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Vivian Seo

Soldier/Fighter from the Green Gang.

0 · 249 views · located in US

a character in “The Last Mission”, as played by ~Lonesome Butterfly~




✫ Full Name ✫
Vivian Seo (Nickname = Viv)

✫ Gender ✫

✫ Age ✫

✫ Role ✫
Green Gang's Soldier

✫ Sexuality ✫

✫ Likes ✫

The Ocean
Tai Chi
The Piano
Studying her craft

✫ Dislikes ✫

Judgmental people
Ignorant people
Pushy people
Nosy people

✫ Weight ✫

✫ Height ✫

✫ Eyes ✫

✫ Hair ✫
Brown, and reaches to the middle of her back when out.

✫ Body Art ✫
- A full back tattoo of a Geisha with a sword and a peacock by her side.

- "Lethal" in Kanji on her left wrist, and "Weapon" in Kanji on her right wrist.

- Six lobe piercings and two cartilage piercings at the top in both ears, a BB piercing, and a tongue piercing.

✫ Personality ✫

Viv is passively blunt. She doesn't walk around like a hard-ass trying to constantly prove something to those around her and she hates/avoids petty arguments, but has no problem stating the facts or her opinions without sugar coating them. She's also the type that has a knack for using her words to make an adversary feel stupid or fearful, saving her the effort of having to raise her voice or weapon.

Her sense of humor is usually dry or morbid, and unlike most she won't laugh at a silly off the cuff joke, she'll just ignore it or look at the person rather blankly - perhaps even call the joke stupid out loud.

It takes a lot to get under Viv's skin or cause her to lose her cool, and when she does she'll instantly snap back into a calm state - leaving people around her baffled.

She isn't the life of the party, but she won't bring it down either. She'll attempt her hand at being sociable and is cordial with those she's around, however it takes a lot for her to truly trust someone and subsequently open up to them 100%.

Finally, Viv is loyal to and protective of her friends or whoever she's on a mission with. She'll protect the people she's with more so out of pride an a sense of obligation than emotions, but nevertheless she could hate every single person she was working with on a mission yet still drop everything in a second to defend them against an outside threat. She's all about banding together for the greater good....


✫ Bio ✫

The daughter of very conservative Korean parents Viv grew up in a strictly traditional spiritual household even as the world went to hell in a hand-basket all around her. However at the age of six her family was killed by rouge looters and she was taken in by the leader of the Green Gang - a rough around the edges former Yakuza boss by the name of Jin. Those around him never understood why he took the young girl in, but he did, and raised her as his own. However "as his own" meant Viv was no longer raised in a strict conservative environment, her upbringing suddenly became hostile an often dangerous, which is why Jin began teaching her basic methods of protecting herself, what he didn't expect was for her to pick up everything he taught her so effortlessly.

By age 15 it was obvious to her new father that Viv had a natural talent in battle, so against his better judgement he continued to teach her.

Now as a 21 year old Viv is the strongest fighter in the Green Gang by far outside of her father, uncles, an one crazy aunt. An expert in the lost art of Ninjutsu, as well as using two katanas at once, she can take down men and women twice her size, however the one person who always knows every sneaky step she's going to take is Jin, and every time she thinks she's gotten good enough to best the greying man she'll end up losing to him in a dual.....the same can be said about his lively sister, meaning Viv's continuously practicing her craft in a bid to beat the man she still calls "Daddy." So much so that the people in the Green Gang often joke that her religion is working out/practicing.

✫ Skills ✫

- Ninjutsu/Hand-to-Hand Combat

- Using two swords at once

- Tai Chi & Yoga

- Fluent in Spanish, English, Japanese, and Korean.

✫ Weaknesses ✫

- Orphans

- Food, Cigs, and Beer.

- The fact she won't back down from a fight. In her mind it's better to die trying than walk away a loser. She detest draw's too, but has had one lingering over her head for years thanks to Jin.

- Not knowing when to shut off her intensity at times.

So begins...

Vivian Seo's Story