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The Labyrinth of Darkness

The Labyrinth of Darkness


The newest generation of heroes try their hands at conquering the maze. What are the secrets that lie within?(Still accepting char's)

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For hundreds of years the people of Terra, have lived alongside the Labyrinth. An ancient ruin that spans the world. Lying just below the planets surface the maze harbors dark creatures many treasures and endless mysteries. The labyrinth has acted as a big influence on the world. A common lifestyle amongst the people in Terra is to be an explorer of the labyrinth. Recently the creatures inside the labyrinth have grown stronger and more violent, sometimes even leaving the maze and attacking villages and cities.

The city of Airegrand is located close to many labyrinth gates. The city's location provides excellent opportunities to be an explorer, thats why many adventurer's and scholars live in the city. Because of it's accessibility to the maze, the city has a thriving market in weaponry and spell, harboring some of the most renowned blacksmiths, and magicians the city of Airegard makes sure to prepare its adventurer's with the best equipment.

Once a year the people of Airegard have a competition to see who can go down to the furthest levels, but no one has ever gone past the third level. The third level, is located two floors down from the first levels of the maze, deep underground. What little is know about the third level is that it is completely dark, because the tunnels lack the common "rune-lights" which illuminate the hallways of the upper floors. Some of the fiercest and strongest creatures lie hidden within those dark halls.

This year many promising new adventurers have gathered in preparation for the event, and the city is currently having a large celebration. When creatures began to attack the king decided to raise the stakes of the competiotion, he will surrender the throne to whomever finds a solution to the monster attacks.

Will you be the hero that finds the reason to the recent attacks? Will you be the one to save the world? Or will you discover a secret so big that it will change the world of Terra forever?

Background information:

Setting: The story takes place in a medieval steam-punk world.

Teleportation stones. Along the hallways of the maze, adventurer;s have come across Large glowing stones marked with runes. When a teleportation stone is marked with that symbol, the traveler can exit the maze, and return to where they left off without having to travel back to town. They can also instantly return to where they left off by using the stone at the mouth of the Maze.

The maze: The hallways of the maze range from different sizes, some narrow others wide and roomy. The maze is not only filled with hallways, there are natural terrains formed all over the underground passage ways. There are parts that seem like forests, others are cold and icy. The further down you go in the maze the more extravagant, and large the hallways get.

The competition: The competition works as follows: While adventurer's are exploring the maze they are to find certain check points inside the labyrinth. These check points have been cleared of monsters and are safe places to rest. While there you are to find a representative, and receive the challenge for that day. If you complete the challenge you are to report back to the representative and provide evidence of your victory. Your team and yourself will be awarded points.

Adventurers: The daring explorer's that travel into the depths of the labyrinth come from many different backgrounds, and have unique skills.
Some are royal knights skilled in the way of the sword, others may be wise scholars trained in the ways of magic, or a skilled marksman trained in using new weaponry. Every one of them has their own reason to travel into the depths of the maze, greed, righteousnesses, or the pure thrill of battle.

Teams: The deepest parts of the maze are very dangerous, and many adventurers decide to group up to improve their chances. They give themselves a name, and often wear a logo or emblem somewhere on their armor. The most famous Teams are recognized with respect and admiration by all other adventurer's.

Magic: The magic in the world exists through the crafting of runes. Magic is fueled by mana, the life energy of the planet, when someone uses a rune symbol the rune directs and controls mana and changes it into what the rune was created to do. The runes are usually weaved by channeling mana to one's fingertips and quickly creating the pattern in the air. Expert magicians often tattoo symbols onto themselves and weapons for quick activation. The more powerful the spell the harder it is to keep control.

Guns and new weaponry: The creation of the gun is still very new and many of the weapons that are currently in use are very difficult to use. They are very powerful and provide a great advantage in battle. The sudden rise in monster activity has created an explosion of new inventions and weaponry.

The story:
The story of this rp is undefined, my intention is to simply have a general direction to where the story will go, everything that happens, is completely up to you and the actions you take. PLEASE do not take advantage us this, it DOES NOT give you control over other peoples characters. Also try not to be the only person that makes things happen give other people a chance.

Characters can be anything you want them to be, try not to over power them, and please don't go apes-shit with the creative freedom.
Just use the regular character sheet provided.

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Sigfried was about to comment that gold doesn't conduct electricity; gold was infamous for not doing anything. If it was silver the plan would be brilliant as silver was one, if not thee most conductive metal... but figured they would find out eventually. Deciding he would only halt their progress, and they could potentially blame him for their soon to be failed attempt, he turned kicking a goblin hard, smashing its nose.

Jumping in the middle of a group of goblins he tore through them like a savage storm. Bringing his sword down on gobo flesh, and smashing his shield into the little vermin sending them flying. One little goblin tried to jump at him and stick his little dagger in between his armor plates, but he backed handed the gobo with his kite shield. The gobo sensing his death tried to raise its arms but Sigfried brought his greaved boots down upon the goblins face.

To Sigfried this was a... waste. Looking up, he almost smiled under his black helm, for a large Orc stood in the hall a large choppa in his hand. Choppas were a orc term for any sharp hunk of metal they could get their hands on. The two giants gazed at each other from inside the room, before Sigfried raised his sword, and the Orc gave out a loud roar of "WAAAAGH!". The two giant beings charged and collided a loud crash rang out in the chamber as metal and flesh struggled for dominance.

Stepping back they began their duel of pure strength. It was more a battle of attrition than ability, as their blows were powerful, and Sigfried felt his arm numbing. Sigfried managed to land multiply cuts do to his superior ability, but the orcs like their nature were freakishly tough monsters.

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#, as written by Eket
Shift jumped up when Rhev flew off, with sparks everywhere, and stabbed straight through the back of the helm. the plan had worked, more of less. The electricity didnt engulf the entire piece of armor like Shift had origionally planned, but it must have softened up the helm even further, just enough so that he could force the sword out of the side of the helm, leaving a large slice in the helm. It was a huge hole, and it was definitly a step. If they could do that just a bit more... Shift jumped back a few paces and assesed the situation further.

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Clarissa's watched as the knight destroyed the rest of the goblins standing. She got on her feet, wobbly, and looked around. They are having a hard time with the armor, but there was little she could do, so she tied the stunned goblins up so they could not attack when they regained themselves. She checked them for anything useful, taking their money pouches, and watched both groups, keeping an eye on them in case they needed help.

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The capitol city Airegard.

The capitol city Airegard. by RolePlayGateway

The grand and beautiful capitol city, the castle lies at the center of the entire city.

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Character Portrait: Shift Freke
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Character Portrait: Shift Freke
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The capitol city Airegard.

The capitol city Airegard. by RolePlayGateway

The grand and beautiful capitol city, the castle lies at the center of the entire city.

The capitol city Airegard.

The grand and beautiful capitol city, the castle lies at the center of the entire city.

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