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Rick William Parker

"The leading authority on Rick related trivia."

0 · 481 views · located in Nod

a character in “The Land of Nod”, as played by Zalgo


Name: Rick William Parker
Age: 24
Race: Human(ish)
Sex: Male
He's a strange looking fellow, not exactly out of place in a land such as Nod.

He wears a ragged looking long-coat and a patched up wide brimmed hat, both black as coal. Underneath he's got a plain black shirt, jeans and dark brown hiking boots. On his back he wears a big travel pack which seems to hold an assortment of things.

His hair is raven black, around neck length and rather frayed like a mess of old wires. His irides are perfectly black. He isn't very tall and his face is somewhat youthful. His body is skinny and sort of gangly. He looks like he'd make a decent scarecrow.

What is strange about him isn't so much what he looks like but rather how he looks. He's extremely pale which contrasts strongly with his eyes. He's almost always smiling but it's sort of a nervous smile, not entirely genuine. Some might call him creepy but out in Nod there stands a chance he might fit in. After all, this is how he saw himself.


He's funny, not just ha-ha funny either.

At a glance most people would describe him as a squirrely shut-in who loves puns. That much is true as he finds it uncomfortable to stand still, he doesn't leave his room often and he does make a lot of puns. He always greets people with a smile and an odd quip. His love for comedy has a presence in almost every aspect of his life, both good and bad.

He can be a rather friendly individual, always bringing his mirth along for the ride. He enjoys adventure and despite his reclusive habits he enjoys good company. His way of humorously deconstructing the world around him gives him a certain level of pragmatism but he'll never truly forsake a friend. He loves adventure, craves it as a matter of fact. As an avid gamer the idea of going on a journey through a fantastical and strange world excites him. Whether alone or in a group he'll follow his curiosity regardless of the dangers and obstacles he might face.

In a sense his love of humor can carry him through even the darkest times. Whether he's making jovial puns in pleasant times or cracking darkly sarcastic jokes in the more dire of times he almost never takes anything seriously. Occasionally this can drive people away from him as it might seem as though he doesn't care about others as he makes light of problems they deem as important to them. He can't help himself, it's how he approaches anything in life. His motto is that there is nothing in life that is so important it cannot be taken in jest. While he is very difficult to insult he finds it far too easy to get under other people's skin. This can work to his advantage against enemies but it can also work against him around friends.

Beneath it all he isn't quite as silly as he might portray himself as. He enjoys bringing joy and laughter to others but often finds he empathizes more with those who are sad. While he enjoys company he fears any form of genuineness or intimacy from others or even himself. Though he might seem happy and playful he is pessimistic and cynical. In a way he uses humor to sugar-coat the bitter pill that is reality which even he has to swallow. Beneath his mask he is a sensitive man who is greatly dissatisfied with life in general. Perhaps his greatest fear is being exposed as the person he believes himself to be.

As far as vices are concerned he holds a great affection for junk food and video games. He enjoys art and even draws an online web-comic but he constantly finds himself distracted by his games, drawn into fantasies he can escape into.


The main core of his abilities is that he embodies video game tropes, the effects of which are described below:

Shield: He possesses a shield which envelopes his body like a second skin. This shield protects him from all forms of harm up to a certain amount. All forms of damage are assigned a numerical value which is subtracted from the shield's remaining hit points. Once the shield reaches zero it no longer protects him, allowing all forms of damage to hurt him. If Rick can avoid taking absolutely any damage for six seconds the shield will start to regenerate. No matter what state it's in the shield will always start regenerating after six seconds until it's hit points reach their limit.

Inventory: He has an inventory system which places items Rick collects in some strange demi-space which is not limited by all the barriers of three dimensions. Simply by touching something and thinking about placing it in his inventory he can instantly place said item into a pocket realm where everything is static. In this realm all things within are perfectly preserved until he recalls them from a menu. There are select limits as to what he can place in his inventory however. He cannot place items who's physical mass exceeds his own into his inventory. He can only place up to fifty items in his inventory, regardless of what size they might be so long as they are under the mass limit set for each item. He can place living entities inside his inventory however these beings though preserved are still able to think as well as see, hear and smell things around Rick. In addition any living being inside his inventory has the freedom to exit it at any time. Rick cannot store energy inside his inventory unless it is in a container. The same rule applies to liquids.

Double Jump: Rick is able to jump twice, once in midair. He is able to choose the direction of his second jump just like he did with his first jump so long as he decides before he lands on the ground. In addition his ability to jump has been greatly improved, giving him an average jump height of roughly twenty feet.

Status Bars: Seen above his head are two bars. The first bar is a green bar which represents the current points in his shield. As the shield loses hit points the green drains away, leaving behind a grey bar. The green section represents his current shield hit points and the grey one represents his maximum number of shield hit points. The orange bar beneath the shield is his stamina level. The more exhausted Rick becomes the more the orange bar drains. Behind the orange bar is another grey bar representing his max stamina level. The stamina bar is situated directly below the shield bar.

Lives: Rick has the ability to come back to life a limited number of times. Should he die his body will explode in a shower of red pixels and he will immediately appear at the last safe location he was at. When he dies everything in his inventory is dumped out upon the location of his death. If he wanted anything from his inventory back he would have to go and get it back from where he died. When his lives count reaches zero he won't come back after he dies. Game Over.

At the beginning of the story he'll start with three lives. The method by which more lives are acquired is unknown to him. It is theoretically possible that there might exist items in Nod with the power to grant enough life energy to bestow an extra life upon him. It isn't guaranteed.


- Large backpack which seems to act as his inventory.

- Flashlight with self-recharging battery.

- Sawed off double barrel shotgun.

- Case of buck shot ammo.

- A crowbar, the weapon of true heroes.

- Fifty feet of rope + a grappling hook.

History Overview:

From the beginning he was a strange fellow. Since childhood he'd always been making jokes though often times it was only him who was laughing. He never let that stop him however.

After finishing school he went on to study art so he could find a medium to express his creativity. This was around the time he started his webcomic. It was going well enough but college was difficult so to ease up on the stress he played video games. He always loved video games. They helped him escape the monotony of life. He could live different lives, interesting lives. To him there was nothing interesting about his life. The people in the games were so much more interesting he envied them in a way.

Of course as he wasted more time playing games his web comic and art studies were starting to fall behind. This was also compounded by the fact he didn't have any job-applicable skills and his parents never failed to remind him of that every time they passed him by. It wasn't too often as he was more of a night owl, rarely coming out of his room and staying up really late doing little else but playing video games. In a sense he did regret the fact that he was doing so poorly in his classes and falling behind in his comic. He liked art even if it wasn't a very financially successful field. Simply put his his love of games and desire for escapism were the biggest obstacles in his path to defeating apathy.

Alas, it was he who was defeated. Defeated by his own apathy. His self loathing ate at him like a potent acid yet he could hardly pull himself away. For as much fun as his games were there were never enough to fill the hole in his heart. No matter how much he laughed, how hard he smiled, he could only pretend he wasn't angry with himself.

And then he appeared within Nod where his true story began.

So begins...

Rick William Parker's Story


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#, as written by Zalgo
Player One start.

Everything was dark. Rick couldn't see a thing. Just as he was starting to wonder what was going on he could see a small point of light directly ahead of him. In an instant the light expanded, filling his entire view with a bright flash of light. Soon his eyes adjusted and what he saw was a sight to behold.

Above him was a ceiling of dirt, covered in verdant grass and lush trees with a long flowing river nearby. Hanging from the ceiling was a strange stone structure, foreign in culture and old to the point of looking quite archaic. It was in complete shambles, a ruin of it's former self. Similar sights could be seen down all the way along the riverside. When he looked down the sight was as harrowing as it was vast. A moonlit night sky was wide open below him, vast like an infinite abyss chock full of twinkling stars and a strange blue moon that poured water upwards onto the land above.

This was all quite strange for him. He had a number of questions already. Who would build stuff on the bottom
of whatever this is? Why does water fall upwards? Why does my head feel stuffy?

He looked to his leg and saw that he was caught on the branch of a tree. He was hanging upside-down.
Well that clears up a few things.

Perhaps foolishly he reached for his foot to try and untangle himself from the tree limb he was stuck upon. With some struggle he managed to work his leg around a bit before a loud snap resounded. The branches which were holding him up broke.

He cried out in surprise and panic the moment he started his rapid descent. "Oof!" He hit another branch, crashing through it with his fall unimpeded. This happened a couple more times before he slammed into the earthy roots at the base of the tree itself. Surprisingly the fall didn't hurt at all. He was quite dizzy from the tumbling but otherwise he felt fine. Confused as he was Rick tried to stand up but wound up careening to the side, the dizziness making it hard for him to even steady himself. Bracing himself against the trunk of the tree he waited until he gathered his bearings once more.

"Just... Where am I anyway?" He spoke out loud, a question aimed largely at himself. Once the world was no longer spinning he started looking around, his curiosity brewing the more he saw. This place was like nothing he'd ever seen, well, maybe nothing outside of a video game. It all looked so real, so much more than he knew. Without any real warning he found himself standing next to some form of ancient ruins in the middle of an enchanted forest of some kind.

"This is so..." He started, the full effect of his current predicament dawning on him. "Cool!" He exclaimed, his voice loudly echoing through the oddly quiet lands. This was exactly the kind of thing he'd been looking for, the sort of thing that fantasy stories begin with. He didn't care how he got there or why. Perhaps it was all a dream of his. Whatever it was he was going to enjoy it to his fullest.

He wanted to explore every inch of this place. So much to see, so much time to do so many things. He had to start somewhere so for lack of anything resembling a direction he started with the place in front of him. It was a strange place, broken down and worn out yet there were no signs of debris next to it. The stones it was built of were cut in an antiquated fashion. The structure was cracked and vines ran all across it. It had a real air of mystery to it. It made him wonder just what had happened to it and what it even was before now.

Stepping inside he could see what looked like old tables with chairs set by them, all overtaken by nature. It was like this place was some sort of restaurant or something of the sort. Looking up he could see a hole leading to the second floor. Very little of the second floor remained and there was no signs of where the roof should be, just the rather alien night sky looming above with it's unusually nearby moon. Determined to see what was above he attempted to jump up and grab the lip of the hole. Much to his surprise instead of simply grabbing onto the edge he jumped clear through the hole and continued going. He nearly jumped clear over what remained of the wall, running into the side of it.

Not expecting this he tumbled back on his fall. As he landed he stumbled backwards and accidentally fell back through the hole he had just jumped through. He felt hit whole body stop hard and there was a loud thud. Though it felt uncomfortable to stop so suddenly he didn't feel any pain from it. As he was looking up however he did see a blocky green number rising from over his head. -10 HP.

Looking over to where the number rose from he could see two bars directly over his head. A green bar and a slightly shorter orange bar, both bordered with silver containers. The green bar was down by a tenth. He reached up to try and touch them but saw that he couldn't. Like an optical illusion he found that they were always out of reach, seemingly there but actually not. More and more this reality started feeling truly surreal.

Standing back up he brushed himself off. "Maybe I play too many video games?...
Nah. I definitely play waaay too many video games." Perhaps it was strange for him to be talking to himself like he was. As strange as things were already it wasn't all too bizarre. After all, who was going to tell him otherwise?

With a gentle hop he leapt up to the second floor. He found that his jumping power was easily magnitudes greater than it used to be. Before he could barely jump a fence. Now he figured he could probably jump up onto the roof of his house or at least close to it. With another short hop he stood upon the edge of the wall, looking over the stretch of the river from a better vantage point. Holding onto a piece of the corner that was high enough to reach he kept steady as he searched the land with his eyes. He was looking for something, anything of note really. Movement, noteworthy structures, anything that would warrant investigation was on his list.

With his long coat flowing in the breeze he felt cooler than he ever had before. For him it was like this moment was cut out of the pages of a manga or something. "Up here I really do feel like this world's my oyster."

"Time to find me some pearls."


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#, as written by Zalgo
"Yo! If anyone can hear me, say something!"

He could hear in the distance, a faint voice carried on the wind. Strange He thought. I would of expected the locals to not sound quite so... Urban.

"Eh, whatever." He dismissed the oddity. Wasn't all that important anyways. What was important was that he seek out this voice before he loses track. He was curious as to who might be around in such a sparsely populated area.
"Hey! I'll be right on over, just keep talkin'!" He bellowed from the top of the ruin his answer to the feminine voice's request. From his perch his voice carried well, echoing over the forest canopy.

He started considering his possible paths. He could just jump down and try walking in the direction he heard the voice coming from but that would be rather boring. He was in a new world with the ability to jump beyond human ability. Just walking everywhere seemed rather plain compared to the scenic route of jumping from platform to platform. Looking ahead he scouted his landing and jumped.

It was no harder than jumping normally. Despite the wind rushing past him as he quickly ascended and descended his hat never seemed to fall off. He noticed slight dips in the orange bar every time he jumped. The bar seemed to be correlated to the effort he put into each jump, hence why it hovered a bit around the middle as he started to work up a bit of a sweat from all the jumping he was doing.

Platform to platform, old ruin to half built structure he bounded merrily, only stopping on occasion to catch a short breath and let his stamina bar recharge. Eventually he had to go between the trees, leaping from branch to branch. After a short while the person who the voice belonged to came into view.

From up on a branch he saw a tan woman with white hair wearing rather scant clothes and two big yellow bracers.
This must be the person who was yelling He reasoned. Leaning on the side of the tree, way up as he was standing on a branch, he looked down and waved to her. "Howdy!" He greeted her with a big warm smile on his strange pale face.
"Hope you aren't feeling too cold out here, eheheheh.." He remarked, a partial jab at her choice of wardrobe followed by some creepy chuckling.

His laughter was less a product of mirth and more of a punctuation meant to denote the statement's playful nature. In truth the laughter wasn't intended to sound quite so stilted. It sounded more natural in his head when he was coming up with the line. Despite the outward smile he was beating himself up on the inside over the fact he used that line even though he knew it was likely not to come across as natural sounding.


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As Lyn was about to take a break from trying to locate another person, she heard a voice bellow in the distance. "Hey! I'll be right on over, just keep talkin'!" Once she heard the voice, she began to yell so the person could reach her. "Fantastic, there actually is someone is this bizzare candy land. Anyways if ya need me to keep talking that is not my best talent, I can just yell random words "till ya get here. Hey! What! How! When! Is! Something...! Words....!" Lyn kept on shouting anything that came to the top of her head until she spotted a man who perched himself on a branch and leaned against the tree.

Once Lyn got a good look at the person who responded to her, he looked quite strange with his messy Raven black hair and strange looking hat and coat. His eyes were also jet black along with a pale complexion, just like if he was a vampire. His most noticeable trait was however the bars floating above his head, it looked just like a character from a game. One would think that this was simply part of her dream but her mind would not be able to conjure up a person who looked like some freaky vampire who had video game style bats floating above him. It was like if the person she was looking at was another person, but if that was the case then how on earth are they sharing the same dream? Were they even on earth anymore? Her thoughts were interrupted when the man spoke.

The man waved down to her and greeted her with a howdy, along with a warm smile. He then followed it up by giving a subtle jab about her choice of clothing before giving a rather creepy chuckle. In response to the creepy chuckleinh, she just looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Well that's a way to make a nice first impression...and in case you were wondering, no. I am not cold in these clothes, in fact it's rather warm. But let's just get down to business, my name is Lyn and do you have any idea where we are? Or how we got here?" She spoke as she crossed her arms over her chest, a little irritated at the mans jab at her choice of clothing and a little creeped out after the mans chuckle. She knew her choice of clothing store was a little bit...ok it rather risquΓ© but for good reason! Shorts don't tear like pants. In any case he did not have to point it out!


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#, as written by Zalgo
He just sort of laughed it off. He knew he made a bad first impression but it was far too late to change that.

"Hm? Do you mean to say that I, Supreme Maker of First Impressions, failed to make a good first impression? Impossible!" He spoke in his cheesy fake offended nobleman voice, complete with wild gesturing and primmed up posture. All the while he couldn't help but smile his friendly but all the while somewhat sinister smile. Perhaps being a pale weirdo in a dark longcoat and hat didn't help.

"I kid of course. My name's Rick, nice'ta meet'cha Lyn. I welcome you to the illustrious world of..." He turned dramatically, gesturing to the land ahead with a broad sweep of his arm. "Somewhere!" His proclamation echoed forth, carried over the canopy for some ways.

Turning around he abruptly jumped down from his perch, landing a couple arm lengths away directly in front of her. He landed with surprisingly little effort given the fact he was falling from high up on the tree. "How did we get here you ask?... Good question, I don't know." He put in a rather deadpan manner. "Truth is I just got here. You're the first person I've seen around."

"What I do know is that this place has got a lot to see, especially down along the river. It's like there was an entire city here at one point or another." He reflected on the sights, almost trailing off into thought as he could only wonder what was and why it was like this now. "If you follow the river you're bound to find some interesting things. I know there's a clock tower half submerged in a lake not far from here."

He was much too curious to let it be. Turning around he started on his way, walking back towards the riverside.
"Come along if you'd like. Not to act like I'm the expert here but at least the lake'll give you a landmark to go by if you choose your own way." He motioned to her for her to follow along while he spoke. He figured they could talk more on the way. Standing around wasn't getting him anywhere and he was eager to explore.


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As the man spoke in a fake and cheesy offended nobleman's voice while gesturing wildly along with his primmed up posture, Lyn chuckled for a bit. She was a little less pissed off thanks to an actual funny joke, but the mans smile continued to creep her out. The man soon introduced himself as Rick, greeted her and after turning around dramatically introduced her to the land of somewhere.

It was clear that Rick did not know where they were at, but juding by how things were Lyn would be surprised if he did know where they were. While she was complementing things, Rick jumped down from his tree an arms length away from her and in a deadpaned manner told her that he had no idea how they got here and he himself just arrived in this land and Lyn was the first person he encountered. Rick however did know that this place has a lot to see, especially along the river since there was a clock tower half submerged in a lake not far from where they were at.

Lyn's curiosity peaked, some sort of place to investigate? Perhaps it has something that could tell them where they were at. Rick motioned for Lyn to follow and she decided to go with him, it was better than wandering alone with no clear direction. "Thanks for the information Rick, although this means that someone or something dragged us to this land...or somehow we are having the same lucid dream together. Whatever the case, nice to meet you Rick."


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#, as written by Zalgo
"Thanks for the information Rick, although this means that someone or something dragged us to this land...or somehow we are having the same lucid dream together."

The possibility that either they were dreaming or were somehow abducted to this alien world hadn't slipped him by. They were fairly broad conclusions given the fact that logically if they didn't come here themselves they must of been brought somehow. He too had also considered the idea that it might of been a dream. He had dismissed the notion since if it were a dream it wouldn't make nearly as much sense as it did already.

"There is a third option." He proposed. "We could be dead."

It was an eerie thought but not entirely impossible. He let the proposal hang in the air for the while for consideration while he forged onward. It was not long before they reached the riverbank, walking amongst the strange ruins of what was and what might of been. With utter ease he leapt up onto the peak of one such building in a series of short hops from platform to platform. High up he could pick up the trace sounds of others, voices out in the forest carrying in what sounded like a busy conversation.

"Hey Lyn, think we aren't the only ones around these parts. Think they're like us or might they got some answers we don't have?"

He pointed in the direction he roughly believed the voices to be coming from. Much closer however was a lone voice, that of a girl. From his vantage he could see a red haired girl brandishing a blade about the same height as her. More new faces to greet.

"Ahoy there!" He waved, calling out to youthful one far out in the woods. Before he could go down and bid welcome to her the clocktower chimed, the echoing ring which carried across the island cutting right through his train of thought. As if in answer to the call of the chiming a number of roots from the shimmering tree reached out to grasp their island, connecting them to it. These roots flattened, changed and morphed, forming rails and some form of entrance complete with an arch with a banner. Upon the banner there was something written but he couldn't quite read it as it was a bit far from his location.

Needless to say his curiosity was eager like a dog towards a steak. Leaping from the top of the ruin he fell and landed neatly in the earthen floor, leaving very little indent from the impact. Not sparing a moment he broke into a long stride, powerwalking over to where he saw the bridge. He had almost completely forgotton about his previous company. He was reminded of her when he neared the red haired girl who stood between him and the bridge. Looking back he checked to see if she was still in tow.

"Hey Lyn, If that bridge isn't a clear path to something interesting I don't know what is." He spoke in case she was still listening.


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As Lyn followed Rick to head to the clock tower he told her about, he made one startling and unnerving proposal about their situation. "There is a third option. We could be dead." With those words, Lyn looked at Rick surprised for a second but quickly came to her senses. "Well that is a possibility as well. Jeeze, for a guy who try's to joke around, you sure can come up with some grim conclusions. But if that is true then the afterlife certainly is strange...very strange indeed." She laughed it off and continued to walk forward until they reached the riverbank and began to walk among the ruins of past things that was once standing.

Watching as Rick began to platform hop to the peak of one of these building, Lyn followed suit by climbing the structure with ease making use of the many cracks as a foothold before pulling herself up to the peak of the building. Once she was on top on the building she also heard the sounds of voices, by the sound of it it seemed that there were more people and more specifically they were not far away although she was not sure where the voices came from. Rick soon spoke up. "Hey Lyn, think we aren't the only ones around these parts. Think they're like us or might they got some answers we don't have?" Lyn turned to face him before speaking. "No clue, for all I know they could be walking candy with all I have seen so far. But we just gotta hope they are friendly and that maybe they know what is going on here." She spoke before looking in the direction Rick was pointing in and saw a woman with red hair, and she was not made of candy. "Ok we can safely rule out candy people..."

Before Lyn could say something, Rick called out to the woman and shorty afterwards the clock tower began to ring with an unusually loud tone. What followed the ringing was the roots of the large white tree isolated on another floating island began to coil and roll outwards, anchoring themselves to other islands. What made this sight even more stranger than it needed to be, the roots began to flatten out into elaborate bridge-like constructs with guard rails to prevent people from falling off the edge. Finally to top it all off the entrance of the bridge was decorated with a party banner draped with confetti along. She could not see the words since she was too far away however she knew that that the banners were party banners making her come up with a strange proposal. "Did this place, expect us to come?" She muttered the words.

Of course there was no time to stand around confused and thinking about the bride, as soon as Lyn saw Rick leap of the building, she followed by doing a front flip off the building and landing perfectly on her feet, years in her schools cheer leading group did that for you, of course she made sure not to let her parents know she was doing something rather dangerous. She then began to slowly walk over to the group while waving. "Hello! Pleaed to meet you, names Lyn. And Rick, when one sees a bridge draped with a party banner of course it leads to something special. Maybe we can get some answers." Lyn called out to the two eventually taking her spot a few feet away from the others.