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Tierman Hacket

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a character in “The Last of Us - Outbreak”, as played by Koleu


Age: 37

Gender: Male

Appearance: Despite being only 37 he already has a bit of white hair giving him a grisly tone. He is, at the moment the story's taking place, using a grey social long-sleeved shirt, black pants, black leather shoes, a golden watch on his left hand and a blue tie. Not the strongest men around, but also not weak, he has an average appearance.

Former occupation: He used to work in a bank as a manager, and even before, he was a mechanic. With a good salary, it was enough to pay the rent of his house, until him and his wife could pay for better quarters, and who know, maybe even one of their own. Until the shit hit the fan.

Personality: He is very calculistic. He will always do logical conclusions, and will only care for himself, and those that are around him, as long as those around him are still useful. Every sensitive part of himself died along with his wife, when he watched a mob of infected grab her and eat her alive. Despite his urge to come back and help, if he did, both of them would die. He ran, hearing the screams of his wife begging for him to save her. He relieves that day every single night he sleeps, and because of that, he tends to sleep very little, spending days whitout even laying his head on a pillow. His imnsonia actually helps him a bit with his endurance, however, as time goes by he can get very tired, and turns less effective into everything he does, turning into more of a liability than anything else. He is cold, and would never risk his life for someone else.

History: He used to have a normal life. When he was 30 years old he married a beautiful woman named Carla, and the two of them were very happy. Despite some fights here and there and the "almost divorce" they have, they were a pretty ordinary couple, living in a rented penthouse. When the outbreak started, just like most people, they tough it would be just another one of those dieseases, and that it would go away as fast as it came, just like the H1N1 strain a few years ago. However it's not what happened. In 2 months no cure had been found, 30% of the world was already infected, and the scenarion was just gettign worse, with a massive death toll in every nation in the world. Nowhere was safe. The military passed everywhere grabbing anyone they could to bring to an improvised quarantine zone. They didn't wanted to leave their possessions behind, so they stayed. They boarded the windows and door, however it was not enough to stop the relentles hunger of those... things. They killed his wife, as he made a run for it. A few days later, a group of survivors came to the top of the building he was in. They all decided to work together to get out of there. And that is the point his story is now.

Weapons: A Glock 18 and 2 mags with 20 bullets each. Enough to keep him safe. And a pocket knife he found from a dead man, half-eaten in the ground.

Location: US, Virginia. Moved to Boston to marry his wife, and decided to build his new life here. All that's left, however, is ruins.

Other: He is very good with numbers, and anything that involves calculus. Knows almost nothing of survival, however, he is a pretty good mecanich as well, as it was what he worked as before being a bank manager. Can fix almost anything he gets his hands on. Despite his cold exterior, if someone has helped him enough for him to consider a friend, he becomes a warm and gentle person.

So begins...

Tierman Hacket's Story


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Beverly walked swiftly and silently down the nearly abandoned city street. At this time, Beverly was in Boston. She flew in a couple months ago to visit her father & brother. Her flight back obviously was probably not ever going to happen now considering the fact there had been an enormous outbreak of a newly found deadly virus with no cure. The street was almost completely silent except for the few sounds of moaning and groaning coming from a couple of the undead figures walking around. Luckily, it wasn't very hard to avoid them.

Beverly threw her last cigarette on the road and stomped on it. It wasn't really the time for her to be lighting up smokes but she couldn't help herself. Being alone in this kind of time and place was putting a lot of stress on Beverly. She's luckily to have even survived this long. Beverly recently lost her only companion, her brother, to a hoard of the undead. After that she really hadn't given a shit about what happens next. Beverly was mostly lost in thought half time or busy fighting for her life.

Upon her walk, Beverly spotted an extremely large hoard of "zombies" over by an ambulance. It seemed as if they were violently ripping apart the body of a once alive human being. The thought absolutely sickened her. How was she supposed the avoid this? This was nothing like what she'd dealt with before. Before it was just a couple of them that she easily took out her the small pocket knife she would carry for emergencies. Beverly had a small pistol on her but barely had any rounds. Plus, the sound of the gunshot would likely just attract more and end up in her dying.

Looks like she'd half to take a risk. Beverly made her way closer the hoard and none of them had even looked up from their 4 course meal yet. This was a good sign. It meant she just might have a chance of crossing the blob safely and unseen. At this point she was only about a couple of feet away from the zombies and had no choice but to turn into the sketchiest alley way Beverly had seen here in Boston. Making her way into the alleyway, Beverly was clumsy enough to trip over a small pile of garbage which made a quite large amount of noise, and of course, it most definitely caught the undead's attention.

Before she knew, Beverly was running for her life. At the end of the alleyway was nothing but more of those vile zombies. She was lucky enough to find an open manhole that led down to the main sewers. Faster than Beverly could ever imagine she climbed down into the dark smelly sewers and continued running. Who knows if those things could make their way down here without breaking?!

The farther down the sewers she got she realized that she had no idea where the hell she was going. Beverly eventually started to get tired and slowed down to a simple jog. It had been 10 minutes and at this point Beverly didn't know whether she just wanted to give up or keep going just to fail in the end. Suddenly, the shadows of at least 4 or 5 figures came into vision. Although it was almost impossible to tell if they were human or not.

The figures had obviously heard Beverly's muffled footsteps because they turned around with alert faces and even weapons drawn. Well at least she knew they were human. Beverly raised both hands to signal she was not going to hurt anymore. The people gave her dirty and suspicious looks but said no words.

"I'm not going to hurt anyone, I swear. I'm just trying to run from the hoard up above. I guess I'll be going now...I'm sorry." Beverly whispered with nervousness clearly in her shaky voice. She turned around and started to head back the way she came hoping something good would finally happen.


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#, as written by Kojovs
As she turned and started to walk back from the way she came, Casper stepped up.


She turned around slowly, her eyes meeting his. She was scared. Casper sensed it, and tried to put on a calming smile on his face.

"If you go that way, any of those things managed to track you down here, will get you. It's better if we stick together. You can come with us if you want."

"I... don't know..." she said trembling.

Anna walked closer to her, and tried to confort her by placing her left hand on Beverly's shoulder. She shurgged it off as fast as she could and walked a bit backwards, almost falling into the putrid waters of the sewers.

"You don't need to fear us. Our only intent is to help." said Anna.

"We are making our way to the Quarantine zone. The army will help us then, keep it safe. If you come with us, they will certainly welcome you as well."

Tierman stared at Casper. That boy was really hard to read. Back then, in the top of the building he agreed without a second tough to leave that whole family to die, in order to escape. He agreed to use other people's lives that were in no way more or less important than theirs, in a calculistic and cold manner. But now, he was smiling, and cautiously trying to earn Beverly's trust. Instead of being rational he was being emotional. Wether he was shaken from the surprise encounter, and how she was scared, or wether he simply could not take another harsh decision was beyond him. But one thing was certain, and Tierman knew it already. Casper was unpredictable. Despite his intelligence, that got them all alive so far, his unprectability could cause great harm to the group.

"Would you... let me go with you?" Beverly asked to the group, anxiously waiting for a positive response.

"Of course." said Casper.

Anna noticed that Beverly was shaking and had a gun in her hand. She asked calmly for Beverly to hand it over to her, and so she did. She promised to give it back as soon as Beverly was calmer.

Casper turned around to the group. "Alright guys, we have a new member. But she is unable to do anything right now. We keep the same plan. Erik, you go up front. Anna, you stay in the middle with me. And you David, cover our flank."

Everyone agreed and went to their posts, and started walking again. In an hour, they were at the manhole to the surface.

"Nothing so far..." said Erik, with his machete in hand. "I'll go up first, se if it's all clear."

Casper and the rest nodded. Erik sheated his blade and climbed the ladder. As soon as he reached for the surface an infected jumped on him, screaming like a maniac. Erik sidestepped, dodgind the infected. He immediately recomposed himself, unsheating his machete. As the infected came for him again, he sidestepped once more, and witha precise slice, he cut it's head off. The body fall to the ground, a blood pool forming just as fast as the life drained from that body.

He then turned around rapidly to make sure one of them would surprise him again. But there was nothing. He went back to the manhole, and signalized for them to come up. One by one, they made their way uptop.

Casper had saw what Erik could do. Out of everyone in the group it was clear he was the best at survival tactics and close-quarter combat. He smiled as he saw the decapitated body on the ground. But his smile soon turned into sadness as he remembered it once used to be human.

Erik came closer to it examining its body. "It seems he was infected trough a bite on his left arm." he said pointing at it. "It also seems that he tried to chop it off, but the pain was to much, and he inevitably turned. He could just had killed himself but... He probably didn't had the necessary strenght..." He turned his eyes to Casper. "Don't be sad. These things are not human anymore. And if the person is still inside, you are doing it a favor."

Casper remained there for a few more seconds staring at the bite mark. He then got up nodding positively and turned to the group. "All right, let's go."

They walked for half an hour torwards the designated QZ. It was really easy to navigate to the destination, as countless plaques all around pointed to it, or even improvised grafitti on the walls. However it was all just to easy.

"No infected... That's odd." said Tierman.

As they walked, Erik suddenly stopped, pointing his machete to his left. "That's probably the answer."

A dead body. No. In fact, as soon as they all noticed that single body a putrified smell invaded their senses, making the more sensitive ones of the group almost vomit. There were bodies all around. They were just so intent into reaching the QZ, and into listening to any sound, that they forgot to look around them.

Erik went closer examining the dead body. "All shots to the head or vital organs. It seems the military is keeping the surrounding areas clear to make sure a giant horde does not attack them head on."

After closer examination that showed the same results they all once again, resumed their march to their so sought after heaven.

As the journey went more and more, and they all got even more tired, Casper noticed how Erik went in the front, scanning the area for any of those things the military may have missed. He went closer to him until he was at his side. Erik stared at him.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing. I just wanted to thank you for anything you've done for us." Casper stopped smiling a bit. "It's just nice to know there is someone I can count on."

Erik muffled before turning to Casper again. "Buddy listen. We're no friends, and I've done nothing for you or any of the group. I merely cooperated to make sure I could survive. And I'll keep it that way as long as it needs. After that, we part ways."

Casper smile dissapeared and his calculistic and emotionless side could be seen deep in his eyes. Erik himself was surprised in the quick change of personalities and behavior. Casper simply slowed his pace down, gathering with the rest of the group.

They kept walking until they saw a metal fence, covered with some sort of black cloth. "That is the improvised QZ." said Erik.

As they went closer a light turned on blinding them all. All they could do was hear a grave voice demanding them to drop their weapons. As soon as their vision adjusted they could see armed soldiers aiming at them. They were all aiming for their heads, the safety of the gun out.

"Hey listen..." said Erik, but he was quickly interrupted by a soldier, as he tried to get closer.

"If you walk a single centimeter, I'll put a bullet in your head." said the soldier.

The group remained silent in fear, and the soldiers remained in their posts aiming at them. Casper however, broke thr silence.

"Listen, we just came from hell. We deserve some peace after all this. Just let us in!" he pleaded.

"No can do. I am sorry."

"What!!?" shouted David.

"We are not accepting new refugees at the time. Turn back now and go back to where you came."

"Are you nuts!!?" he screamed. "There is no turning back. The place from where we came is no more!!"

"We can't allow you to jeopardize the safety of the quarantine and the citizens within. If you try, we will kill you before you succed." said the soldier in a cold and monotone voice.

"What the--" he said, but being quickly interupted by Anna.

"You're the military!! You're supposed to save us!!" she screamed clearly panicking.

The soldiers remained silent. A few of them looked at one another. But nothing changed.

"We are not infected. We can assure you of it." said Casper.

"You are not bitten, you mean. But we know very little of this parasite. From what we know, bites are only one way to get infected. Therefore, trough order of our superiors, and to protect the ones that are completely safe and clean, we cannot let you inside."

"You are letting me inside now!!!" said David screaming and walking torwards them.

"If you cross this light in the ground we will fire at will!!! Stay back!" said one of the soldiers.

"David stop!!!" screamed Erik as he reached for him holding him up. Casper came to help, as Beverly and Anna stayed behind not sure of what was going on, and Tierman simply watched the scene unfold with his arms crossed.

"We are citizens of America!!! We have rights!!" screamed David, as tears rolled trough his face, his irrational fear taking control over his body.

The soldiers started giving orders for everyone to step back, while Casper and Erik tried to calm David down but to no avail. Voices could be heard from both sides as chaos spread, panicking everyone.

"David stop!! Think for once!!" said both Erik and Casper in a desperate attempt to not get dragged down with David to the enormous hole he was digging for all of them.

"Step back or we will shoot to kill!! That is an order!!" the soldiers said, the voices of both the groups, the military, and the survivors mixing in a horrifying tone of melancholy and desperation.

As much as Casper and Erik tried, they couldn't calm David down. He broke free, being stronger than both of them, pushing Erik to the side, and punching Casper on his face, which made him fall to the ground. He ran desperately for the fence.

"Let me in!!! LET ME IN!!!"

The soldiers readied their weapons. "FIRE!!!"

Countless shots were fired at David's body and head, blood splattering all over the ground, as both Erik watched the scene in shock and Casper'sd eyes widened as he cleaned the blood from his mouth. Beverly was shaking again, and Anna screamed in desperation as Tierman simply watched it all, unfazed.

As soon as his body fell to the ground, it's sound echoing trough the aream silence swept in. All their journey, all their attempts of saving themselves were in vain. After all the military wasn't their savior. At least, not anymore.