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Elijah De Angelo

???If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.???

0 · 179 views · located in Phoenix, Arizona

a character in “The Last Chance”, as played by Phoeni







|| Full name ||
Elijah Cyrus De Angelo

|| Nicknames ||
Eli is the most common nickname Elijah has. Although, he has been called many other things. Some bad.

[b|| ]Age ||[/b]

|| Gender ||

|| Birth Date ||
20th of October

|| Nationality ||

|| Sexual Preference ||


|| Height ||
6’0 ½

||Scars || None

|| Tattoos ||Numerous tattoos, some he does not even remember having done. The most prominent tattoo is mischief written across the tops of his fingers.

|| Piercings || One ear pierced.

|| Appearance || In a school with so many handsome young men, Elijah has to stand out somehow. Fortunately for him, some underlying factors provide him a very different appearance to everyone else. The first. He is tall in height- maybe even freakishly tall and possibly on the skinny side, though Elijah is built so that he is not gangly. Clear, glassy blue eyes peek out from under a complete mess of wavy black hair. Moving on to the face, Elijah’s is narrow, and tipped with an ever-so-slightly pointed skin. He’s deathly pale, unlike his family, almost to the point of it being where his skin is literally transparent. Born in Greece, most expected him to have the olive skin and high cheekbones like the rest of the population. Instead, Elijah has a sunken-like face and ivory coloured skin. Well, At least he’s different.


|| Personality || Elijah’s right at that age. You know the age, when the entire world falls apart because of something small. For some girls it might be a broken nail. For certain boys it's a bad grade. For him, it's scorn. Whether it's his parents, a friend from school or a potential future workmate, Elijah’s world is at odds with his entire person whenever someone looks down on him or takes from him what he believes is rightly his. A lot of times Eli has dreams about random stuff. He seems to make these dreams into signs. If his dream includes his hair being in a different style, he suspects that something in is life would change. Actually, one time he had a dream about a plane almost hitting the ground, but then making a comeback, the next day, he nearly got killed by a car, but then he found fifty dollars on the street. Eli isn't exactly gullible, and doesn't believe everything he hears, but he gives into superstitions. He doesn't like the number 13. Also, he tries his best not to spill salt -- walking under ladders are also a big no-no for him. On rainy days, he makes sure his umbrella is NEVER EVER, NEVER EVER, NEVER EVER, opened INSIDE.

Normally Elijah thinks positive. Although it's good to think realistic, he doesn't like thinking negative. Thinking positive means you have good confidence. most of the time, if you're around Eli, you can feel positivity running through the air. Elijah is very curious. When others see a problem or inconvenience, Elijah sees it as an opportunity to gain knowledge. His curiosity can makes him adventurous, spurring the young man on to do things others wouldn't do. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction resurrected him. Unconsciously Eli always lightens the mood or brings a positive spin to events, no matter how bad things seem. He can pluck the humor from any type of situation and make the people around him laugh.

No one can truly measure how determined another is, but Elijah De Angelo can definitely be seen as one of the most. He has experienced a lot. This teen has never been known to give up on anything, even when faced with the largest challenges. His headstrong attitude keeps this boy moving, always in hopes of finally finding a better future for himself. Nothing is too big for Eli to handle in his mind, but this can sometimes get him into trouble. He has a tendency to bite off more than he can chew, sometimes faltering in his abilities to make good decisions. This determination roots from his desire to be completely independent and show that she is worth something.

Elijah is easily misunderstood. Because of his aloofness, people don't often get to know the real person he is, and often draw incorrect conclusions about him. As a result, Eli has trouble trusting others, never knowing if someone is reaching out to him out of a true desire to connect or a selfish motivation. Elijah is very comfortable being a background player in crowds. He knows he’s definitely smart having gotten among the highest marks in education. Eli knows his limits and where he can’t go. Perhaps the only thing he doesn’t know about himself is who he truly is. He’s sometimes overshadowed in conversations but overshadows people other times. However, he is easily frustrated and can overthink things.

|| Likes ||

Silent Movies
The 1920’s
Rosemary ”Absolute perfection in one name”
The beach
Drinking from running Water ”Especially if it’s ran a marathon”
Rural England
Nostalgic things
Sea animals

|| Dislikes ||
People who follow him
Getting up early
Hearing other people’s problems
Tears of sadness
When germs are magnified


Bass guitar


|| Relationship Background || WIP

|| Family || WIP

Spoken Languages: Greek, English and a little Ancient Greek.

Theme Song(s): Attracting Flies || AlunaGeorge

Hold on now I'm choking
Give me a second to collect myself
You must be joking, otherwise I'm laughing to myself
Why you here again,
Hold on a minute, let me check this out
Your invitation's a fake, must from a ticket tout
I hear you out, hear me out
I hear you shout, I'm not stepping
I hear you out, hear me out
I hear you shout, I'm not stepping

Little gray fairy tales and, little white lies
Everything you exhale
Is attracting flies
And you can go off the rails and you can cry your eyes out
But everything you exhale is attracting flies

Please stay it's your moment
I'll give you all the listening that you need
Don't be so mean
Who needs the drama, who said you have to bleed
I'm excited, come on surprise me,
Sweep me off my feet
Oh enlight me, what is special think bout you I need
I hear you out, hear me out
I hear you shout, I'm not stepping
I hear you out, hear me out
I hear you shout, I'm not stepping

Little gray fairy tales and, little white lies
Everything you exhale
Is attracting flies
And you can go off the rails and you can cry your eyes out
But everything you exhale is attracting flies

How'd you think you know when you stop igniting
You know my heart right and you had me aching
How about a piece of your own medicine
Know you're outside there tryina get in
Baby, what would I care if you want me
Baby, what would I care if you don't
Baby, what would I care if you need me
Baby, what would I care if you don't

Little gray fairy tales and, little white lies
Everything you exhale
Is attracting flies
And you can go off the rails and you can cry your eyes out
But everything you exhale is attracting flies.

So begins...

Elijah De Angelo's Story