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Madison Pierce

Blue gang's soldier/ martial artist

0 · 380 views · located in US

a character in “The Last Mission”, originally authored by Wolf's Bane109, as played by RolePlayGateway


Madison Pierce





Madison Pierce

Maddie or Pierce


Blue Gang Soldier/ Martial Artist (flexible and fast fighter)


Maddie is a very beautiful young girl. Her light, dirty blond hair flows right below her shoulder blades. She also has beautiful light green eyes, that look like emeralds. Madison has very pretty pink, full lips. Her skin is fair, and flawless. Without a scar or blemish on it. Her height is 5 foot, 8 inches. She is kind of tall for her age. Her weight is 125 lbs.

She usually wears , her leather jacket, her, shirt, jeans, and boots,.

Maddie has a habit of biting her bottom lip when bored, tired,
annoyed, or angry.

The dark
Kicking ass
Being alone
Free running
The cold

Useless fighting
Useless killing
Useless violence
Annoying people
Peppy people
Her parents


- Hand-to-Hand Combat,
Martial Arts, Ti-Chi, Ti-Kwan-Do, etc.

- Using knives

- Flexibility

- Parkour

- Free running

- speed

- agility

- stealth

- Brains

X Younger kids

X Being abandoned again

X Being rejected

X Losing

X Dying

X A team mate being killed because of her mistake

X Being alone forever

Madison is more of the, shy, likes to be alone,never around other people, type of girl, besides her gang members. But when you really get to know her and gain her trust, you see a completely different side of her. She becomes, a fun loving, talkative, sarcastic, forgiving person. But she does have a trust problem, so it will be hard to see the kind and loving girl she really is. But she is not afraid to talk back, and reject people who are older than her.

Madison loves to play the acoustic or electric guitar, the piano and occasionally the bass. She also likes to sing, but mainly by her self. She will be a very loyal, caring, and forgivable person if you truly get to know her. And when you do get to truly know her, you'll see a regular sixteen year old girl that loves to joke around, do stupid pranks, act immature and go out and have a fun time. Even though she can be fun loving, she knows when to stop and become a smart, brave, mature, young girl.

But, when Madison goes out and fights and spys for her gang, she's completely different. She is brutal and has no mercy towards another human, besides gang members. Madison becomes this vicious, brutal, killing machine. She will kill anyone that dares to harm the people she cares about. She won't step down or back away from a fight. No matter what the cost, she will get the job done, no matter what.

Madison's past was a very good one. Her father was a business man and her mother was a T.V. host. She had a younger brother, Sam and her twin sister, Paige. They grew up in a nice house. Madison and her the rest of her siblings went to the local hight school. Even though her and her family were stinking rich, the money and cars, ect. never made Madison happy. It made her siblings and parents happy, but not her. She new that there had to be something more important for her to be doing instead of staying home or going to school.

So one day she was walking home from a friends house late one night. And she got jumped, she was twelve at the time. They started to attack her and beat her. She tried to fight back, but there was too many of them. She almost gave up on hope, when two people came and drove them away, she got one quick glance at her saviors before they vanished. They were both men, dressed in black out fits, with some blue. Madison admired their bravery and helping others. She went home and told her parents, they only laughed and didn't believe her about the ''Super Heroes'' as Madison called them. Madison even told her best friend, about them, and he agreed that they were super heroes. Ever since then she and her best friend couldn't stop talking about the two that saved her life.

Then two months after the attack on her, she decided that it was time for her to do something. But she was only twelve and she wasn't trained at all, she started to train every day and night, she would practice with knives, blank guns, katanas, swords, bow staffs, and almost anything else you can use as a weapon. She trained for three years, when she turned fifteen, she decided to finally make her move, she got her suit, weapons and she made a name for herself. She became a killer. About a month after she was doing her rounds around the city, she went back home, to an empty home. Madison searched all over, her parents, brother, and sister were gone.

Nothing, the house was empty. Madison didn't question it, she just packed up her things, and left. She didn't really mind the abandonment, since her family and her weren't that close. She then came to the Blue gang and joined them, when she proved herself to them. It was about three weeks after she joined that the random break outs and fight began. Madison did as she was told and killed anyone that came near her friends. The only thing that still bothers her, is the fact that she had to kill a twelve year old, that is the only thing that still bother her to this day.

Theme Song:
Not Gonna Die I Skillet





So begins...

Madison Pierce's Story