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Isias Daue


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a character in “The Last of Her Kind”, as played by misssweetness821


Lover of Nina, Guardian of the Lost Children

So begins...

Isias Daue's Story

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Within just a few minutes she fills her satchel with round loaves and long, hard baguettes from the days prior and slips back out the same window, leaving it open behind her. The puddles formed by her wet clothing and the gaping window are the only evidence of her visit as she runs through the darkness and out of town to the small abandoned alter tucked away in the forest.
A small path worn in the grass leads her to the forgotten monument to the Goddess. The pillars that once shined bright with gold have been stripped by the Ivlisar, leaving empty caverns in the crumbling rock. Vines grow wild, overcoming the temple in greenery and pulling its stones down piece by piece over time. What once served as a place of worship still serves as a sanctuary to the forgotten children of Distathia. As she moves deeper through the halls a light can be seen passing through the torn fabric in a doorway deep in the temple. As she steps through she is welcomed with a bevy of greetings as seven children run to relieve her of her satchel.

"Nina," a dark-haired boy cheers as he wraps his arms around her, "you're back!"
"Yes, Alywn," she coos, lifting him up into her arms as she pulls back her hood, touching her nose gently to his, "I brought you something special for helping me collect the milk today. Reaching into her pocket she pulls out a powdered sweet filled with fruit and hands it to him. He takes it greedily into his hands and takes a large bite. The purple filling squirts onto his face and sugar powders his nose, " Thank you," he says grinning, the word lost with the food in his mouth. She sets him down as watch as the children tear apart the bread and stuff it in their mouths hungrily. They range from three to eleven years of age. Urlitta is the youngest, a small blind girl with white hair and blue eyes. Alywn who is five and missing one of his eyes. Mirisa, who they believe to be four or five years herself, though she doesn't speak. Hamza, a very tall seven-year-old, who was abandoned purely because his parents could not feed themselves and him. Terak and Doyle, the newest members of their troop, twin boys who were found wandering the woods by the oldest, Magda, just a week prior. Nina found Magda bleeding in the streets after having been abused by her father, the drunken barkeep, five years ago. The barkeep and his wife assume she has been eaten by wild things, which serves them all better than her living there with them. It is not uncommon for children to be left in these woods by their parents now that the Ivlisar have steadily increased the taxes on the Wight people. Most families cannot afford to feed themselves and their babies. It is the way the Ivlisar have chosen to purge them from existence, leaving only those blessed by the King Naxxrimus to thrive.

Nina pulls the knot from her cloak, stripping the soaked wool from her shoulders and hangs it to dry, then peels her boots from her calves and places them near the fire. She takes her place with the children on the floor stroking her long, red braid in her fingertips. Though the rain had soaked her, her clothing has already dried before she sits by the flames. The twins curl up next to her resting their heads in her lap and rubbing their full stomachs, "You're always so warm," Doyle coos as snuggles closer to her, "How come you never get cold when it rains?" mumbles Terak as he too snuggles up to her.
"That's because she is blessed by the Goddess," a deep voice erupts from the hall. The children all perk up once again and run to the tall, handsome man that passes through the curtain.
"Welcome home Isias," Nina says as she rises to help him carry his haul. Isias is a strong man with dark hair, the leader of their little band of lost children. Nina helps him drag his cart in and begins examining the fabric and leathers from his trip, "I am not blessed," she replies dryly, "just hot-blooded."
Isias lifts Urlitta into his arms and growls playfully as he takes a bite from the roll she pushes toward his face, she giggles and growls back, taking another bite for herself. He kisses her softly on the nose and places her back down before he takes two quick steps toward Nina, wrapping his arms around her waste from behind and planting a kiss on her cheek as well, "Don't be silly," he murmurs softly into her ear, "Beauty like yours can only come from the Divine."
Nina blushes and swings at him playfully with a ream of fabric, "Stop it." He steals another kiss and spins away before he can hit her and plops down next to the fire as the children help pull his boots from his feet. She grabs the woolen blankets from the cart and lays them out over the hay pile the children share to sleep and ushers them to bed, "Alright little ones, it's time to rest." They whine in vain, rubbing their eyes and stretching their tired limbs before curling up together.
"Will you come sleep with us Nina," Magda asks, "it's so cold tonight," Mirisa nods in agreement, reaching out to her.
"I will join you soon darlings, now sleep," she replies, laying another blanket over them. Just a few moments pass before a symphony of soft snoring begins.

"It looks like you got quite a bit this time," she says glancing over to see Isias lifting his toes toward the warmth of the fire.
"Not as much as I would have liked," he muttered, "the old man was pretty tight with the coin this time around. I was sure I would have gotten way more for that goblet, but he knows there aren't many other places we can go to sell those particular pieces."
"Still," she replied as she examined the silk thread from the bottom of the cart, "the children need new clothes, and I can make more than enough with what you've brought back."
Isias leaps from his spot and snatches a small wooden box from Nina's hand before she can open it, "That's for someone very special," he says.
"Oh," Nina says coyly, " and who would that be?"
"The most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, my heart, my love"
Nina blushes and looks up at him. Isias continues, "Why little Urlitta of course, should I wake her," he teases. Nina crossed her arms and stares at him blankly as he laughs. He reaches over and pulls her close, "It's for you of course," he whispers in her ear as he opens the box and pulls out a bright red stone dangling from a delicate gold chain. Nina gasps as it shines in the light of the fire, "Isias, you shouldn't haveâ€Ļ you could have spent that on new boots or a horse even!" Though she is a little disappointed at his foolishness she can't help but admire its beauty, "Where did you get this?"
"Don't worry, I didn't spend anything on it. I found it in some rubble when I stopped to rest. Someone must have dropped it. Do you want me to put it on for you?"
She pulls away from him, "No. You should sell it. That could get you a horse, and you could go search for your father."
Isias places the gem back in the box and closes the lid, "Nina, it's been fifteen years. He probably isn't alive anymore. Even if he was, he would want me to stay here with the children and help keep them safe." She shakes her head. She knows that though he loves the children, he gave up on his search long ago because of his love for her, "Save it. They won't be children forever. Your father is alive, you will find him one day. If you had a horse you wouldn't have to drag this cart all the way to Ebonstar by yourself." Visibly discouraged he places the box back in the cart. She reaches over to him and takes his chin in her soft hands, "It is beautiful, thank you for thinking of me."
"Go sleep," he smiles, "I'll take first watch." Nina nods and kisses him on the cheek before joining the children in the hay pile. They all snuggle closer to her warm body as she gets comfortable and soon drifts off the sleep.

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As dawn breaks, Nina wakes and listens to the harmony of the children sleeping and the loud snoring of Isias. Without opening her eyes she knows that he has fallen asleep near the entrance to the sanctuary while on watch. Luckily for them, the temple is hidden and not visited often. She opens her eyes and crawls over the children, careful not to wake them. The fire has almost died out, leaving only smoldering cinders behind. Taking a log from the pile, she tossed it in, and it immediately grows larger, filling the room with warmth once more.
Isias sleeps with a spear across his lap, his feet stretched out in front of him, and his head hanging to one side. She taps Isias on the shoulder to wake him and he snorts in surprise, "Oh I - I must have fallen asleep," he stammers as he stretches his arms high above his head.
"Come on," she says helping him to his feet, "It's market day. I'll go collect the flowers. You watch the children." Donning her boots and her cloak she takes a basket from the corner and steps through the curtain and out of the temple, taking a worn path deeper into the forest.

The setting changes from Distanthia Goddess Shrine to Distathia


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After an hours walk, they could hear the bustle of Market Day as vendors from the surrounding farms gathered to sell their wares. The streets were filled with Wight and Ivlisar who all chatted and examined various fruits and livestock available for purchase. The children grew excited as they drew near.
"Alright boys," Isias said, "you know what to do. If you get anything good, bring it back to me." With a quick kiss, her took the boys deep into the bustle, their little fingers eager to dip into the pockets of the unsuspecting Ivlisar. Nina and Mirisa made their way into the center of the square to sell the Dawn's Roses, who were frozen in their blooming states. When they found the perfect spot Nina dropped down and handed the basket over to Mirisa, "Alright beautiful, you know what to do," and smiled, pinching her cheeks with her fingers and taking a seat next a fountain to watch.

"Oh, how pretty," an elder Ivlisar said, crouching down to Mirisa and touching the white flower with her fingertips. She handed over a coin and Mirisa removed a rose from the basket, handing it over. She smiled softly and returned to Nina's side. The trap was set.

Dawn's Roses are a key ingredient in an elixir only used by wealthy Ivlisar to maintain their beauty and youth. In addition, they are very easily spotted in a crowd. Nina retrieved the coin from Mirisa and handed her another rose, then peered through the crowd to catch Isias' eye and gave him a quick nod. After the first rose sold more and more of the wealthy came to purchase them from little Mirisa, who silently smiled and took their coin. Nina kept back, instinctually touching her ears through her cloak, ensuring that their tips were always covered and watched as the boys made their way underfoot, targeting those who carried the white flowers. They weaved through legs and stealthily dipped their little hands into pockets and baskets taking anything they could get their hands on and disappear back into the crowd. Isias walked about, his short sword hidden beneath his cloak, to ensure that the children stayed safe. When their own little pockets were full they would run back to him and empty their haul into his satchel. The boys loved their game and had become very good. Tarek and Doyle were still quite new to the group but had picked up the skill quickly. Now that he was older and could no longer move as undetected, Hamza used his charm to distract young women and his physical prowess to strike up a conversation with the men, creating perfect little diversions for his brothers. As usual this went on for hours, the more roses sold, the more pockets were picked, the heavier the satchel grew.

Then the ground began to shake. Nina's ear perked to the south as she locked eyes with Isias. They knew the sound all too well. The Drougue were coming. Fear grew in the town square as the Wight and Forrest Ivlisar began to pack up whatever they could and ran, leaving behind carts and livestock. What was a peaceful market day was drenched in panic, "Mirisa, let's go," Nina shouted taking her quickly by the hand and rushing to Isias' side. Hamza and Doyle stood with him, but Tarek was nowhere to be seen. With everyone running about in panic he was impossible to spot, "Tarek!" they shouted. The shaking of the earth intensified as hundreds of Drougue approached, breaking through the forest line.
Isias removed his satchel and shoved it into Nina's arms, "Go," he shouted, "Take the children and go, I will find Tarek, I'll be right behind you" Doyle sobbed, "Where are you, brother?" The army moved quickly toward them and Nina herded the children away and toward the sanctuary. She stopped at the edge of town, "Hamza," she said sternly, looping the satchel over his head and pushing Mirisa's hand into his, "Take Doyle and Mirisa back, I'm going help Isias find Tarek." He took both firmly by the hand as they pulled away from him, Mirisa reaching out to her and crying, Doyle sobbing harder than before, "Nina, don't go," he cried. She crouched down and looked them sternly in the eye, "I need you to be brave, listen to Hamza, follow the path. When you get there barricade the door and extinguish the fire. You need to hide. I will come back with Tarek, I promise." She pulled a dagger from her waist and turned to run back into town as Hamza dragged them back through the forest.

"Tarek," she shouted, weaving through the panic as the Drougue began flooding the streets, snatching up Wight men and boys and tossing them into a large cage, "Tarek!" Isias spotted her and a look of horror overcame him, "I told you to go with the children," he snapped. Drougue surrounded them, "I'm a woman, they won't take me. GO! I will find him." Isias looked her in the eyes, "No, I won't leave you." Before she could respond they heard him, "Nina, Isias! Help," little Tarek shouted as he was lifted by his hair by an ugly drougue with a curved blade. They watched as he was flung into a cage filled with men, their hands shaking the bars as they cried out to their wives and children.
"No," Nina gasped, lurching toward him. Isias grabbed her wrist, his skin searing as her blood boiled. He winced, "Nina we will save him. You go around, I'll distract him." He ran toward the drogue and lifted his blade high, the monster laughed blocking the blow with his own, kicking Isias back. Nina ran as fast as she could, around the tavern to sneak up behind the cage. Tarek met her in the corner, "Nina, I'm so sorry," he stammered, tears running down his cheeks. "Shhh," she hushed him, "I'm going to get you out of here," she said, using her blade to saw away at the ropes binding the side of the cage. It took so long to get through, seconds felt like hours as she watched Isias fight with the guard. He was strong, but the drougue are massive creatures who move rock and live in the mines, he was no match. She sawed and sawed at the ropes, the men trapped inside helping push the panel. The ropes snapped and the wall fell, she snatched Tarek and looked up to Isias. He smiled when he saw that she was successful but let his guard down, then with a final blow, the drougue pushed his blade into Isias' chest. His smile was replaced with shock as blood poured from his lips, Nina screamed and dropped to her knees, clutching Tarek in her arms. The men in the cage poured out and pulled at her shoulders, "Thank you, but they're coming, you need to run. Now!" The drougue noticed the cage began to fall apart and started to swarm around them. Nina stood with tears rolling down her cheeks, clutching Tarek to her chest to block his view and ran without looking back to see Isias fall lifelessly to the ground. She ducked a blade swinging for her head and spun around its wielder. Her feet pounded the ground as she ran, the distance between her and the army growing larger and larger until she broke through the tree line. Tarek cried in her arms, "Nina, stop please, you're hurting me," he wailed. For a moment she stopped, setting his feet down and looking him over, a large blister formed on his face where he was pressed against her, "I'm so sorry Tarek," she cried, calming herself down, "but we need to run, can you do that?" He nodded, the salty tears stinging him wound, "I'll put something on it when we get back, but we need to go now." She took his hand and they ran together, through the forest and back to the sanctuary.