the Kyushi region as the only one open in the middle of the night, just don't try to challenge it early in the morning. She is much more fond of the night than the day. She finds it peaceful. If one is trying to challenge her gym after dark and you cannot locate her, odds are you will find her sitting on the roof of her gym staring up at the night sky. Of course if you can't find her during the day, she is probably napping and you should come back later when she wakes up.

1. Her Pokemon
2. Winning
3. A fair fight
4. Sleeping
5. Coffee
6. Nighttime

1. Waking up
2. The sun
3. Vegetables
4. Doing Laundry
5. Paperwork. It sucks and I don't wanna do it...

Taryn grew up a happy child, in a loving home, well mostly happy. Her parents were always nagging her to do her homework, and wake up in time to go school. All of that changed when she turned ten, she left on a journey to learn how to battle pokemon, the only thing her parents had ever gotten her to focus on when she was little. Instead of starting with one of the Hoenn regions traditional starter pokemon, she elected to begin her journey with an Aron she met when she was eight. Aron and Taryn traveled all throughout the Hoenn region, battling other trainers, meeting other pokemon and overall improving their skills. In four years she had become known across Hoenn an expert on both Rock and Bug type pokemon. She wasn't quite sure what fascinated her so much about these types but she absolutely loved them. If you name it, and it is a Bug or Rock type pokemon she has probably raised one. Of course aside from her team, she had released them all. She didn't like the box system so if she didn't need a pokemon with her she let them go so that they could be happy. Of course releasing a pokemon was always a sad experience, but she knew in her heart that they would be happier in the wild than in the box. And of course many of her old pokemon loved to visit her in her home in Dewford town, most of her released Rock pokemon live in Granite cave, and the bug pokemon tend to make their homes in the forested mountains on the island.

When she was fifteen she recieved an email from a rival she had made on her journey. Her old friend was traveling in the Kyushi region and told her of some really strong trainers and gym leaders. This interested Taryn, as she never got around to beating all of the Hoenn gyms, and so a new region would be a new start. She said her goodbyes to her parents and spent a week traveling the forested mountain and in Granite cave saying good bye to all the pokemon she had ever raised and together with her six pokemon she traveled to the Kyushi region.

Shortly after arriving in the Kyushi region she met a Scyther, she immediately recognized it as special, as it's use of Quick Attack and Bug Bite, relatively weak moves, were hurting even her bulky Rock pokemon. She fought hard against the Scyther and caught it. Knowing she would need to send one of her pokemon to a box, as she was too far from home to release one and feel good about it, she said goodbye to Yanmega and made sure he knew how much she cared for him. She occasionally rotates her pokemon through the box so that none of them feel unloved and they all know how much she loves them. She raised Scyther to a high level, using him in her battles agains the Kyushi region gym leaders. Her journey took only one year, her expertly trained team made easy work of most of the leaders she encountered. One leader, a fellow Rock trainer, and also the last gym she needed to defeat before battling the Elite Four, was another story. This leader, while no more difficult than the others, felt like he had given up. He had no enthusiasm in battle anymore. Taryn thought it strange that a gym leader, even one as old as him, would be so meh, about battling. After she beat him he simply said "Take your badge, no go challenge the Elite Four, or what's left of them, they're rebuilding so I doubt you'll actually get the challenge you need. I just hope they find someone to take my job." in a monotone voice. Taryn did challenge the Elite Four, although it wasn't the challenge she expected. Three of the members were only there temporarily until full time members could be found. Only one battle against them was a challenge. The door to his battle chamber said his name was Sebastian, but he didn't speak at all before the battle, or during it for that matter. It was incredibly difficult to beat him this way. She had to carefully switch between her Rock and Bug pokemon as he seemed to favor both Grass and Fire pokemon. The battle was fierce but ultimately, she won. With only Aggron remaining unfainted on her team. He then walked over to the wall in the chamber and motioned that he follow her, he pressed a button on the wall and it slid open revealing a pokemon healing machine. He first placed his pokeballs into the machine and when it was done he motioned that she do the same. Once her pokemon were healed he opened the door to the Champion's Chamber. "The Mistress wouldn't want to battle you when you have only one pokemon. This battle isn't official so you might as well give yourself a chance." he said flatly. She thanked him and walked into the Champion's Chamber. The champion demolished her. Her pokemon were no match for this little girls strength. Taryn was upset and made a few comments about how children are allowed to be champions now, and then she got kicked out. After failing to defeat the champion, and apparently upsetting her greatly Taryn decided it was time to go home. On her journey back through the Kyushi region she traveled through the town that contained the Rock gym leader. She found him sitting outside in the park, he motioned for her to sit next to him and she did. He asked her how her battles with the Elite Four went. He listened intently as she recounted the tale, apparently he wasn't cynical and he didn't hate battling, he was just old and tired of doing it himself. "I tell you what, if you can beat me, I'll give you a gift." he said. "I beat ya once didn't I old man?" she laughed back at him. This battle was fiercer than their first encounter, it felt as if the old man was actually trying, in the end after a hard fought battle Taryn won. The old man laughed and smiled as he walked into a room deep within the gym. When he came back he handed her a small box and told her to open it, inside were two rare items, a Metal Coat and Iron Plate. He told her they were for her Scyther, he saw his potential and wanted to make sure Taryn's team was a strong as can be. The two traded Scyther betweent them and when she got him back he had evolved into Scizor. "Awesome thanks old man" Taryn exclaimed happily as she turned to leave the Gym. "Wait. How would you like to be a gym leader, you have the strength and the right attitude. Not to mention I'm too old for this." Taryn couldn't express her joy, she was going to be a gym leader. She would to spend all day battling and training. She couldn't believe it. She spent the next year as co-leader with the old man as she learned just how to run a gym properly. And the last year she has run the gym by herself. The old man still stops by now and again but now only as a visitor. She has redecorated the gym to match her dual typed team, instead of focusing on just rock there are of course bug pokemon here too. On the day the old man turned over full control of the Gym to her, he gave her a pokemon egg. He told her that inside it was the offspring of his Tyarantitar, and that he wanted her to have it. Taryn thanked him excitedly and smiled. She was now a gym leader. After a few months the egg hatched and she suddenly found herself raising a baby Larvitar. Raising a baby pokemon was a fun new experience for her, and the little guy is adamant about learning to become a strong rock type pokemon that she can one day use on her team. One day while Larvitar was in one of the Rock Pokemon training rooms in the basement he found a shiny stone buried deep in the ground. He was so excited he rushed up to Taryn, who was of course not awake yet. She was rather grumpy with him for waking her up, but when he showed her the stone she was intrigued. She went to the old mans house and asked him what it was. He spoke calmly and plainly "I haven't seen this since I was but a lad. I found it when I was traveling in the Kalos region, that's where I grew up ya know. This is Aerodactylite, give it to your Aerodactyl and wear this bracelet. Then see what happens in battle." he smiled at her not revealing everything. Taryn didn't have to be told twice and she immediately called a sparring match between Aerodactyl and Aggron. The bracelet and stone began to glow and suddenly Aerodactyl evolved, or so it seemed. He was stronger, his moves hit harder, and he was faster. This was pretty awesome. Of course it also took a toll on Aerodactyl during the battle he was fine, but after the effects wore off he was kind of tired. Taryn knew she couldn't have him do this in every battle and she would only be able to ask it of him when it was of the utmost importance, or when she was in danger of losing a gym challenge. Still it was rather exciting and she couldn't believe something like this was possible. She even considered re challenging the champion, with Scizor and Aerodactyl's new strength she thought she might be able to win. But of course she didn't wanna go back and see that little brat again, even if her intention was to teach her a lesson. So instead she continued running her gym, spending many days asleep and many nights staring at the stars.


1. Agrron
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Rock Head
Heavy Slam
Stone Edge
Head Smash

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Solid Rock
Stone Edge
Rock Blast

3. Aerodactyl
Item: Aerodactylite
Ability: Rock Head
Double Edge
Aqua Tail
Aerial Ace
Rock Slide

4. Accelgor
Item: Choice Specs
Ability: Sticky Hold
Bug Buzz
Final Gambit
Focus Blast
Acid Spray

5. Escavalier
Item: Choice Band
Ability: Shell Armor

6. Scizor
Item: Iron Plate
Ability: Technician
Bullet Punch
Quick Attack

Box Pokemon

Larvitar is not in the box and is usually not in a pokeball. Taryn is training him by allowing him to observe all of her battles. He tends to climb up and ride on her shoulder, when she'll let him, but during battles he stands on the side of the arena watching everything closely and intently.

1. Yanmega
Item: Choice Specs
Ability: Tinted Lens
Bug Buzz
Air Slash

2. Larvitar
Item: Flame Orb
Ability: Guts
Stone Edge
Dragon Dance

So begins...

Taryn Richards's Story