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Sterling Bowes

There were two who had to die: the thing I wished to kill, and I.

0 · 641 views · located in America

a character in “The Last Of Us: Alone and Forsaken”, as played by The Cynic



Nickname: Silver.
Age: 34.
Gender: Male.
Actors Name: Viggo Mortensen.
Eye Color: Sky blue.
Skin Tone: Light tan.
Height: 6'2
Weight: 210.
Romantic Interest: Deceased.

Physical Description: Tall and lean, Sterling is a winsome man with a placid countenance, dark blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and chiseled
features. There is a constant air of calmness about him, and his face rarely betrays his emotions.
Skills and Talents: Sharp-shooting, equestrian, knife-fighting, hunting, photographic memory.
Personality: Calm, cool, and lackluster. Sterling is an aloof individual who chooses his words cautiously, and rarely speaks unless spoken
to. His quietness often comes off as cold and uncaring, which leaves an imprint of danger and intimidation in others. Beneath his steely
appearance, Sterling is a man who places a high value on honor and integrity. He has a soft spot for animals of all breeds and is seemingly
immune to fear. Sterling is stubborn, set in his ways, and follows the long-dead code of chivalry. However, despite his righteous beliefs,
the man can be immensely dangerous. His temper is volcanic if quelled and he has no qualms with killing those he doesn't care for, regardless
of cost or reason.
Weapons: Remington 700 XCR II, Ka-Bar Fighting Knife.
Likes: Horse-back riding, roping, cattle-penning, whiskey, mountains.
Dislikes: Audacity, cruelty, arrogance, teenagers, bears.
History: Currently being written.
Other: Sterling's mount, Rickett, is an black American Quarterhorse.

"There were but two beneath the sky -
The thing I came to kill, and I.
I, under covert, quietly
Watched him sense eternity
From quivering brush to pointed nose
My bow to shoulder level rose.
And then I felt, I could not see
Far off a hunter watching me.
I slowly put my rifle by,
For there were two who had to die -
The thing I wished to kill, and I."


So begins...

Sterling Bowes's Story