rowland of the dark

ranger of the land, Bane of the dead. ( night elf)

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a character in “the land of Fjaora”, as played by void cry


rowland stands at 6'2, with bright blonde hair. He has gently sloping blue eyes that stand out against the pale white of his skin. He has gentle features all around, much like the rest of his people. he is lightly muscled, being lean in appearance. he has a air of arrogance that surrounds him, but he is more cocksure and headlong then arrogant. he has a way with the women, some times double his age. in his own mind, by the age of 27 he is a legend.

His up bringing was a humble one, having no money for comfort. His family owned a small farm many leagues away from the eleven capital, were he worked his body into the physical perfection that it is now. by the age of 19 he was taken away from his home with the promise of war and conquest with the rangers. The job soon turned out to be what he least expected, boring meaningless jobs. on the verge of going rouge, war with the undead hive soon broke out, giving him what he had been looking for. battle after battle he fought begrudgingly, seeing life after life being lost, his friends, people he had grown up with in his childhood. the big turn around came about when he lead a small group into the hive fortress, were they destroyed the cultivation rooms, effectively killing the entire next generation of hive. He returned with a hero's welcome, but he was not the same man that he was before he left. the darkness had taken something away from him, it took part of his soul away, and it lived dormant inside of him. now he roams the lands with no purpose or reason, just waiting for life to pick up.

So begins...

rowland of the dark's Story