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The Lake's Reflection

The Lake's Reflection


A young girl illegally enlists in the army, disguising herself as a boy. But what happens when she begins to fall for her young commander? For if someone finds out she's a girl, the penalty is death. [Need Someone to Play the Commander]

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[font size=16pt]THE POND'S REFLECTION[/size]

For so long I have pondered the reasoning to this seemingly meaningless life we all lead. For we all follow the same pattern as those who have come before us. Birth, play, chores, betrothal, marraige, parenthood, chores, pain, death. Such is the life of all Caitu women. We haven't a say in our own path, we must forever bow in submission to the acclaimed stronger of the genders.

But what if we could pave our own path? What if we could control our fate? Is it perhaps even possible? No. It cannot be so. Even in my bewilderment and doubt, I must know for sure. I will find out.
- Naira Isi, daughter of Tecumseh and Sacnite

This roleplay takes place in the forgotten Caitu dwelling of old, fully unacknowledged by history. These Native Americans live in a small Central USA village set near the Lake Mysu. The village of tents itself encircles this rather small lake, about a mile around only. Encircling the town from the rear is the Yuic Forest, which seperates them from the territory of their rivals, the Blundik tribe. The forest is quite thick and expansive, various brooks trailing through it.

Naira Isi has safely reached her fifteenth winter, the time in which Caitu women are expected to marry. Her father has delighted in searching for the most well-off man who will have her, whether young or old matters not to he. But she's just not ready, and her father refuses to hear it.

The townsfolk have always deemed Naira Isi as an odd one, her longing for freedom disgusting and confusing them. But that doesn't stop her from wanting more than the usual Caitu female's life. For why can she not have what the men do? It makes sense to her even if it doesn't make sense to her people.

Meanwhie, a war is dawning between the Caitu and the Blendik. A young man has grown up in the nomadic families of the Caitu,thos who hunt and gather for the tribe. He has lived his entire life within thw Yuic Forest an he knows the way of the warriors. He has been trained by one of the greatest warriors of all time - his uncle, who he grew up with - and is offered a commanding position of which he readily accepts.

Naira Isi is distraught. Her father has found her an elder man who will graciously take her as a seventh wife. But she doesn't want to marry. She wants to live. In a fit of fury, she sets out to join the warriors for the upcoming war, knowing very well that women are forbidden to fight and that the penalty is death. But she doesn't expect to fall for her youthful commander...

My Requiremments for My Partner.
Dedication is key. I cannot stress this enough. I want a dedicated partner who will not bail on me. I ask for only two to three posts a week on average.

Quality before quantity. It drives me insane to see 800 word posts that take the story absolutely nowhere. Just PST to the best of your ability and progress the story.

We are building a culture, so take part. I made a new Native tribe for a reason; to allow for creativity. We will together be building the Caitu culture. For one, they actually wear clothing no matter what, unlike most tribes.

Expect explicit scenes. I'm talking detailed descriptions of wounds, battlefields, bloodshed, the whole nine yards. After all, this isn't just a romance RP, but a war one as well. Be sure you can handle it, because none of you have read one of my bloody rampages before. I adore gory scenes and will often sit at my desk and see just how gory of scenes I can describe. You have been warned.

This is a historically set RP. Like, pre-European discovery of the Americas. So no guns or vacinations or any of that. Oh yeah. and I want legit native names, with translation. Naira Isi means wide-eyed deer.

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Trait 1 | Trait 2 | Trait 3 | Trait 4 | Trait 5

Thats it, I believe. Anyone interested?

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((Just start wherever. :) The warriors/hunters live nomadic lives, only coming to the dwellings to divvy their goods amongst the other families or to recruit new warriors.))

Naira Isi shakes under the keen eyes of her mother and grandmother, their nimble fingers drawing her cloth around her, knotting wildflowers in her hair with their delicate touches. They had priorly bade her be silent, to allow them to work their magic in silence, to let them do the right thing, for her and for their family name. Let them make her a woman, a woman any man would be lucky to take as a wife.

Tecumseh, her father, had not told her much about today's events, only that she'd be meeting her new husband, her new master, for the first time, and that she just has to impress him. He had assured her that she'd live a comfortable life of riches, having the man's six elder wives to chat with and to work with. A comfortable life, ideal for his precious daughter.

"Daughter," her mother's silky voice coaxes. "You are ready. You may go look."

Naira allows Sacnite, her mother, to guide her out of the hut, to the edge of the lake. She peers down at her reflection, scared to look, scared that she will not recognize herself. For within these hours, surely her appearance is nothing like the true her, the girl within her being, in her soul. The girl she must hide for fear of persecution.

Sure enough, her form is wrapped in tinted fabrics, haphazardly, yet elegantly all the same. Beaded necklaces with symbolic charms of all sorts wrap around her neck. Her face is painted, orange swirls starting on her eyelids and reaching down her cheeks, pink dots bordering them. Flowers of blue and purple adorn her brown hair, unmoving even as Naira turns her head to get a better look.

It is not the true her, not at all.

But if this is not the real her, what else could she be?

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Character Portrait: Naira Isi
Character Portrait: Amaru Puma


Character Portrait: Amaru Puma
Amaru Puma

Our commander

Character Portrait: Naira Isi
Naira Isi

"I am doing this not for myself, but for the sake of all women."


Character Portrait: Naira Isi
Naira Isi

"I am doing this not for myself, but for the sake of all women."

Character Portrait: Amaru Puma
Amaru Puma

Our commander

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Amaru Puma
Amaru Puma

Our commander

Character Portrait: Naira Isi
Naira Isi

"I am doing this not for myself, but for the sake of all women."

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