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Beau Geste Bellatroix

Weaver of flesh, her own body the tapestry of her art

0 · 113 views · located in Bedlam

a character in “The Land Of Bedlam”, as played by MartinVole


Name: Beau Geste Bellatroix
Height: 6ft 8in (human form), varies, around 40ft in full beast size
Weight: 6600lbs (3.3 tons)
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Skinwalker, labeled as a "Dragon" class monster based on weight and potential for death and destruction

In most forms she sports long stringy black hair, black lips, freckle-like spots, a pale face, black sclera, and a black nose, and sharp teeth. Her common human form lacks much of her more bestial traits, a fairly tall woman at around 6'3", with a darker skin tone, save for a pale face, akin to the paint of a Lousiana witch doctor. Her second more used form is a humanoid creature with a long neck with the stringy black hair running down her back like a horse's mane, her mouth widened, ears pointed and three sets of fangs as an overbite, a very tall body at 8'5" with hair covering her arm like a sleeve and bony hairless clawed hands protruding from the "sleeves", and sports a long hairless tail striped in white-and-black with barbed fins. Her third common form is a transition of this form into a full beast, with large powerful jaws.

Persistent traits: Her right eye is green, her left is purple, the purple eye has two rings around the pupil. This detail does not change between forms. Under her left eye is a star shaped birthmark.


Shapeshifting, able to reshape her bones and flesh at a whim, shrinking and growing, maxing out at 16ft, unless going for something particularly serpentine. Much is left to her interpretation, and she is known to take her own liberties in what a creature looks like "on her." She is known to mostly maintain some traits, like a striped tail, black/white/gray color schemes, a mane of lone black hair, retractable sharp barbs, and a habit of having more sharp teeth than necessary. Animals she turns into tend to be larger and "enhanced" compared to typical counterparts in this manner.

Assimilation, she is what she eats, or rather, what she eats have become her, accumulating into her body mass and adaptive shapeshifting abilities. This ability has long gone into dormancy however, as her wilder tendencies have decayed in favor of reasoning.

Miasma, over time she has also have adapted a venom cocktail of her own from the creatures she's consumed, magical in nature, like a curse, it doesn't always have to be lethal, but it leaves an impression on those that survive. Like assimilation, this is rarely used and has withered some in its disuse.

Personality/Behavior Traits:

A strangely docile creature, she does not regularly show aggression as older records would indicate. Often people will engage with this creature in her more humanoid form, unaware of her true nature until she herself would divulge it. She has shown to be calm, articulate and is very intelligent. She has at times even bordered on flirtation, a strange concept to consider from a creature of her threat level.

Historical records painted a different picture, however, of a creature of voracious appetite, having killed and eaten many
animals, monsters, and people. A constant has always remained: she did not harm children, or rather, at times the trigger for her violent episodes had revolved around children. Perhaps she likens herself to a mother.


-Resilient against poisons

-Resilient against physical

-Resilient against cold

-Unaffected by silver, salt, holy water, or other similar reactants

-Great physical strength

-Prehensile tail

-Highly intelligent


-Weak to fire

-Each transformation has a resting period of around a half-hour at maximum, depending on how extreme the change is



-Is a creature of flesh and blood


She is a creature of legends, old tales of Black Bella still are heard even to this day. A creature who killed man and beast alike, consuming them all before disappearing back into the swamplands. Records conflict between a creature of a profoundly horrific appearance, and one of strange beauty, regarded as almost a god. Some old stone carvings recovered from swamp-sunken shrines potentially depict a duality, a beast cradling a newborn, and the other version a beast with gaping jaws and a swirling void within.

The more modern name of the monster is Beau Geste Bellatroix, "Beau Geste" meaning a "gracious gesture/sentiment" based on her social encounters typically being unusually benign. Her lethal encounter rates are far fewer compared to older records, but it should still be considered that she could still be a threat and simply is laying low in order to protect herself.

Encounter Notes:

"What the locals have said, and what I faced, were entirely opposed. This creature wore the form of a woman, always softly smiling to me, speaking only pleasantries as I swung at her. The earth crumbled from each of her steps, but she swayed, dodging my every attempt to dispatch her, and when I thought I had her, the blades of her tail would deflect my own. And yet, she did not follow through, she refused to kill me, she instead toyed with me or, no... I gazed deeper than I should have. She had proven more venomous than any snake, more intoxicating than the strongest brew, and she didn't even have to break my bones and spill my blood. She let me live, with a smile, she let me live... and I let her live. Why? She left a scar inside me deeper than any other, she made me doubt, embedding her fangs into my resolve. In all years have I hunted, have I grown weak and sentimental, lonely even? She can sense that, and i have failed my task because of it. I cannot continue at this rate, I must leave this to others..."
-The Hunter

So begins...

Beau Geste Bellatroix's Story