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Jodie Lynn Schmidt

I'm not a good person, but I am not cruel either.

0 · 437 views · located in America

a character in “The Last Of Us: Alone and Forsaken”, as played by VeritasProcella


"We spend so much time searching for ourselves that what we find will never be what we hope for ourselves to be. Its been years, and the person I've found in myself still isnt who I dreamed of being when I was a child."

♧Who I Am♧

Nickname(s): Joe if you really want to piss her off.
Age: 46 (and counting)
Gender: Female
Actors Name: Samantha Ferris


♧My Appearance♧

Eye Color:Brown
Skin Tone: White.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Romantic Interest: None as of yet.


Physical Description:

As an older woman she isn't quite as fit as she once was in her youth, but she has retained some of her youthful appearance namely her muscle mass and leg strength. She's an average kind of woman when it comes to looks but she doesn't go over the top to impress anyone with her looks. Most of the time she dresses in rags and ties her hair away from her face. She has many scars lining her body, but her most prominent one runs the length of her side, starting from just beneath her armpit to just below her ribcage. She has no tattoos and probably won't ever have any.

She has lost a lot of arm strength and it takes her a longer amount of time to climb than it does to run. She does excercises everyday to keep up her strength but as she ages it only gets worse. Her face is almost always in a neutral position between conveying anger and sadness, and very rarely does she express any sort of happiness. She isn't cold hearted, but she isn't one for smiling either - unless of course she's taking care of someone else.

♧Talents and Skills♧

Skills and Talents:

♣ She's a good shot. . . And very trigger happy.

♣ Hard to deceive.

♣ Able to take on most people in a fight.

♣Quite the runner.

♣ Manipulative.

♣ Known for breaking people down and getting information out of them.

♣ Has natural maternal instincts coming out the Wazoo.

♣ Has a trick shoulder, which can be good or it can be bad depending on the situation.


Jodie is a woman with a hard to read personality. Most of her facets dont exactly go well with each other and its easy to say she might be slightly manic. Her most dominant state of mind is anger, and most people think she is angry even when she isnt. Her aggressions naturally stem from a childhood where her parents were nothing more than two people that fought constantly in front of her and thought it was funny when they beat each other bloody. Shes never been in a real relationship, any boy she dated on highschool was only looking for one thing, and when they got it they left - she became cold to sexual advances after that. She hates kids, despite having a soft spot for babies.

Kids to her are loud and noisy, they don't understand anything, and will only be a cause of death in the end. Babies however have always had her heart - but they also make her deeply sad. To people who are hurt she is somewhat motherly and nurturing. Her bedside manner is shockingly heartwarming and she isn't unnecessarily rough with anybody. She has a way of bringing forth the good in people at these times; only to turn around and piss them off when they get better.

Jodie can be nice, but don't mistake her for a friend until you have been with her for a long time. She likes to measure a persobs worth before befriending them, and can count how many friends she has on her left hand.

If caught on a good day Jodie can express a more nice facet of herself. She likes helping out - no matter what she says or how mad she acts when she does.



◆ A 13" Special made Bowie Knife given to her by her great grandfather back before Cordyceps was even thought of. He collected weapons and was a hell of a crazy man. A survivalist type of guy who wanted his granddaughter to be safe - and that meant secretly giving her weapons and helping her stash them places her parents couldn't find them.

◆ A snub nose pistol, nothing fancy and maybe a little bit of a hair trigger (or rather she's just trigger happy). She likes to call it her 'little guy' and wave it around when she gets any form of 'not-sober'.

♧What I like and What I dont♧


♥ Cold Weather; More cover against attacks from the infected.

♥ Being Outside the zones.

♥ The Fireflies; Sometimes...

♥ Rain; More noise cover.

♥ Dogs as long as they are not feral.

♥ People who use their brains.

♥ Babies (but not kids, theres a difference.)

♥ Sleeping in an actual bed.


★ Kids....

★ Scrappers

★ Loud mouths

★People with no spines

★ Spiders

★ Stalkers (of the infected kind)

★ Sleepless nights.

♧My Life♧

Growing up on the wrong side of town had her living life eating left overs from the neighbors trailer or digging up the garbage. But Jodie never let it get her down. She saw fit to better herself, and despite her parents she had her grandfather whom would take care of her when they would not. Jodie's parents were not intentionally cruel though, they fed her when they could and tried to keep her under a regiment of stable household rules. They sent her to school and took her to the doctors when they could afford it. Even though their constant fighting had them both black and blue they never laid a single hand on her.

She grew up thinking it must be a miracle, and as a child held a very strong faith in god. She was of no particular religion but tried her hardest to attend church every sunday if she could get to one in time. She spent her childhood with a multitude of friends and had very high hopes for her future in law. By the time she hit ten she already made up her mind to become a lawyer and probably would have stuck with that dream until she reached.

Funny thing about dreams though. They never do seem to come true unless your one of the lucky or damned. When Cordycep hit her small Illinois town her Grandfather loaded her and her parents up into one of his modified jeeps, and they tried to get out town - that was the easy part. They lived on the outskirts and it wasn't a big town to begin with. Many people tried to simply barricade themselves into their homes or went down to the local churches and sought refuge there. Jodie's grandfather had a better idea though, he was ex-army and thought if he could reach any of the bases they would find help there...

Those first few weeks were hard. Food ran out quick and water too. Jodie had never seen her parents fight so much as at that moment and her grandfather was the only one trying to keep them alive and simulntaniously teach Jodie how to survive on rough terrain and use as many weapons as he could teach her in his short time left. After six months the stress and age got to him, he died fighting a Runner and left Jodie and her parents without direction or reason. Her parents didn't want her to give them rule so they took it upon themselves to try and reach a city - somewhere they foolishly thought would be safe.

It was their ultimate downfall, and a day that would be forever burned into Jodie's mind and cut into her body. They ran across a group of hungry survivors holding off a small section of the city. They at first seemed like nice people, they gave Jodie food and put her parents on patrols to help out. But they were decieving them the entire time. Lacing Jodies food with sedatives one night and tranquilizing her parents. They dragged them into one of the kitchens and thoufh Jodie was drugged up she could still see. Her body was paralyzed but her mind was not.

They cut her parents up first - more meat on them or something. There were others there too, community members also being cut up to feed the rest of them. She remembers one of them talking to her in hushed tones, it was one of the women. "I'm sorry honey, I tried to tell them you were important too. But they saw no use for you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." After that she remembers only a searing pain in her side.

When she fully woke up she was in one of the community members trucks with the woman who had spoken to her back in the kitchens. She explained to her that the community got over run when a bunch of strangers tried to come in and ended up knocking down one of the walls. They were about to prepare her for.. well food but they got distracted by the intrusion. Gunshots ended up bringing a bunch of runners and some clickers into their section of the city and it was apparently hard for the woman to get Jodie out. She had lost her own child a long time ago and only took Jodie with her because she couldn't watch another child die.

After that they were together for a long time, watching each others backs and scavenging for food (the womans name was Emily Hirsch). They got access to a safe zone but were rarely there. They gained ration cards through illegal activities and trading. Jodie did what she had to, and low and behold they survived for years after. At age twenty five she deigned to join the fireflies though she barely believed in their cause, she simply wanted yo rid herself of the military rule. She left them unnoficially when she hit thirty because she could no longer fight for them and their cause, they served little purpose for her and what she herself wanted for her life.

She thought she was fighting for justice but their cause was in her opinion corrupt. Emily had died a few years back so she had no one to really spend her time with. She took to drinking when she could find it and wading deep into the troubles that come with the bad end of the settlement she lived in. She had three miscarriages in her life due to her promiscuity as an adult and her rough lifestyle. She never wanted kids but often would get very attached to the babies growing inside of her.


So begins...

Jodie Lynn Schmidt's Story