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Beline Raymor

"This venture is probably going to fail." "But it'll be fun!"

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a character in “The Last Dracari”, as played by RacoonMoon()


Beline & Mukestral
Beline Rayor "The Ray", "Bel"
Age: 56
Once upon a time, Beline was a rambunctious, rebel rousing youth delighting in finding any source of danger. Through his life experiences his demeanor has since calmed significantly. While he's not at an age for extensive physical exertion, Beline enjoys thinking and by extension the silence to do so. He is more likely to try and appear clever than tough when confronted but is quick to impart "wisdom" on those who defy him. Sometimes a good beating is the best way to impart this wisdom. While occasionally physical, Beline's wisdom is often harsh, blunt, critical and riddled with cynicism.
Dragon Name
Mukestral "Mu", "Muk-Muk", "Kestral", "Kes"
Dragon Personality
Mukestral never lost the child-like rambuntiousness unlike her master. As her master began to settle down, Mukestral became a constant reminder of her master's inner desire to continue adventuring. Mukestral is rebellious and cocky and usually operates with the knowledge that whatever trouble she gets into is nothing that Beline can't get her out of. She is slightly arrogant and playfully optimistic.
Abilities: Many of Beline's abilities were developed during his time spent as the yokai and are particularly stealth oriented.
Adaptive cloaking: While a cloak can normally only hide fangs and tails, Beline has adapted it to conceal his entire body or make simple disguises.
Sharp shooting: His lightning breath has been honed to blowpipe precision.
Human tazer: Beline can channel his amethyst into his hands and produce paralyzing shocks from his fingertips.

Beline and Mu's history is largely wrapped up with the folk legends of the "Yokai". But before those legends appeared....

During their childhood, Beline and Mu tended to live on the edges of societies often meandering without any real loyalty to one over another. Upon learning about merging, the two practiced it often and enjoyed the comforting closer connection they could reach. While seldom merging for more than several hours at a time, they often did so when walking through town. Eventually mostly for the experience, Beline enrolled himself in a foster system. Even after inexplicably appearing in the system after 10 years, he wasn't initially well adjusted. While he observed them, he'd hadn't yet been accustomed to following social norms and for a long time this didn't change. Eventually, and after many frightened possibilities, Beline and Mu finally got adopted. And then returned. And then adopted and so on. As Beline's desire to assimilate increased, Mu grew only more resilient. Mu played along initially and helped Beline get adopted mostly because she didn't like being told no. Mu has been half the reason that Beline has been rejected as often as he has. She has thus far been transported in a trunk that is "family heirloom" and that Beline couldn't leave without. As Beline lived with different families he soon began to grow attached to the different nations. So when the Aventine forces starting appearing and corrupting the local governments, Beline started to get involved.

Which is when the Yokai first started appearing. The Yokai is the name of the elite ninja-like merge of Beline and Mukestral who Beline used to adopt a robin hood like persona protecting citizens of the empire. Beline tried to keep the Yokai's help as widespread as possible, but eventually was too overwhelmed and couldn't keep up with the spread of Avantine's forces. Already there was speculation of the Yokai being Dracari and so when he disappeared, it didn't spark too much alarm. Beline actually faked the Yokai's death in Elwill City with an extravagant bolt of lightning that "fried" the yokai. Every now and then Beline will hear conspiracies about the Yokai isn't actually dead but still working against the government.

That was 20 years ago and the pair have lived in their elwill apartment ever since. Beline has retired to a mediocre life, but Mukestral often comments to her on her longing to adventure. Mu spends most of her time traveling around in a large cylindrical bag that Beline carries over his shoulder. Only Mu's child form will fit into it and that is becoming less manageable as she grows up. Neither one likes the bag, but Beline refuses to be a shut in and a dragon can hardly walk plainly in the street. Not that Mu hasn't tried that.

Image Dialogue font color: [color=#8000FF]

So begins...

Beline Raymor's Story

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"Mukestral we are leaving." Beline leaned against the closed door of his apartment as he watched Mukestral lollygag around the room. She turned to him and raised he snout snootily into the air.

"But how could I leave without my finest attire. I simply can't be seen without it." Mu over dramatized every action and word just to prolong going. Mukestral feigned a faint onto their bed.

Beline didn't dignify it with the response that she wouldn't be seen from inside the bag and instead sent her the image of his annoyance. Mu's head raised from the bed as she looked him in the eyes. Providing just enough time to make Bel believe that she was considering it before sending back an impish face and sticking out her forked tongue at him. He growled and she dropped her head before rolling onto the floor with a smile. The floor was fairly dirty but Mukestral hardly seemed to notice through her scales.

At the same moment Mu and Bel's head jerked up. They had chosen to live in a more run down apartment building, although with their "earnings" they could surely afford more. No the reason they chose such a shoddy apartment, and kept such a messy room was for the company it attracts.
"Rats." MU mouthed from her spot on the floor. Beline could see her flaring nostrils and flicking tongue as she tried to find the mouse.
"First one to catch it decides where we go?" Bel challenged as he mimicked Mu's hunt. She didn't respond to him but he felt her eagerness and excitement for the challenge.

"On thr-"
"Go!" roared Mu as she jumped up and started running around the room. despite all appearances, Bel knew that her muscles were tensed and that her finer instincts could find it first. Thankfully he was willing to remember that 4/5 times rats came through a hole behind the fridge. He dashed over to it and haphazardly shoved it aside, uncaring of how far the cords stretched.
"She didn't." glazed over hole were the melted screen of bottles. She must have done it while he was sleeping. He shot up and looked around the room. There had to be -

"And we have a winner," Mukestral said with a rat hanging by its tail in her mouth. Her forelegs rested on top of Beline's desk and a wide grin stretched across her muzzle.
"Oh don't get too down. We're going somewhere you'll enjoy as well."
Beline let out a grin as he walked back over to the pack. "alright. where we going to go?"
Mukestral strutted over to the bag and and sat down inside it. "We'll be going to the woods around the city and then if you're too slow to catch anything, We'll go somewhere nearby for lunch."
Beline considered this as he pulled the large brown duffel bag with Mu in it over his shoulders.
"Is that all?" he said looking over his shoulder at her.
"Yep and then we'll see where the wind takes us." she said tossing the rodent down her throat.
Beline gave her a questioning glare. He'd practiced riding on her back as she flew with limited success. Was that what she meant now?
Mu smiled and licked Bel's face before disappearing into the bag. Bel shook his head happily as he opened the door to begin their day.

OOC: Feel free to say you see Bel at whatever restaurant Alex went to. Also does Praxic walk around in plain sight?

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Alex was many things. Thief. Fighter. Occasional sociopath/psychopath. Insane. But one could never say he was not interesting.

As Alex and Prax sat in the resteraunt, Prax out of view though, a man came and sat down in front of him. Alex was not used to this next part, but he susposed he had to expect it. "What do you want?"

"Rumor has it you are an expert in....shadows" he mentioned. "And odd creatures".

Alex nearly put a knife to the man's neck when he said that last part. Does he know about Prax? How could he? And who was this guy to approach him in a cop free resteraunt with no less then five escape paths visible and several more likely hidden? You had to remember that Alex was a thief, and he was a good thief.

"What do you mean by that? And why does everyone insist on being so cryptic, seriously?" Alex mentioned as he ate.

"Lets just say, rumor has it you are the best thief around, and someone has a statue of a Golden Dragon I want. The catch? Its locked inside a vault in a private bank by a Draxian Empire Warlord moving through the region. I know the rules, half up front, half on delivery. We have a deal?"

Alex never was one to turn down a fight with the Draxian Empire. However, as he left, he noticed something else. Four people were tailing him. "Praxic. We have trouble behind us. Four of them".

"And we are in a public place. Great...."

"I know! This is going to be fun!" Alex mentioned with joy.

"Oh dear...."

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Vanilla was bored.

The huge city smelled terrible, she missed the forest's serenity and beauty, and she was cold, hungry, and tired. Desona wasn't faring much better, having to be cooped up in Vanilla's amulet- a trick they'd learned from the abandoned books. She stared into the smog-filled sky, watching small birds flit around the windowsills. She saw a larger bird, actually huge, now that she watched it. It was red and black, and an angel flew beside it. Bull, she told herself, I'm just hungry, tired, and hallucinating.

Desona's voice bubbled up in her mind. Vanilla, that's a dragon and a boy. Another Dracari pair! Vanilla rubbed her eyes and watched the two dive. Desona, that's insane. I thought we were the only ones left? She felt the dragon sigh, and then a wave of clarity washed over her brain. She shot awake and stared at the pair again. Sure enough, the 'bird' was a dragon, and the 'angel' was a boy, a few years younger than she. They landed in a throng of people, somehow not noticed, and walked into a steakhouse.

Desona, I'm following them. Do we have any money? Desona sent an image of gold, and Vanilla nodded. Dragonsight, of course! She searched the crowd for anything faintly glowing that would imply easy gold for the taking. She wandered nonchalantly through the people walking in different directions, and noticed a rich-looking man in a fancy suit with a pouch by his side. A glow emitted from the bag, and Vanilla poked Desona through their bond. I'll try and sneak past and snatch it, can you uncloak my claws? Desona sent back a nod, and Vanilla looked down at her ivory claws that she'd kept hidden.

Walking past the noble, she 'accidentally' bumped into him and sliced the thin line attaching the pouch to his belt. "Get away, filthy orphan!" He shouted at her, and she palmed the pouch and ran. Entering the steakhouse, she re-cloaked her claws and sat at a table a short distance from the dragon and the human. Watching them as she ordered with the gold coins in the pouch, Vanilla spoke to Desona.

So, why isn't the dragon hidden? They're gonna get killed.
Maybe so, Vanilla. Something's bound to happen to them.
I hope it's exciting. I'm bored, but at least this food is good.

No sooner had Vanilla made that remark than a man walked in. He looked old, but Vanilla could tell he wasn't what he seemed. Another Dracari? We're screwed. They'll find us with no problem!

Desona seemed panicked, but now Vanilla knew why the old man was odd. Desona nearly deafened her human counterpart with a screech as a boy walked in as well. YEAH, LET'S JUST HAVE EVERY SINGLE DRACARI LEFT JUST WALTZ IN HERE! THIS'LL END WELL.

Vanilla nearly choked on her steak. Four Dracari in the same restaurant. She knew something bad would happen, and sure enough, a thug-looking man entered and sat with the young boy she'd mistaken for an angel. They spoke quietly for a few moments, and then he pulled a dagger on the boy. Vanilla watched with interest, knowing not to make any sudden moves.

Listening in with her enhanced senses, Vanilla rolled her eyes. The thug was so stereotypical. Everything he said was just so Unplanned, she remarked to Desona. This guy seriously needs something to get him out of the idiot zone right now. She stood up as they finished their conversation, walking outside and waiting for the boy to exit. She'd set her dragon sight on him, so he'd be easy to tail whenever he exited.

Following the pair as they walked out into the street, she casually blended in with the crowd. She cloaked her brilliant blue ponytails into short, brown locks to seem more normal. She smiled as four thugs started to follow the boy and dragon as well. She couldn't wait to see how this went down, and if the boy actually lived up to the reputation she'd overheard.

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"How many are we up to?" Alex asked his partner. "Because I count at least six people tailing us".

"You missed three. I count nine people tailing us since we left. Exactly how long are we going to lead them on?"

"Until the alleyway up ahead. Then we get to fight them".

"And here I thought we were going do have some common sense and lose them".

"Losing isn't any fun" Alex reminded Prax.

Alex walked into the alleyway, and Prax sprang out from his backpack and they both hid behind a dumpster. Twelve people, who all took out weapons, entered the alley and began looking for them. "I thought you said you counted nine?"

"THere were a lot of glowing people behind us. Its hard to keep track" Prax mentioned. "So, shall we surprise them?"

Alex then used one of his special powers. He froze time, and launched multiple fireball attacks against them all. Of course, the fireballs all froze in time too because Alex did not include them, so they would all hit their marks at the exact same time. He then went who looked towards the leader as time resumed, picked up a pipe, and hit him in the side of the chest.

"Okay, so. WHo are you, and why are you following me?"

Suddenly, his hand began to glow, and a blast of magical energy hit Alex right in the face and knocked both him and Prax back. Meanwhile, he summoned a large sword out of magic itself. "We are the hunters now, and you two? You are our prey".

Suddenly, each and every other person started to stand up, the extensive burns they should have already healed. "Prax? I think we have a problem".

"Full combat mode?"

"Full combat mode" Alex confirmed, as his tail appeared. Fireballs appears in both hands, as well as his mouth. Prax turned into his adult form. "Now! Hell's Inferno technique!"

Praxic let loose a stream of fire on the right side of the alley, while Alex incinerated the left side with his firebreath. He then launched two firebolts at their leader, just to be safe.

The real question is: Would it be enough?

(The first combat! THat should give people stuff to reply to)

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"Holy shit!" were the unladylike words that spewed from Vanilla's mouth as a fireball exploded below. Now, having lived in the 'barbaric wilderness' for a few years hadn't exactly conditioned her proper manners in public, but she was pretty sure that cussing loudly from some random stranger's balcony wasn't a socially accepted activity.

She almost used equally un-ladylike language when time slowed, the boy-angel picked up a pipe, and smashed it into the side of a man. She had to give the boy some credit for that. Awake yet? Desona teased, popping into her mind. And watch your language. Shame on you. If you must know, the owner of this balcony just woke up and is angrily heading our way. So, I suggest you wash out your mouth and get off the balcony.

Leaping from the balcony to the shingled roof with the agility she'd picked up in the forests, Vanilla looked down on the battle with her lips quirked to one side. Doesn't seem we've been noticed. Want to join in? Vanilla pondered the suggestion; Desona was right, they hadn't been seen. Probably heard, though, from YOUR DIRTY MOUTH! Vanilla sighed. They might as well.

Tapping into her partner's flight capabilities, Vanilla jumped and floated gently to the ground. She merged with Desona in spirit, and sent down a blast of sonic power. It set fire [stylishy blue!] to one very unlucky bad guy, who fell to the ground, clutching his deafened ears. Probably not permanent. He'll be okay in a week or so. Vanilla was a little shocked. They'd never used their abilities to that magnitude, or on a human before- not even an evil one.

"Hey! What's up?" She yelled to the younger Dracari boy, sprinting past one of the evil people at the speed of sound, grabbing the ankle of the guy and sending him to the ground rather ungracefully. Nothing beat traditional hand-to-hand combat for Vanilla, but Desona was getting restless.

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Beline brushed some dirt off of his pants as he slid under a chain link fence back into the city. The suburban slum certainly wasn't a place Beline wanted to be seen, but it was certainly the easiest place to slip out of the city. He slid the duffel from his bag and waited for Mukestral to climb in.
"Come on Mu. We're going to be late for dinner." Mu growled at him, and Beline turned.
Mu was sitting straight up in her adult form and glaring at him. Mu's adult form was a couple of heads taller than Beline and to put it simply there was no way she would fit under the gate. She sent a series of annoyed images before turning away from him with another low growl.
"If you didn't want to hunt, you should've just said so." She mumbled. She didn't give Beline time to play innocent as she fixed him with a hard glare.
"You don't miss Bel. We should've had that deer."
"I was distracted," Beline explained before immediately feeling Mu's mistrust. "And not by the usual things."
Mu raised a scaly eyebrow as she turned to slightly face Beline.
"I saw something flying across the sky as we were coming. Too big to be a bird or glider. Do you think...?" Bel didn't finish the question but Mukestral felt the hope in his tone. Mu's head cocked in sympathy before letting out a sigh. In one smooth motion she cleared the fence and was wrapping a wing around Bel.
"Know what I think," She said suddenly cheery. "Your old eyes see nothing but memories." she mimicked his voice as she repeated what he had told her many times.
She giggled as Beline turned to correct her and she shimmied her now child form into the bag.
Beline smiled at at her in the bag as he made his way out of the slum.

Beline teased Mu with feelings of hunger as they passed the many busy people on the street. She returned feeling of annoyance as the bag shimmied just enough annoy Beline right back. Beline did feel guilty about messing up the hunt for her. He owed her some form of meat. and a lot of it. he was heading towards a restaurant that would fit that description that he also knew to be Mu's favorite.
As they reached the same block as the restaurant, Mukestral's messages switched from annoyance to alarm.
"Open the bag!" she whispered in a muffled tone through the thick bag. This wasn't mu's usual misbehaving, and Beline immediately began adapting his to cover the roof of the bag. The top of Mukestral's head was out sniffing as soon as she noticed the cloak.
"what so important?" Beline grunted, looking around to make sure no one noticed. Most were too self occupied although he did catch a few raised eyebrows.
"I smell something! Something too familiar..." She trailed off as her nose searched for the smell.
"Its probably just the restaurant." Bel reasoned and tried to keep moving.
"No! I've only smelled this smell around you before, or by myself. Its..." Her snout raced in circles as she tried to locate the smell.
"Dragon." Bel finished. Sternly he looked over the crowd around him activating his dragon sight. Moving against a wall he let his instincts take over slightly. His eyes darting to every moment. A girl gliding down from a building. got ya.

Beline began shoving aside the crowd toward the alley just before Mukestral got a lock on the scent. Bel and mu turned the corner just in time to see enough definitively Dracari things to assess the situation.
"Well its too obvious whats going on here." Mu said with a sneer going across her maw. Beline looked at the commuters moving just behind him.
"This amount of guys shouldn't take too long," Bel thought as he began to draw energy from his amethyst ring into his fingers. "Stay in the bag." Beline directed as he slid the duffel off his back.
"You won't deny me another hunt, Bel." she said easily worming out of the bag once it was down. he face looked too eager to be back in a battle. She smartly noted that her adult for would be cramped to fit the alley, but Bel had never seen her child form look bigger. Flaring up his wings her feathers danced as she roared into alleyway. She took advantage of their brief stun to jump on the nearest hitman with bared teeth.

meanwhile Beline had fully cloaked himself and snuck across the edges of the alley. These weren't normal forces bell could see from their black leather armor and matching insignias. About half of them were armed with conventional weapons but others were generating sparkling bolts of magic and spectral swords. One of them was preparing to strike strike a young Dracari.
With hidden speed, Bel rushed to this one with fingers crackling with contained blue and white lightning. Bel delivered two quick fingers to the back of this figure's neck and watched his limbs lock and sword disappear.
A bolt of fire whizzed by his head and he quickly located his assailant. Moving serpentine towards them Beline punched the female soldier in the gut. Pulsing as much electricity through the armor as he could. He left her kneeling and twitching.

He cast a glance at kestral on the other side of the battle. She was biting into a soldier's leg as he attempted to plunge a knife into her back. Bel took a step towards her, but she instinctively reacted to her plight. Her tail whipped up and wrapped around the wrists of the soldier. Between her tail and jaws, she pulled the soldier, worsening his leg wound, before throwing him against a wall with her tail. It may have been the blood on her teeth, but she hadn't looked this alive in a while. Mu caught the admiration, just before Beline received his own punch in the gut.

OOC: Gosh dang school keeping me from posting. Sorry for the irregular and long posts. Just want to ensure Beline doesn't get lost.

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Vanilla was saved by an old man and his bird.

Dang, she was seeing things again. Another Dracari had joined in, and the 'bird' was actually a feathered dragon. "Epic." she whispered to herself, as her amulet blazed and the black, feline dragon she knew and loved emerged. Desona headbutted a couple thugs and sent them flying into a wall, and Vanilla heard a crack- whether it was skulls or walls, she wasn't quite sure. The thug that was on fire seemed okay, a little charred but otherwise no worse for the wear. He beat out the blue flames and charged the pair, kicking and punching the way she always had. Desona growled, sending small waves of sound out that converged into a sonic dart of a sort, piercing a soldier and their armor, leaving the woman kneeling on the ground, clutching her head.

Vanilla wondered what would happen if her speed and Angel Boy's [that was his new official nickname] time warp powers combined. She'd try next time he froze the world. For now, she was much more concerned with surviving this gang brawl- or whatever it was. The boy she'd seen in the restaurant had shown up, with an ice-white dragon that was kicking butt. Desona looked excited that other dragons had shown up, until she was stabbed through the leg. Screeching in pain, Desona sent roughly all of the thugs into a state of pain, clutching their ears against the supersonic attack. She covered her own ears, plugging them with magic- a benefit when you had scream powers.

Vanilla approached her partner, holding up her hands and kicking her dragon's assailant in the face. He toppled, dead from the intense sound. She briefly hoped the other Dracari weren't in pain, and attempted to calm her pair mate. She sent feelings of calm across their bond, which were countered with emotions of rage and a sudden crippling agony in her leg. Wincing and almost joining Desona, she whispered to her dragon, "I understand. Please, make it through this. Together. Give me your pain so that you can go on. They need you, not me." She knew no one else would hear, but Desona felt through the bond exactly what Vanilla was saying. Her jaws closed, cutting off the terrible scream and allowing Vanilla to unplug her ears.

"I knew you could, Desona. Would you like to battle or return?" Vanilla asked, holding the amulet out to her dragon. The energy stored inside should help her heal quicker, but Vanilla knew her bond loved revenge. Desona snarled at a thug that was still writing in pain, grabbing the unfortunate man's head in her mouth and snapping it off. "Battle it is!" Vanilla cried, picking up the blade her dragon had been wounded with and returning to the now-rebuilding frenzy.

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(Sorry for the delay, had to write two essays over the weekend! Post coming up within the next few hours hopefully!)

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(That moment, when you see six accepted characters but only remember accepting five? Just happened)

The fact that these people survived all those attacks confirmed two things. One, they are really strong. Two, they are not human, but in fact products of magic and/or science. Because they came out of that barely scratched.

Oh, and now the appearance of all the other Dracari made Alex really nervous. "Prax, where did they come from?!"

"Well gee, its not like we did not just fly across the sky using a stolen Draxian Hoverboard or anything".

"Oh, this cannot all be from that! We were like, nine thousand miles in the air!"

"First of all, the atmosphere does not even hit triple digits. I am not sure it goes past ten miles. Secondly, I would think a flying anything would attract people!"

Alex crossed his arms in protest, but stopped when he dodged the swipe of a sword from their leader. "Did you really think we would not find you?"

Alex stopped time again, and he could feel Prax glaring at him. He could also feel the toll on his body, stopping time twice in close proximity to one another. And this was not just a pause, but a rewind. As he rewound for a few seconds, he changed position. When time resumed, everyone would watch as the man charged forward to where Alex used to be...and then tripped and face planted into the floor.

"Come on, I can keep doing this all day!" Alex yelled. But he couldn't. Six times. That was the amount of times he had paused or rewound time in close proximity. It used to be lower, but he worked on it. The seventh time will cause him to pass out, or endure extreme pain. He had no desire to have either happen to him. While the hunters might not see it, the tuned senses of the Dracari would be able to tell that it was taking a toll on Alex each time he used his power. It was powerful, sure, but it clearly had its costs.

The lead hunter got up, and charged at Alex again. He was clearly pissed off about the whole being tripped thing. Alex decided to conserve his remaining time charges, and instead chose to use his Chronoclocking ability as he caused it, seeing a few seconds in the future to avoid every attack he made. To the others around him, it would simply look like he was gracefully avoiding all the attacks as if he was extremely predictable. BUt Prax knew, this power had a price too.

That was the deal with Alex Mason and Praxic. All of his powers were extremely powerful, but all of them had a price to balance them out. He bent space and time, and it left its strain on his body.

Which is why Prax interrupted Alex's power by blasting the hunter with a large fireball to knock him down. Prax flew over to Alex. "We should run".

"Why, this is fun! And its nice to have some revenge".

"You do realize this is not a game. They are trying to kill you!"

"That is what makes it fun! And I am tired of running!" Alex told him, as three other hunters approached him. As their leader got up, Alex kicked him right in the stomach severely hurting him, and picked up his sword. To be honest, he wanted to run. The other Dracari were the ones that scared him. So many showing up at once? The odds were uncalcuable. But he was not going to run from the hunters. And if these Dracari were enemies, he would take them down too. "Now. Who is next?"

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Xander was running through the crowds, trying to pinpoint where the screech he'd heard was. He didn't think anyone else had heard it, unless they had the enhanced senses of a Dracari, but that had definitely been a dragon roar and Xander kind of thought they needed help, since any dragon normally tried to be hidden so that they wouldn't die via the government.

Kiel wasn't being any help either. "What do you think the dragon'd be like?" He chattered excitedly inside the bag slung across his shoulders. Xander ignored him and hoped nobody heard. "Seems to be a sonic, but I can't really figure out if it's male or female and - oh hey turn left."

Xander spun to the left without stopping and ran faster, heading straight towards a deserted alleyway. As he got closer, the sounds of battle reached his ears, and he swore under his breath. "Stay in there, Kiel," he warned, his worry combating Kiel's excitement in their bond. "I'm not entirely sure whether they're fighting their way out and I won't be able to help if they know I'm a Dracari. Stay down."

Kiel muttered to the confirmative and stopped moving just as Xander turned the corner. He stopped, shocked by the scene.

There were twelve people fighting four Dracari in an alleyway. Three were down, and old man with a feathered dragon were fighting another two, A boy in an anorak was being saved from a thug by a white dragon biting his shoulder, a girl was fighting another two and a kid holding a sword larger than he was in his hands was in a facedown with four people - three, Xander corrected himself, noticing one of them cradling his stomach on the ground. He saw the insignia on their armour, and he knew that they were Dracari Hunters, sponsored by the government. And it was extremely obvious who the Dracari were.

This wasn't something he could handle. Xander took a deep breath to calm himself, his heart racing. He was originally going to call the police, but that wouldn't help the situation here. Also, the kid with the sword looked ready to kill and Xander really didn't like the idea of a kid killing people in cold blood. That... that was just wrong in his opinion. They hadn't noticed him yet, but sooner or later they would. He'd have to act fast before that happened.

Charging forward, Xander silently sprinted to the trio. He turned into a blur as wind was ejected from his hands, and before the hunters could react Xander was behind them and knocking them out with a chop to the neck. They collapsed without a sound, and Xander stomped on their heads as an extra precaution. He didn't stomp too hard since he didn't want them dead, but the pressure would be enough to knock them out. Then he turned to the boy and his dragon with a worried look on his face, Kiel popping his head out of the bag to look at them with curiosity, leaning his neck on Xander's shoulders.

"Um, are you ok?! A-A-And what's going on?!" Dracari Hunters weren't good for his health, but what on earth were they doing here?! He and Kiel were going to have to hide after this, he didn't want to die. Oh no, what if they had support on the way?! All of them would have to leave if that was the case. Noticing that the kid seemed strained, Xander added worriedly "Are you ok?"

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A shadowed figure watched the battle from a rooftop. In her personal opinion, the battle was way too loud. Some idiotic mortals would show up soon enough- curiosity would kill the cat. When another one of the Hunters went down, she sighed. The General was smart to send in the inexperienced Regeneratives. They'd go down, giving the Dracari false confidence, and she would sweep down and finish them off. She'd already figured out how a couple of them fought- now that the human and his emerald dragon had entered the fight, she'd have one more pesky Dracari to kill. He seemed more peaceful, but ready to fight if he needed.

Dropping like a cat from the roof, Delphi stalked up to the boy with the red and blac dragon- a good target. "I'm next." she smiled, pulling out her blade, Odnalro, and stabbed right where the small boy's heart was. She'd seen him freeze time, also seen that he was far too tired to pull any sort of tricks like that- enough to put off her strikes, that is. She didn't need to call on her reserves, unless the older warrior gave her grief, whih she doubted he would. They all seemed very unaccustomed to battle, against humans, at least- except for the shrimp of a boy she'd challenged.

She took an instant mental inventory as she lunged with her blade, which was enchanted to never miss (on mundane terms).

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The woman was wrong about one assumption. She thought Alex was too tired to manipulate time again. Which is why as he turned around reacting to her voice right as she lunged forward, he was about to freeze time. Except instead, he fell through a portal below him.

Prax had shot out a portal under Alex, and another next to himself, causing Alex to land on his feet next to Prax and avoid the blow. "Save your strength. I smell something off with her. She is no normal hunter".

Alex then noticed it too. Her smell was off. Different then the others. "She is a specialist".

One of the other hunters ran towards him, believing him to be an easy target. He quickly slashed the guy's head off, before Prax incinerated his body with enough fire he could not regenerate, and being fire resistant would not be enough to save him. While the attack was not as large as when they used their signature attack, Hell's Inferno, you could feel the heat from the attack all over the Alley, and it burned brighter. Prax had been holding back.

Alex smiled, remembering the rules they had set for whenever they entered full combat mode. Rule 1 was to never start off with your full strength, but to use weaker versions of attacks, even if you could use the stronger ones without difficulty. When they used their Hell's Inferno technique, they did not use their hottest fire, to conserve energy and because they thought it was enough. Alex could freeze time for a few seconds longer then he had been. Granted, its only a few seconds, but it weakens him less.

Rule 2 was never show your hand at the start. As of yet, they had only used two techniques. The first was the one they started with, Time's Rage they called it. It was when he stopped time and hit them all with a fireball at once. Hell's Inferno was the second. They had others as well they had not used yet.

And finally, Rule 3. It was a really simple rule. Teamwork. They had other rules, but those three were the core base.

The hunter who had survived the Hell's Inferno technique did not survive this time. But they both knew this hunter was no normal hunter. She had experience fighting Dracari. Which meant, use full force, or risk death. Alex wasn't even sure Full Force would be enough.

"Position Change! Delta Position!" Alex called out. Prax jumped into the air, while Alex position himself so that they were flanking her. He was on the right, Prax was in the air on the left. At the same time they flanked her, Alex opened a portal a distance behind her that would create a triangle with her in the middle. Alex did not use a full change to stop time, but slowed it somewhat so she could not react as quickly. And before giving her any more time anyways, they used their next technique. "Three pronged assault!"

Alex and Prax then launched an assault of fireballs, one of them occasionally generating a portal around every third shot so that the hunter was attacked from all three sides. The assault was clever in the fact it was impossible for them to hit eachother with the crossfire. If any attacks missed, they would either land between Prax and Alex, between Alex and the flank portal, or between Prax and the flank portal.

Which is why people believe Prax when he claims he was the one who created it, not Alex.

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Beline sidestepped a sword before it could swing down into his shoulder. Thrusting forward he grabbed the soldiers arm and twisted it behind his back. He wrenched it upwards as he stalled for his next move. His lightning had been effective so far at paralyzing them, but it was only a matter of time before they started waking up. Try and try as they might to kill him, he wasn't looking to get a criminal record in the city. Feeling the soldier start to shift in front of him, Bel grunted as he dislocated the arm and shoved away his opponent. The soldier clutched his shoulder and barely resisted screaming out in agony. Stumbling backwards he tripped over kestral as she dashed toward Bel. Noting the new danger falling behind her, Kestral dug her claws into the falling foe as she leaped the rest of the way toward Bel. She skidded to a stop beside him, already scanning the battlefield for anyone who dare come near them.

Bel and kestral couldn't look any more different despite fighting for the same period of time. Besides the sweat of his brow and a couple of easily repairable knicks in his jacket Beline was unharmed. Kestral's blue scales were covered were starkly contrasted by the dark red blood around her muzzle and claws, but Bel couldn't perceive any actual injuries. Glancing around, the Dracari seemed to be unharmed except for one black dragon with a leg injury. Five Dracari versus now less than 12 soldiers didn't at all seem like a fair fight. Then again, they were regenerating.
"Aw the fights almost over and we haven't done anything fun yet," Mukestral chided from beside him. "You wouldn't want to be outdone by these kids right?"
Bel cracked a small smile as he began to play through their list of strategies. He would gush later at his excitement for seeing other Dracari and could care less what they thought of him. A popping noise signified the soldier in front of them had regained his ability to fight.
"Hidden thunder." He announced to kestral as a toothy grin appeared on her muzzle. Bel dropped his cloak (if someone looked into this alley they had much more to be suprised by) and diverted all of it to turning kestral invisible. As soon as she couldn't be seen, Beline felt her wing brush past him as she charged forward to begin her terror. He watched as the soldier in front of him fell again and was torn into by an unseen force.
As he watched Kestral in action and felt her euphoria, he allowed himself to give in a bit more to his own instincts. Just in time as he heard a sword about to swipe down upon him. Lightning fast, he twisted around and grabbed the neck with one hand and the attackers sword hand in the other. Instinctively he began pumping electricity into the soldier. The soldier convulsed before going limp in Bel's grasp. Bel caught the sword before it could fall. He was rusty at swordsmanship, but in the very least it was a good conductor.

Bel and Mu progressed fluidly through the rest of the battle until Bel noticed the specialist. Beline returned to his rational mind in an instant and so did Mukestral when she noticed Beline's alarm. Beline and Kestral had defeated specialist before, but seldom through honorable combat. In the few occasions that they had, Mu and Bel made it out injured. And that was when they were younger. Still as Bel turned, he saw one of the young Dracari fighting surprisingly well against a female specialist. Great as he was fighting now, Bel didn't like the odds of one on one.
"Round up the other dracari. None of them intervene." Beline had already made up his mind. He didn't know enough about any of the factors to say who had the advantage here. Almost certainly he could say that the specialist had more combat experience than most of them. Beline and this kid could distract her until they gained the advantage. Until then he'd prefer that Mu prepare them to run. He still wanted the chance to speak to all of them after all.
"Right." Said Mukestral, appearing beside him. She dropped her usual humor in light of his urgency. Seeing his start to focus on his impending challenge, Mu bounded off toward where other Dracari were picking themselves up.

Leaning against the hilt of his confiscated sword, he began to assess the situation. He still had enough energy to put up a good fight so long as it was quick. He'd at least skimmed the Dracari as he used his abilities, so he felt he had a good feeling on the arsenal he could add. The specialist was armed with a sword and strong armor but they were seldom all they appeared to be. The specialist was surrounded by 3 portals all spouting fireballs. And if she dodges to the....or to the...and counter with...Bel's mind was whirring with possibilities. As much as he wanted a surprise entrance into battle, he didn't want the boy to fight on his own for much longer. He felt a crackling in his throat before shooting off three concentrated needles of lightning toward the specialist. He would keep his distance unless otherwise needed. The bolts approached their target fast and Bel shot off more distracting bolts after them.
You've done enough fighting. Bel's doing you a favor. His plan won't work the other way around. Mukestral tried to rationalize leaving Bel behind as she bounded away from him. He was..... functional by himself she supposed. And anyway she was probably the better people person.
She moved into the relative center of the remaining Dracari as she continued thinking. Then again she didn't just have to be a people person, but a dragon person as well. Were there specific dragon courtesies she didn't know? Whatever, she was the elder here her word goes.
"All all of you okay?" she asked no Dracari in particular. She hadn't taken much time to look at the dragons whiled she'd been fighting, but now saw just how diverse and different they were. She loosened her night sky wings from her side as she tried to appear confident in front of the dracari.

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"Thanks Ziggy!" Kay bounded to his feet as the dragonhunter screamed in pain and reared back, clutching at the bite on his shoulder. Ziggy leapt to the right as Kay kicked him in the shins, and then Ziggy's tail went up in a blur and hit the man right between the legs.

Kay winced. The dragonhunter let out a high-pitched squeak that could've belonged to a mouse and keeled over, clutching at his man-bits. Ziggy, for his part, looked almost unapologetic turning an eye to look at the battle-field, but Kay could feel his shock and the urge to apologise coming from their bond. Since he knew Ziggy wouldn't say anything, Kay took it upon himself to mutter "Sorry." and gingerly walk past the guy, hoping that he'd recover from that.

He and Ziggy was rounded up by a feathered blue dragon (ooh, she looked so cool!} along with the other Dracari, a blonde young man with a spiky green dragon tucked inside the bag slung over his shoulder and a girl that looked a year older than him with an injured black dragon. Ziggy hovered at his side, and Kay turned to answer the dragon's question.

"We're good!" It wasn't like they could hurt me, since I can heal pretty fast. Kay thought, as Ziggy flew towards the girl and her dragon. Kay followed, and he came to a stop in front of the dragon, examining her leg. "You're injured though, let me help!" He smiled cheerily at her, and his hands started to glow a faint silvery shade. He tentatively placed his hand on the dragon's injured leg, leaving her plenty of time to pull away if she wanted to. If she accepted his help, the wound would glow the same silvery shade as his hand and close, lessening the pain as the wound closed and disappeared.

Meanwhile, Xander was talking to the feathered dragon in a low tone, Kiel keeping an eye on the battle and ready to warn them in case the situation changed. His arms hung loose at his sides, and there was a worried but serious expression on his face as he asked "What did you gather us for? I'll try to help, if I can."

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"What did you gather us for? I'll try to help, if I can."

That's a good question and one she wished she'd asked Bel before she ran off. She hadn't thought to distract Beline after he got all serious about fighting and yet here she was confused as to what to say to this blonde haired Dracari. She cast a sidelong glance at Bel as she tried to hide her doubt.

"You know...Just making sure you're all safe and... not dead." Mu brow furrowed and immediately caught on to how strange that sounded.
"I mean..." Mukestral paused and glanced at her feet. When in Varmet did she get so bad at talking to others. Perhaps the result of only talking with Bel for quite some time. It was different when you weren't already inside the head of the person you were talking to. Great first impression she thought, noting how sheepish she must appear to the boy. Suddenly appearing in her mind she felt Beline's amusement at her social awkwardness mixed in with a hint of support. Her head shot as she turned to glare at her bond with the hint of a grin on her muzzle. She sent back her own annoyance and support. But mostly annoyance. He was a sweetheart. and a Jerk.

"Actually you see that fighting over there, who they're fighting?" Mu gestured to them with her tail as continues speaking. "That's a specialist. There's nothing more lethal to a Dracari than a specialist. They excel specifically in hunting and killing us." Mu smiled as she said it despite finding no amusement. She did take amusement in guessing Bel's reaction. She pretended to feel his annoyance in return.
She cleared her throat.
"But more importantly to ensure your safety," She attempted a comforting smile as she said it but the blood still on her teeth and muzzle made it appear more sinister. She started to clean off what she could from her mouth and talons.
"What are you doing here anyway? I had no idea this city hid so many Dracari." She gave him a sidelong glance and a raised eyebrow as she brought her claw to her mouth.

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(So, I will be posting later today, but BurningDark, where did you go? D:)

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(sorry for the late post, school came up and I had a bit of trouble getting used to it again.)

"Um..." I was banished to the city for exposing my superiors corruption in order to save my friend wasn't something Xander told people right off the bat. "I moved here a few years ago for school." Was what he said, after a moments consideration. "It's where I met Kiel." He nodded carefully to the spiky green dragon resting in the bag on his shoulder, still watching the battle with startling intensity.

Technically true. He did move here to change schools, and he did meet Kiel in the city. The circumstances about his move to the city was something she didn't need to know. The news popularity had finally died down, and Xander saw no need to remind people of it unless he absolutely needed to.

But that wasn't important right now. A specialist, huh...

"Got it." Xander nodded seriously, mind connecting the dots. Even though Dracari were normally strong, he was pretty sure that it wouldn't be a good idea to prolong fighting, and splitting up had its advantages. The fighters could concentrate on fighting and getting away instead of worrying about the ones in the back, and if she won then at least people got away and there was a chance of rescue (if they weren't killed on the spot).

It was a good plan, all things considered. Except...

"I don't think your partner can do without you right now," he said, trying for tact. "If she's trouble like you say she is, then it might be for the best if you go help. I'll lead the kids to the safe spot instead." He had more muscle than the other two thanks to work and age, so he'd be able to give the kids help if they were ambushed on the way by any more Dracari hunters, and fulfil her objective of getting them to safety. He looked at her, unsure if she would agree. "Would that be alright?"

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(sorry for the delay, RL stuff got in the way. Expect a post tonight, for reals this time)

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(So, short post, because I am kinda waiting for BurningDark's reaction)

Meanwhile, overhead, things did not get better. As if by magic, stormclouds and a thick fog descended upon the town. Lighting struck everywhere it seemed, and rain poured down. Not enough to put out any of Alex's fire attacks, but enough so that everyone was getting drenched.

And then, in the sky, a battleship from the Empire appeared overhead. Never a good sign for Dracari.

(There, something for you all to react to! Try to avoid the magically enhanced lightning (the cause of which is still unknown :3)

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[OOC: I'm sooo sorry, end of quarter work overwhelmed me and I was busy! I'll be more regular now.]

Delphi watched as the boy fell into a portal. "Clever little dragon boy. Lucky for you," she dropped a cylinder into the portal after him, "I'll be right behind you." The small metal cylinder shot out of the portal and exploded, and Delphi sprinted to the shower of sparks. She threw a couple returning knives at passing dragons, the flashes of color not making a difference to her- until she spotted the blue bird-dragon. She knew this pair. They'd battled her a few years back, and caused her great humiliation when they slipped away. Honestly, it'd been the guard rookie that had dozed off, but Delphi always blamed herself.

She curled her lip, but the old man would have to wait. Following after the small boy and his red dragon, she drew a pair of katanas and swung them in a figure-eight pattern. The speed she swung them and their magical properties ignited a fire on the metal. Not much use against fire users, but they were impermeable, and she could deflect most fireballs easily enough. They tended to be spontaneous and not too accurate, but this pair was full of surprises.

She caught a few knives, the few that hadn't met a target. One had blood on it, and Delphi wasn't quite sure who it belonged to. Oh well. If the Empire's fighters didn't know how to get out of the way, they'd have to learn- or die. Sheathing the knives, she held her swords in one hand. Tossing a single flaming katana into the air, she lunged towards the human, aiming low. The dragon, she'd get next. Allowing the blade's magical momentum to continue, she let go and swerved towards the reptilian creature. She transformed the katana into a hammer- smaller than it would be if she had both halves of the weapon, but strong nonetheless. She knew the strong scales of dragons wouldn't be much affected by slashing- she had to stick to strength until the natural armor was broken.

Pulling up the hammer, she swung down onto the creature with sheer force, ready to change directions if the scaly thing managed to dodge.

Vanilla ignored most of the battle until it came to her. Fighting furiously with her black dragon next to her, she punched with brass knuckles that she'd helpfully been holding in her small bag. She swung fists of steel (jk brass) and felt her opponent's face crack. Shuddering, Vanilla leapt away and barely dodged the cleaver that came at her right side.

"Woah now, let's not." She kicked the guy in between the legs and was about to inflict more damage when she was swept away. "Aww, you're no fun." she remarked to the feathered blue dragon. She saw Desona speeding overhead, a concerned emotion trickling through their link. She gave her partner a thumbs-up and dismounted the blue dragon. "Thanks for the ride. Why did you take me here?" She looked at the others, wondering how many Dracari there were? She hadn't really gotten a good count. Hopefully someone would explain what was going on.

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"Aww, you're no fun." said the girl as Mukestral slid between her legs and carried her toward the end of the alley. She was trying to gather them all far enough away that the specialist wouldn't see them run.
No fun. please. If a kick in the groin was the most fun she could draw from a battle, then Mukestral had a lot to teach her. She dropped the girl off her back and immediately began scanning to see if she gathered all the Dracari kids were by her. She thought she heard the start of a thank you before rushing back into the fray.
"I don't think your partner can do without you right now,"
Kestral stopped midlick as she looked at the boy with one wide scarlet eye. It was flattering the amount of help he thought she could provide Bel but he was also suggesting Beline couldn't handle it on his own. one set of ears twitched flicking off a bit of blood. Only she was allowed to mock him like that.
"If she's trouble like you say she is, then it might be for the best if you go help. I'll lead the kids to the safe spot instead."
"Look, I know he looks old but-"
A mechanical whirring filled the air right before a bolt of magical lightning ignited a pile of trash. Oh great the Calvary. Mukestral looked up to see the battleship sporting the empire insignia flying overhead the alley. If that started dropping more soldiers then they'd all get captured. She gave a halfhearted chuckle. They'd be lucky to be only captured.
"No, your plan." Mukestral hesitated as she though of a place to send them. Neither her nor Bel wanted to let them off on their own, not with empire lurking around the city. Bel would kill her if she led them to their home with the empire on their tail. And the woods were too nonspecific. Where else did they trust?
Oh Bel would certainly kill her, but it was the best place she could think of.
Her eyes snapped open as she thought of the place, quickly turning to the boy.
"Alright here's where you gotta go. You know that library in the center of town, the abandoned one that the empire quarantined. Go there but make sure you aren't followed." She didn't continue till she was sure he understood. "Go to the back balcony, you may have to climb up to it. Yell into the building that muk-muk sent you." She paused to make sure that she'd said all she had to.
"And you know. Be safe." She nodded with a smile before rushing back toward Beline.

"What are her weakpoints?" Kestral asked sliding into place just in front of Beline.
"Thighs and legs mostly but her defense with her weapons hasn't been broken yet." Beline answered her quickly but his gaze still questioned her.
"What? I put the oldest in charge. Whats our strategy?" Kestral's muscles were taut but she was shaking, obviously remembering their last encounter.
Bel knelt down and quickly ruffled Kestral's mane of feathers. "Hit and run. But intervene if the kid is in trouble." He drew the sword and raised it into a high battle stance. If he could get some of the lightning to hit the sword...
A bolt of lightning crashed nearby and Kestral launched forward. As she passed the specialist she attempted to claw the back of her legs. In the very least it should knock her slightly off balance, perhaps diverting power from her swing. She didn't wait to see if she connected instead only skidding to a stop a few steps away and running a circle around the fight.

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"Got it." Xander nodded seriously and turned to the others, his hat protecting his head from the downpour. Ahead, Kiel screeched a warning as a battleship showed, and he whirled around to get the others. "Stay safe!" he called to her.

Library in center of town which had been quarantined, back balcony (optional climb), say that Muk-Muk sent them. And make sure that they weren't followed. He could do that by taking odd turns and backtracking and stuff.

"Um, come on." He hurried towards the boy and girl, dodging lightning along the way. "We're regrouping at the abandoned library." He quickly explained the plan to them in brief, short terms, the thunder from the lightning making it impossible for anyone to overhear them.

Kiel, meanwhile, went out to greet the other dragons with a cheerful smile, although it looked somewhat terrifying with his sharp teeth. "Hiya!" he said brightly, his green scales gleaming an eerie light green whenever the lightning flashed, dodging any bolts that came his way. "My name's Kiel, we're outnumbered and outarmed and we're gonna get caught by the empire if we stay here any longer so we're regrouping at the abandoned library - lets go!"

"I know where it is," Xander concluded, turning to leave. He looked anxiously at the two pre-teens. "Um, follow me, please."

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(Sorry, my dog has been not feeling very well and its been keeping me distracted. I will be putting up a post tonight or tomorrow night)

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(Fell asleep mid post, I hope I included everything. Did this in a bit of a rush)

Alex dodged a few of the attacks that came his way, and counter attacked. And then, all of a sudden, Alex through this strange fruit through a portal that opened up behind the specialist. The fruit did not seem to do anything...immediately. In truth, Alex did not care if it hit the target or not, though hitting the target would make things more interesting. The juice of that fruit could be smelled for miles by certain animals...predatory animals. Fun fact: Excluding certain species, most predatory species avoid fighting Dracari. Their animal instincts let them know what is a tougher species.

Alex was so busy, he barely noticed the movements of the other Dracari. He thought about pulling back, but he had to make sure no one followed them, and this Specialist was still in play so running might be useless, since she could probably track them. So, he decided to take control of the situation. First of all, there were the grunts. He and Prax unleashed a nova of fire that shined so brightly anyone who looked straight at it would almost certainly have to cover their eyes. The fire burned so bright it was white, not at all looking like normal fire.

As the grunts reacted, one of them reached for a crossbow with a special poison laced into it, but found himself with a burning blade through his chest. Alex was right behind him, holding the hilt. "Burning Blade Technique. Lets see you regenerate when your heart, your brain, and your lungs are ash" he said as he ripped the blade up. He had taken it from one of the others, and used it for his own needs.

Prax looked over to him. "We need to deal with the specialist, before any reinforcements come".

Suddenly, lightning began to strike randomly and sporadically in their area from the storm that had mysteriously rolled in with the fog. The fog began to get thicker and thicker. And then, Alex thought of it. He set the entire area around the specialist on fire with black fire. The stuff burned longer then any other fire, did not produce much light so it would be barely visible if visible at all in the fog, and it would burn anyone who got to close, unless it was Alex or Prax since they were fireproof.

But now, they could safely get away. Dracari could use Dragon Senses to detect the fire early and navigate a way out, but for everyone else it would be a nightmare.

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Delphi snarled in annoyance as the dragon dashed away, joining his human to attack one of the soldiers with her. She pulled a small capsule about the size of her feet from a random dead corpse, sliding a card across it and placing it on the ground. Stepping into it, she felt armor enclose her body made from altered dragon scales. Catching her flaming katana, she combined both weapons into a long scythe and stabbed it into the earth, breaking through and standing like a pole. She pulled back as lightning hit the weapon and spread volts across the ground, feeling the electricity charge up her armor's abilities.

She drew the scythe from the ground, cutting downwards at the fruit that had flown out of a portal towards her. She side stepped the halves and wiped the juices on her scythe on a dead body nearby. No use taking any risks. She flicked down a visor, just in time too, as a huge nova of white fire burned in the air. It quickly fizzled out, not habing enough oxygen to burn for a substantial amount of time.

She watched as fog began to pile in, obscuring the vision of many nearby. She harnessed the electricity from the lightning and powered up heat ray vision, watching as the dragon and boy lit a circle of flame. She watched as the two fled, and leapt vertically into the air, enabling hovering capabilities as she followed them from above. Cutting off the jets, she landed behind the pair and pursued them, to wherever they were going. The General would understand.

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