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The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:



The roses have faded, theres frost at my door
The birds in the morning dont sing anymore

Nearly Twenty years ago a sudden outbreak of a the mutant Cordyceps fungus ravaged the United States, and then the world, changing its human hosts into violent monsters with a craving for human flesh. This was known to be the downfall of humanity that we all had fretted over for so many years, it was worse than we could have ever imagined. It was nothing more than a parasitic fungi that spread through spores and physical contact; Cordyceps was a mutation of something that we had never prepared for, one that we never thought we would have to prepare for.

Soon it wasn't even safe to look outside, infected ran free everywhere, destroying the world we had so proudly built all those years ago in less than two months. The former shells of our society stand decaying, now worthless against any threat, the only safe place is the Quarantine zones, protected and yet held hostage by the last branch of our dwindling government.

The grass in the valley is starting to die
And out in the darkness the whippoorwills cry.


Alone and forsaken by fate and by man
Oh, lord, if you hear me please hold to my hand

When the world realized that the Cordyceps virus could not be beaten, the governments around the world sanctioned what are known as Quarantine zones; Military enforced safe areas usually dedicated to maintaining the last remnants of major parts of central cities, not all of them were as strong as we would have liked. Some fell to the hands of the infected, the body pile up built more and more every day, they had been our last resort, but as the time went on and the governments seemed to shift and crumble we had no other choice.

The military took control of everything, practically banding people from leaving said Quarantine zones, and killing anyone who tired. Everyone had no other choice, so the survivors of that horrible outbreak made their lives around these zones, choosing to stay alive than become an enemy in a enemy filled world to the only people who offered them protection. Rashion cards were made, curfews were set, new rules were formed. We had no choice but to follow these drastic changes with what little hope we were offered.

Then the Fireflies came into the light.

The darkness is falling, the sky has turned gray
A hound in the distance is starting to bay


Alone and forsaken by fate and by man
Oh, lord, if you hear me please hold to my hand

The Fireflies rose to challenge the power of the military and offer a bit more hope to everyone who had given up. Labelled traitors and terrorists, the Fireflies were a group of the hardiest survivors that stood up for us during these horrible times, they offered light in this darkness, but not everyone saw it that way. A never ending war seemed to be waging between the last standing Military and the Fireflies, and when the Military publicly announced that they could find no cure for the Cordyceps virus, and that they were going to just give in and allow themselves to live this way, it was none other than the Fireflies, the traitors and terrorists, who took up the fight in trying to find the cure.

Not everyone saw the Fireflies as their saviors, many learned that if they wanted to stay alive they had to fend for themselves, no rely on others, and so not many people put faith into the Military or the Fireflies, only in themselves. The world had crumbled, man had turned against man, people lived in abounded city's and towns, waiting for other survivors to come along so they could ambush them and gather more supplies for themselves. It was a dog eat dog world.

Oh, lord, if you hear me please hold to my hand
Oh, please understand.


Oh, please understand.

Now you are in a world of do and don't, and a Quarantine zone near your own zone has recently been overrun by infected, rumors of the mutations changing and growing have been spreading for awhile now, and now they are fueled by fear. You could leave your zone, perhaps join the Fireflies and help to find the cure, since there are also rumors of people who are immune to the virus, or you can stay under the Military's rule, and wait to be over run by the monsters that used to be just like you.

It's your choice, but remember to choose wisely, after all, this is the last of us.

The Survivors

The Immune
Immune | Cannot be infected with the disease or carry it. They are the hope for the future.
♀: Taken by GM
♂: Open

The Immune Carriers
Immune Carriers
| Those who cannot be infected or affected by the disease, but can still carry it and pass it on to others.
♀: Open
♂: Open

The Non-Immune
Non-Immune | Are at the most risk, for they can easily be infected by the virus
♀: Taken by GM
♂: Open
♀: Open
♂: Open
[Can add more]

Character Sheet

The character sheet will be posted in the OOC thread. You can make these as beautiful as you want! I want more than one picture please! and I love gifs, and I want all these to be realistic pictures please! Use actual actors to get an awesome effect. You can add anything to these, along with colors, have fun with it please!!

Go to the OOC, place reservations and start your characters - AFTER you read the rules.

The Rules

Warnings: Consist's of adult language, mild violence, gore, and explicit themes. It is to remain within RPG’s guidelines.

First Rule || Commitment & Literacy || I want you all to be a part of this roleplay, when I join or make a roleplay I want everyone to get along like one big family. I want everyone to be active in the OOC and to be able to have fun with each other, because I have an evil plot bunny and we'll all need to work together outside and inside the roleplay if we want this thing to boom. The code for reservations is your favorite quote and who said/wrote it. As far as Literacy goes, if you cannot make a proper sentence, please do not join this role-play. While I do not expect you to be an advanced literate role-player, I would expect you to know how to use spell-check and have basic grammar skills.

Second Rule || Growth & Characters || This role-play is meant for you to grow as a role-player and hopefully expand your writing skills as well, and we also want this roleplay to grow, if things go as planned, if we finish this roleplay I will make a part two for it, so this kind of ties in with commitment. Be creative and follow the character sheet that'll be up in the OOC! I most likely will not accept any bland, boring and unoriginal characters. Give we detail guys!

Third Rule || Reservations & Fun || When you place a reservation, you will have up to 24 hours to get your WIP and 24 hours to make your character, this will give you an over all 48 hours to make and submit your character. Feel free to take on as many characters as you want, as long as we keep the ratios even. If you need extra time PM me and you will be given an extra 24 hours, after that we'll have to talk. Just have fun with this, okay guys? I want everyone to enjoy themselves.

Fourth Rule || Godmoding & Mary-Sues || No Godmoding! You cannot control other characters unless you have permission, and for the most part I will be in charge of the setting, the weather, what not. I don't want someone to be amazing, to always avoid the injected, to always win fights. If your immune then by all means, get bitten! If your not, avoid that at all costs. That being said, I don't want your characters to be perfect. Give them flaws, make them cared of things [Like the infected] give them fears and flaws and habits and quirks, give them life in their imperfections.

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

Taking place in...


America by Pyxidis


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Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

Yeah. Im not good at just making one up on my own >->Can we get a template or something?

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

Is there anything in particular you would like us to put on the CS?

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

All roles are reserved! Get those characters in everyone! :)

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

You guys... Blueberry pancakes are awesome....

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

I would like to reserve a male non-immune. My first choice is a female but it seems like a lot of female characters are already being reserved. So I have an even better and more exciting role planned.

My favorite quote…Oh darn… I guess, "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." - Confucius

EDIT: My face claim will be Erza Miller.

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

May I reserve a female immune carrier role? Oops hadn't noticed the previous reservation. Ill just take a non-immune female.

Edit Again: I am also interested in a male role. Non-immune. Not too sure on a FC. Im going to wait for you to reply before thinking ahead about him.

Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.
- Carrie Fisher

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

Hello~. May I reserve the male 'Immune-Carrier' role with the FC of Connor Jessup~?

“Marriage should be between a spouse and a spouse, not a gender and a gender.” ~ Hendrik Hertzberg

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

Hello there! ^^

I'd love to take a female Non-Immune role, if that is alright with you. :D

Oh... quotes... well... there's a billion of them out there! ^^ I'd have to say my favourite is "Everyone wants to be different, therefore making us all the same." I don't know who said it; I just came across it somewhere and really liked it. ^^;

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

Oh! Whoopsie! I must have skipped over that part ;; Thank you! Then ye sorry I'll take back my reservation :> I'm sure this will get plenty of interest anyway, though. Sorry for the bother!

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

Hey Silently :3 how ya been?

I'll most likely be taking a female role, or just keeping an eye on this till I find a point to jump in, great job, as always.

@X-Ray: I'm pretty sure Silently mentioned somewhere in there that it'll be a no anime rp. You might wanna look around.

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

if we're doing FC's, can I take the female immune carrier. My FC will be Lauren Graham.

My favorite quote is "You know, as bad as those things are, at least they're predictable. It's the normal people that scare me." Bill said that one.

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

@Silently: What type of FC are you expecting for the RP- anime or realistic/actors? If it's anime, can I take the male immune carrier? If not, I might decline ;; sobs I'm just bad with realistic. Anyway, I really have no idea what my favorite quote is. Probably the one with the fish climbing the tree (laughsI'msolazy)

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

OH! Oppsie hehe. Ok ummm lets see.. Favorite quote.... I remember there was like this super dumb quote when Ellie was reading to the book. It was like

"People are making apocalypse jokes like theres no tomorrow... Too soon."

I was like WHHHHY XD

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

Your roles are reserved, be sure to read the rules!

Re: The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken


Can i take the male immune? Also if we can have more then one can i have a girl non-immune?

The Last Of Us | The Alone and Forsaken

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