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Tia Kirby

Don't walk, run!

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a character in “The Last Of Us - Survivors”, as played by Faith Fanon



Name: Tia Kirby

Age: 18

Tia is 5’ 1” and 88lb, with a boyish figure - she jokes that she never went through puberty. Her hair is shorn at the sides and piled up on top to add an inch or two to her height. Her left earlobe is a torn mess – the first Infected she encountered ripped an earring from it while trying to grasp her. There is badly chipped black nail polish on her fingernails.

Tia and older brother DeShaun were raised in the secure Zone by their maternal grandparents when their mother became infected 10 years ago. It was a spartan upbringing, but it represented stability after the chaotic home life provided by their mother, a drug addict, occasional prostitute and occasional jail bird. Under their grandfather’s firm hand, DeShaun gave up running with bad influences and, instilled with a sense of honour and duty, left town to join the Fireflies. Tia hasn’t lost her rebellious streak, but regularly attends the town's improvised high school and mostly stays out of trouble.

Tia’s first up-close experience of the infected was when one attacked her on the way home from the school, ripping half her earlobe off. She thought he was a drunk and escaped. When she got home, she found her grandfather boarding up the house and tending to her grandmother, who had been attacked as well and was running a fever. During the night, her grandmother succumbed to the infection. Tia woke to find her grandfather holding her slavering grandmother at arm’s length. Her grandfather yelled at Tia to get his gun from under their bed; the shot she fired went through her grandmother’s head and grazed her grandfather’s shoulder.

Grandfather sat watch for the rest of the night, but in the morning, he too fell into a fever, and Tia took his place on watch by the fire. All in the house was silent, until the evening, when, groaning and snarling, her grandfather sat up snarling and grabbed at her. Tia flung a canister of gasoline on the fire, and the last thing saw as she fled was her own grandfather lurching towards her, arms outstretched and mouth slavering.

That was two months ago. Since then Tia has survived on her wits and one or two friendships. Now, she wants to find the Fireflies. If anyone can protect her from this horror, it’s surely her 6’6”, 280lb brother.

Brother DeShaun, 20, fate unknown, presumed with the Fireflies.
Grandmother dead.
Grandfather infected.
Mother infected.

Despite being cowed by the horrors of the post-outbreak world and the loss of her family, Tia retains some of her brash personality from life before. She is quick-witted and quick-tempered, but retains a humble streak, drummed into her by her grandmother, that means she is also quick to apologise and quick to forgive. Even moreso now than ever, Tia believes in living for the moment. In unguarded moments, it's obvious Tia yearns for the security of the second home she found with her grandparents, and has an almost child-like need to recreate that by finding her brother.

Fleeing her grandaprents' house, Tia grabbed a handful of clothes from a washbasket, and has been too scared to loot clothes stores for anything else. As a result, she wears a black tanktop she was sleeping in, a yellow Hello Kitty sweatshirt, and one of her grandfather’s denim work shirts, layering them as the weather dictates. She also wears a denim mini and knee-socks that were once white but are now dark with grime, dust and dirt. Over these, she wears her brother's 4XL hoodie which comes down to her knees. Battered black Converse and a green bandana worn on the neck or over the head complete the outfit.

Hand hatchet, which at just 9” long is a lot shorter than a regular hatchet. Killing an infected with it would mean getting close enough to hug it, something Tia hasn’t risked yet.
Tia also carries her grandfather’s Smith & Wesson Model 29-2. Its 6” barrel and 45oz weight means she can hardly hold it up with two hands, and she’s only fired the revolver once as a result. She has 28 .44 Magnum bullets for it.
Tia has compensated for her lack of skill with weapons with stealth and agility. Already used to sneaking around the derelict buildings of the outpost, and climbing chain-link fences, fire escapes, and the like, Tia has been able to avoid confrontations with both Infected and - more difficultly - and humans.

Tia fled her home with nothing but her weapons, a handful of clothes, and her purse, which contains basic makeup items and mirror, small change, a cigarette lighter, and a couple of condoms. Her small size has meant that she's been able to survive on what little food she has been able to scavange along the way.

So begins...

Tia Kirby's Story


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The low murmurs of humanity fill the warehouse, like every night. There's the usual baseline of gentle snores from the lucky ones, the secure ones, the ones in groups that guarantee safety and the peace of mind to sleep. There's the timid whimpering of that woman in the corner; Tia never knew if she was asleep, in the throes of a recurring nightmare, or awake, fearful like herself, unable to relax fully, knowing letting your guard down could mean robbery, rape or worse. There's the creak and rustle and whisper as unseen people do unseen things in the dark concrete recesses of the building.

One night, she'd thought about approaching the whimpering woman, to say they'd be safer if they banded together. It happened often enough in the lower levels of the Zone, although it was more common for a woman to give herself up to some man for protection. But after several steps, the whimpering woman had looked up at her with such fear in her eyes that Tia had turned aside, found herself another quiet spot in which to settle down for the night.

Tonight she came to the warehouse late. All the best spots were gone, so she had to make camp by the wide crack in the warehouse wall where the junkies hung out. She gathers her belongings to her again; it's almost like an instinctive twitch now. Her little bag hangs safe around her neck under her oversized hoodie. The burnished steel of her grandfather's gun is cold against her forearm. She hasn't had to use it, but its weight is comforting. She's only pulled the stiff trigger once, that awful night a month ago when everything came crashing down, when her last two protectors in this strange and dangerous world had died, one due to her own stupidity. Tears prick Tia's eyes, as they have every night since.

Tia is drifting off when three figures are framed against the dusk in the warehouse doorway; their voices snap her back to wakefulness. After a moment of watching, she realises the child and the woman are Medina and Audici. The Sulijmani sisters Tia counts as friends. Medina is her own age, but having responsibility for Audici means she acts far more adult. As someone who, at least until recently, had someone to care for her, Tia feels more in common with the 10-year-old. They sometimes share in the various chores required around the Zone for everyday survival; laundry, clear-up, petty fetching and carrying, that sort of thing. Medina is so capable, she makes Tia feel like a child herself. She'd like to do something for her, prove herself an adult too. So far, staying alive has been Tia's focus.

She doesn't know the man they're talking to. He's big and stocky. He lets out a cruel laugh and pulls Medina to one side. Tia start up, worried for her friend, but there is no outcry from their shadow; perhaps it's okay. She looks on as Audici wanders over, then lets out a small gasp. She's almost certain she heard, over the background noise of the warehouse, the girl say 'the Fireflies...' She cranes her neck closer to better hear the stranger's urgent whispers. Then Audici laughs out loud, drawing glances from those nearby. 'You have no compassion, Brian,' the girl says. More urgent whispers dart back and forth between Medina and the man. H then hands something to the sisters, who then leave, Audici tagging along in Medina's purposeful wake as usual.

He's coming this way! Tia looks away in a panic, knowing her sudden movement and wide eyes have done more to give away her eavesdropping than being caught staring. She looks guilty, she knows. The man stops by her, and she tries to shrink further into her hoodie. Her heart is beating. Any and all strangers, even friends of her friends, should be considered dangerous down here. But the man squeezes through the gap in the wall and is gone. Tia exhales a breath she thought would have been too big to fit in her small body.

Tia looks back to the doorway. Night has fallen fully. She can't risk going outside looking for the Sulijmanis. Medina moves them around from one sleeping spot to another, as a precaution, and even if she felt brave enough to go looking for them, Tia isn't sure she even knows where all their hiding places are. No, it'll have to wait until the morning.

The Fireflies, though. A little thrill goes through Tia as she settles down again, in the hope of sleep. To some they are raiders, pirates, terrorists. To others they're just a nuisance, creating conflict and tension among the Zones, to no avail despite their grand claims of a Resistance. To a few, they are saviours, heroes to be spoken about in hushed tones, subject of wishes and dreams. To Tia, they mean one thing - DeShaun. Strong, brave, kind DeShaun. Her brother and friend. Her only family. She hasn't seen him in four years. The tears come back as Tia remembers that she would be the one to tell him their beloved grandparents are dead, the only home they'd ever known burnt to the ground, and all because of her own stupidity.

Tia's stifled sobs play a counterpart to the whimpering woman long into the night.


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Many Hours Later...

A high pitched whine cuts the silence of the tunnels. Brian jolts awake so quickly he manages to startle whatever made the noise. Its not human thankfully but Brians heart still races as he watches the large Rodent scurry back into the dark recesses. Brian rubs his hand acrossed his eyes to clear away the fog of a restless night. His adrenaline rush doesn't fade until he's gotten his equipment back on him and he's halfway to the gap leading to the warehouse.

For the second time this day Brian is startled, this time by a movement in the corner of this room. He reaches instinctively for the Kukri at his belt. However the movement ceases and Brian fails to detect any signs of a human, infected or otherwise. He sighs and mentally chastises himself for being so jumpy. He crosses the gap and notices the amount of people still huddled in this building. Through a minimal crack in the ceiling he can see its still dark out. He doesn't know how late it actually is but its safe to assume the curfew is still in effect.

Its dangerous to leave now but Brian risks it anyways. He steps quietly over and around bodies that could be sleeping or dead. He passes by where Medina is snoring softly and curled up close to the wall. He peers closer and notices Audici is gone. He surveys the building curiously but sees neither hide nor hair of the child at all. He ponders the shifty feeling I'm his gut for a while, nothing feels right all of a sudden. Also he knows for a fact Medina would be right on Audici's heels if the younger girl went out. Brian pulls the Kukarivfrom his belt and almost silently makes his way outside.

Its nearly the break of dawn. He can see a barely there sliver of pink light on the horizon. Its eerily quiet now, as most people have found a place to hunker down for the night. The only sound he hears is the distant footfalls of a Soldiars boots. He progresses foreward past tents and various unwatched market stalls until he's on the Soldiars tail. Brian pauses wearily when the Soldiar stops to look around.

That's when he sees it.

Its only a single flash of silver at first, but it quickly takes shape; a pendant only the Fireflies wear. A symbol of their damned rebellion. Brian has no personal vendetta against them, but they certainly arnt helping things either. If they are here that means what Audici said is true. He moves foreward to get a better look at the mans face. He must be louder than he thinks because the Firefly spins on him. Brian lunges and grabs hold of the man.

"Put your hands-" his words turn into a garbled mess as Brian drags the Kukri over his throat. Brian couldn't afford to let the man see him and leave knowing his face. Whatever their reason for being here any and all fireflies are unwelcome. He lets the man's body fall to the ground and starts back for where Medina is to rouse her from sleep so they can get out now. Before he takes more than a few steps away a loud bang echoes in the air.

"Damnit," Brian curses as he is now turn between going back or checking out the loud bang. His answer comes with the sound of a very familiar childish scream. He takes off in that direction while the sound of gunfire light up the silence of morning. What he sees when he reaches the scene makes him falter. A woman in her mid twenties is holding on to a wildly thrashing Audici and bleeding heavily from a wound in her hand while a Firefly moves forward.

"LET.ME.GO!" Audici screams as her teeth work to grab the woman's flesh between them. Each of her words are heavily spoken and Brian can see the utter exhaustion in her.

"Stop," Brian doesn't know what posseses him to speak or step foreward. Maybe its seeing Audici in trouble - he doubts that, he could care less about her well being, he's never seen her this incapable. Most likely its his mind being tired of images of death being seared in. Audici is in on a long list of who he doesn't want to die beforevhis eyes...Like Emily, or the woman and her young son.

They jump at the sound of his voice. The woman's grip slackens just enough for Audici to pull her elbow back and aim a blow at the woman's gut. The woman staggers while Audici runs towards Brian. He notices now the fog in her eyes and blood on her mouth. She looks as if she's in a daze, nearing a point where she'll faint soon. Her mouth falls open and a low cry escapes. Brian freezes - she sounds like a runner.

With barely any time to think he shakes her harshly back to awareness. "Go get your sister, ill take care of these two." Her nod seems off and her staggering gait makes him worry. He combines himself that its just the flu or something as he turns back to the two people. His exchange with Audici lasted less than thirty seconds and the two have had enough time to somewhat recover and pull their guns.

Brian goes for the closest person, the woman. She strikes out with her gun instead of firing on him. It hits his jaw hard enough to cause an instant shooting pain through his skull. He blindly strikes with the Kukri and her following scream is satisfying. A bullet whizzing by him breaks the fog of getting hit so hard. He sees that the woman is downed by his blind slice so he quickly spins towards the man. More gun shots make him drop behind a large crate .

He puts the Kukri away and pulls a nail bomb from his bag instead. He knows the materials for these are hard to come by but he throws it out anyways. It lands too far from the man to do any fatal damage but gets him down long enough that Brian can hop the crate and get his arms around the man's neck. He holds his tight choke hold until the man goes limp. He picks up the man's discarded gun and checks the clip. Two bullets left. He uses one on the woman, shooting her through the head to kill any chance of her surviving the stomach wound. Then he drops the gun and jogs back towards the Warehouse.

He doesn't know what to expect when he gets back but by the gunfire and shouts picking up throug the settlement he doesn't assume its anything good.


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Tia was on her feet before she was even awake; in her restless sleep, the whimpering woman's low weeping had grown into gasps of panic and shrieks of fear. A quick grab about her confirmed her pistol and hatchet; everything else was expendable in the dash for safety.

It wasn't until she has scampered through the crowd of bodies at the gate of the warehouse that she fully came to her senses. The sense of mass panic grew as a man ran past shouting 'INFECTED IN THE SETTLEMENT', and Tia was forced forward by the press of people behind her. Thoughts whirled through her mind. What was the fall-back plan for a breach like this? Who was in charge? Was there even a plan?

The unmistakable screech of runners brought Tia to her senses. Get away from the main body of people, she realised. Get away from the most attractive target. That's the only plan now, survival.

Tia was darting through the press of panicked humanity in the courtyard, her small body buffetted here and there by flailing elbows and knees, and heading for a previously scouted hiding place in the pipes and drums of the laundry, when she heard a second cry go up, one to drive the panic from her heart and fill it with hope instead: 'I JUST FOUND A DEAD FIREFLY'.

Fireflies? That meant DeShaun might be near! Suddenly, in the midst of the settlement's destruction, salvation was at hand. Tia stopped running, and glanced around for her brother's big, round head, the massive bulk of his shoulders. Scanning above the crowd's head nearly cost Tia her life. The runner obviously focussed its poor eyesight on her still form as the easiest to come to grips with, and over the noise of the panicked compound, Tia didn't hear its moans until it had grabbed her right shoulder. She shrieked and twisted as the creature pulled her close; its long, greasy hair whipped against her face. Only the outsized nature of her hoodie saved her. She was able to squirm away inside the giant garment, leaving the runner holding only the heavy cotton fabric. Nonetheless, it was still pulling her closer. Unable to raise her pistol due to the runner's grip, Tia swung her hatchet with her left hand. Not her stronger hand, and bending her body back from the infected jaws, the blow was weak, inflicting a deep but superficial wound on the grasping bicep; she cut only skin, not muscle.

Then an arrow suddenly protruded out of the creature's eye socket, and it staggered once and dropped to the ground with a gutteral groan. Tia looked around wildly, then dived for cover as a makeshift tower came crumbling down. She scrambled behind a stand of rubble-filled oil-drums a few metres away and watched as a long-haired girl crawled out of the debris and staggered to her feet. Blood was already slicking the girl's lower leg, but she grimaced and hobbled on her way. She didn't see the runner behind her; perhaps she was still dazed from the fall. Tia raised her heavy pistol with two hands and fired.

The recoil flung her backwards, leaving her arms numb. She couldn't see the girl any more, but the runner she'd shot at now lay in the mud of the compound, twitching. As she dragged herself to her feet again, her wet leggings now stuck to her like skin, two men bustled round the corner. Heavily armed and bearing rifles, Tia at first thought they were military, finally responding to the Infected break-in. Then she saw the geometric pendants hanging round their necks. 'Fireflies!' she cried out, raising her arms in triumph.

The two men swivelled in her direction. One dropped to one knee; both took up firing positions; the muzzles of their rifles spat flame.


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Brian couldn't think past the mass panic engulfing the settlement in a panicked haze. Off in the distance he heard shouts and the harsh biting words of the Military picking the runners off. With his eyes still blurry from the pain of getting hit he focuses now on a newcomer. He isn't infected is the first thing he notices, the second is that he's quite young but doesn't look to be Military. "We've got to get out of here..." the man says while glaring in fear. Brian nearly snaps that there is no 'we' in this situation but his self preservation skills scream to keep quiet. He grunts in reply and brandishes his Kukri once more.

"Its your damn lucky day kid," Brian mumbles at the man as he proceedes cautiously foreward once more. He stops once the sound of light steps reach his ears and another uninfected comes into view. This one is a woman, young but by no means frail or weak like many others. She carries weapons that would get her killed if the military were to find them. "Shit, looks like we got ourselves a party." Brian motions for the two to follow him. He doesn't doubt they don't exactly trust him. Hell, Brian himself gets a nervous itch as he's turning his back to them but he knows this is the chance he's been waiting for.

He doesn't wait for them to gather their thoughts. Wether they keep up or not isn't his problem. Brian leads the way through the growing masses of bodies until he spots two more fireflies nearby. They take to their knees to fire. Brian moves to get a clear view before they do. The girl is no older than Medina, Brian recognizes her faintly but doesn't personally know her. He does however know she isn't infected. Brian tries his best to rush them in time but they fire before he can even Sink the Kukri into the soft flesh at the base of the first ones skull. The second rounds on him in outrage, prepared to spill as many rounds into Brians body as possible to kill him.

With his Kukri left in the man's skull and his gun completely forgotten he moves to find refuge behind another forgotten stall. From this point he can see the girl but can't tell if she's been shot. He motions to the Kukri buried in the fireflies skull. He remembers his own gun and grabs it from his holster. While staying just out of firing range he tries to aim for the other firefly. The bullet goes wide and splinters the wooden leg of an old chair left by another stall. He grits his teeth snd ducks as the man shoots wildly at him. Hes surprised no infected have found their way here yet - until he hears an unmistakable sound.

The clicking is rapid but Brian suspects it has already detected their wherabouts. Its ugly faintly glowing head comes into view close to the girl and firefly. The clicker lets out a horrible shriek thats drowned out suddenly by the sound of several others in the area.


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"It's your damn lucky day kid." The man mumbles to David.

David barely had time to be offended at the notion of being called a kid. A younger woman nearly knocked him to the ground before David realised she was there. He aimed his gun upwards, pointing it directly to her chest, not completely sure whether or not he should fire or let her live. Luckily, she moved with the intention so of an able minded uninfected and David paused his decision to fire and dropped the weapon to a ready when necessary position. David looked her over, silently impressed by her arsenal at hand, wishing desperately he'd been as game as she had been to bring weapons into the settlement. Fuck that was a bad move... And to get his shotgun he was going to have to back track around the settlement slightly.

"Looks like we got ourselves a little party" the man says, breaking the momentary pause.

David silently follows when the man motion the two to follow and is quietly thankful they're just out of the main shit storm. But as the man begins to lead them through the settlement it's apparent the other areas have just been notified too. More people start to show, and more infected screams start to resound across the early morning light as it breaks across the settlement. David began to run with his arm raised high and his handgun pointed outwards, he had enough bullets spare that he could probably stand to down any infected that came at him, but every shot would have to count.

David, the woman and the man broke from a mass of hysterical people and he could see the little showdown before them unfolding before his eyes. The man who'd taken to leading them seemed to waste no time in burying his weapon into the neck of the first Firefly to shoot. In truth, David wasn't really concentrating as to where they were firing but swung into action fast when the man had difficulty pulling his shiv-thing from the guys neck. The second Firefly twisted in his position to aim fiercely at the man, but David watched as he fired wide, missing the Firefly but causing him to reel back in fear of being shot.

The man dived behind some barrels and barely misses an attempt on his life by the Firefly. David grunts, pulling his gun and pulling the trigger but nothing fires. Fuck, he forgot to reload, only now remembering her had one bullet left since yesterday night. David tucked his gun into the back of his pants and kicked off from his position, running with a force of a steam train to the Firefly. David reached the position of the Firefly and managed to swing his weight back from his right side and into a full uppercut to the Firefly's jaw. The Firefly reeled off his feet and to the ground as David took the opportunity of incapacitate to grab the single shot rifle from the Firefly.

David stepped back, giving a cursory 'ok' nod to the man behind the barrels just as he heard the heart-stopping clicks. He turned on his heels and was able to aim his gun in time to shoot successfully at the girl who, until now, he hadn't realised was the target of the Fireflies. David nodded triumphantly at his successful kill, but found that short lived as four more Clickers emerged from the crowd.

"Fucken' hell, look out behind you!" he yelled towards Angela.

Suddenly David felt himself tackled to the ground as another Clicker side swiped him. He was holding it's gnawing jaws at bay with the Rifle, but he couldn't maneuver himself into a comfortable or positive position.

"Fuck me, can someone help" he called out as he felt the Clicker push it's weight down on him.


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Tia's mind reeled in shock, her body numbed, as the Fireflies, her supposed saviours, opened fire on her. She gaped on as first one man, then another, barrelled into her assailants, the first going down with an evil-looking blade in his skull, the second falling under a wild blindsiding haymaker, bullets still spewing futilely from his high-powered rifle.

She sucked air into lher lungs witha shudder, and patted her skinny frame frantically. She knew the action was ridiculous, but it was instinctive too. 'I'm not... I'm... I'm okay I'm okay, it's okay, I'm okay,' she gabbled. She stared at the newcomers, the sweat dripping from their brows, their clenched fists and bunched muscles, their animalistic grimaces, and down at the dispatched Fireflies, and a shiver of fear ran through her. If she couldn't trust her brother's comrades, could she trust these strangers? If her brother's comrades were the enemy, were these her friends? She raised her handgun in front of her.

The man with the fists of fury nodded briefly at his companion as heart-beat seconds of silence dragged by. Tia's eyes flicked from one to the other, then her head snapped round at the unmistakable sound of approaching Clickers; the compound had just got that bit more perilous. Fists of Fury raised his rifle and a Clicker that just hoved into her line of sight crumpled to the floor. He shouted out another warning, but was borne to the dirt floor as a Clicker came round the corner - the same corner from which the supposed Fireflies had appeared around, Tia noted - and blundered into him.

'Fuck, someone help,' he cried out as the infected creature slavered down onto him. By chance as much as design, he'd got his rifle between it and him, but its heavy head was bearing down on him. Tia's frayed nerves finally snapped into action and she dashed the short distance to the downed man and the Clicker, found a gap in the fungal carapace that surrounded its head, and pulled the trigger. Gouts of blood, brain matter and fungal growth sprayed out the exit wound on the other side of the creature's head as it slumped heavily onto Fists of Fury. Another Clicker fell to the ground nearby; Tia hadn't seen who had downed it, but the cries of scared, agonised humans and the shrieks of Infected were both growing louder. She heaved uselessly at the body on Fists of Fury; he pushed it off himself.

'We gotta go! We gotta get out of here,' Tia screamed, glancing over at the stand where the first man had fallen. 'They're fucking everywhere, come on!'


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Angela made no move as the man she had bumped into held a gun on her, no need to give him a reason to pull the trigger. Though she did glare at him. "Shit looks like we got ourselves a little party." said the second man after the blond put his gun away. She didn't know either of their names, she hadn't really bothered to learn any but she did recognize the one that spoke as a smuggler. 'The Smuggler' if you really needed something done. They all assessed each other for a moment before silently agreeing to follow Smuggler's lead. It hadn't escaped her notice that they had both eyed her shotgun. Instinctively she pulled it out of her bag and held it at the ready. It had been very difficult to get inside the settlement and even more difficult to hide it somewhere no one would snoop for it. She knew the risk she had taken to keep it close but it had helped her out of many hairy situations, hopefully this one would be no different.

After winding their way though the settlement for a bit they came upon something that made Angela grit her teeth in anger. A pair of Firefly attacking a you girl. It took the two men they were with no time to put an end to the firefly's unfortunately all the gunshots and the noise had attracted clickers. The blond took out the first to show up, saving the young girls life yet again. "Fucken' hell, look out behind you!" Angela swiveled and stepped back as she fired behind her without actually looking at where the target was. The shot hit the clicker in the side causing it to stagger but it came at her again. This time she aimed her shot causing a gaping hole in the infected face. Backing up towards the others she looked to see that the blonde one had a little trouble of his own that the young girl had helped him out with.

"We gotta go! We gotta get out of here. They're fucking everywhere, come on" the girl yelled at them. "Yeah no shit kid but how about you stop yellin, don't want to attract any more attention than we already have." Angela said as she continued to backup towards the rest of them. "Hey smuggler, you have to know of secret ways in and out of here right? Think we can get out one of those ways? All the normal exits are probably crawling with those things." Angela hoped she was right and he knew of some way to get out otherwise they would have to shoot their way out and she didn't think they had enough ammo for that.


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"Hey smuggler, you have to know of secret ways in and out of here right? Think we can get out one of those ways? All the normal exits are probably crawling with those things."

Brian picks himself up at to the tempo of her questions. He spares half a look in her direction before moving to the firefly he killed and unceremoniously pushing his boot against the man's skull while tugging hard with one hand on the Kukri's curved handle. He wipes the dead man's blood off on his jacket. He looks back at them after those few short seconds have passed.

"Got quite a few ways out, I reckon most are clear," he says, voice lower now. He doesn't want to attract anymore attention now that the situation at hand is over. He beckons silently for them to follow as they close the surprisingly short distance back to the warehouse. He wearily watches as the door swings wide open. Medina steps into the light, looking sullen and covered in blood. Concern sparks in his gaze as he notices she's got a white knuckled clutch on the hilt of a knife. His stomach drops at the sight of a bloody gaping hole in her neck.

He mutters curse words under his breath as he nears and her eyes swivel to take him in. Her face cracks into a grim grin. "Brian," she inclines her head and digs in her pocket. She pulls out the ration cards she got from him the day before. She holds them out, dropping them in his hand the second he gets close enough. It suddenly occurs to him that Audici isn't with her, and the warehouse is eerily silent.

"Audici..." Brian knows the answer by the look in her eyes and the sharp intake of breath. "She bit me, then ran off. But she was different, and I can already feel that I won't recover." Medina sighs, she's surprised he's listened this long. She peers past him, probably at the others if they have followed him. "You guys should get out of here, I heard some things that sound bad. But one of the other smugglers said something about heading for Canada, she said she heard rumor that its safe there."

She looks at Brian again, as if she's about to hug him - she does after a moment of hesitation, ignoring the way he tenses up. Her blood smears his clothes. Its her mark left on him, the vintage perfume smell that once was his sisters favorite scent clings in the air around him once more. He steels himself, quells the distress within him. He convinces himself he doesn't care that she'll die. That this is like with the little boy in the streets of his old home, or Owen when they came to the settlement.

"Ill be seeing ya kid." He mutters, ruffling her hair as he passes by her into the warehouse. Perhaps it could be viewed as cruel for him to leave her there. But by this point it will hardly be the most cruel thing he ever does. He leads the others to the hole that leads the the other building. Then down into the tunnel. "Infected sometimes find their way in here," he warns them as the darkness stretches on and on. He leads them along the twisting path until the light returns, and the world that no longer belongs to them rears its twistedly beautigul head. They are barely two miles from the settlement and the sight of fire and smoke makes him cringe.

He turns back to the road, and the world he left behind so long ago.


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Tia stared as Medina stumbled bloodied from the darkness, to all extents looking like a fatally wounded gladiator. Time seemed to pause at the look of pain that crossed the smuggler's face. Suddenly, after the frantic alarms, the chaos of the security breach, the Fireflies' gunfire and the screeches of the infected, a quiet moment of human reflection descended. Tia, the woman with the bow and the second man looked on at the tender moment, at the hug and the whispers that passed between them.

Then the spell was broken as the smuggler's face hardened again and he broke away from Medina, leading the group through the hole in the wall, into the darkness. Tia, last to enter the crack, looked back one last time at the only home she'd known, and locked eyes with Medina. For all that her weapon hung uselessly by her side, for all that blood was seeping from her veins at the same rate infection was now coursing into them, she maintained an inner strength, a kind of nobility Tia knew she would never possess. The thought of her ending her days roaming the remains of civilisation, semi-human, driven by the rot growing in her brain, filled Tia's eyes with tears.

She stepped out of the tunnel and offered Medina the handle of her pistol.

'I can't,' the other woman replied, her voice barely a scratch in her injured throat. 'Tia, please...'

Medina, strong and confident, had never asked Tia for help before. She couldn't deny her her final request.

'You're going to have to kneel. You're too tall.' It seemed such a trivial thing to worry about. She put the muzzle of the gun through Medina's long dark hair, against the back of her skull.

'You're so brave, Med.' Tia's voice trembled, but her hands were steady. Two hands to hold that gun.

'Get on with it,' Medina croaked. 'And if you see Audici...'

'I know.'

The screech of a Clicker was met by automatic gunfire outside the warehouse. Tia took a deep breath, smoothly drew in the slack on the trigger, and fired a bullet through her friend's head. Not looking back, she fled down the tunnel, grateful for the darkness that hid her tears. By the time the small group emerged into the wilderness, the shattered settlement long behind them, Tia had vowed they would be her last.

'Okay, where now, Smuggler?' she asked. 'Or is this as far as the plan goes?'


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The moment between the smuggler and the girl felt to private for Angela to watch so she busied herself with watching the area for more runners or clickers. When the shuffling of feet across rubble was followed by murmured words, she knew they had said their goodbyes. Angela didn't bother to give the girl a second glance, she didn't know her personally and the girl was good as dead anyways. Instead she followed the man into the tunnel and through the twist and turns before coming out the other side to a world that looked long forgotten and taken back by mother nature. It was actually quite beautiful if you looked beyond the fact that it was nothing more than a huge deathtrap.

Not far from the place she'd called home for what felt like mere moments, everyone took a moment to look back. What everyone was thinking was a mystery to her but for here there was no deep sadness or sense of loss, her view of the whole thing was 'It was good while it lasted'. "Okay, where now Smuggler? Or is this as far as the plan goes?" the young girls voice brought Angela out of her thoughts. It was a good question, what where they going to do now? Split up? Stick together? Head to one of the many 'Safe Zones'? Or just venture off into the world and hope for the best?

"Not to be rude, I am grateful to you for showing the way out but I'm not one to follow someone blindly. If we are going to do something I would at least like some say it what that something would be. Say lay our options out there and see whats what." Angela hadn't made it this far in what she called a life by following someone else's lead.