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Asuka Mashiro

A jaded and lazy Gothic girl who wants to be alone.

0 · 244 views · located in Shin-Tokyo

a character in “The Last Runelord”, as played by RedRaine


Name: Mashiro Asuka

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Place of Rune on Body: On the side of her neck directly on her jugular vein.

Appearance: In short Asuka is somewhat Gothic in appearance. She's short, only 5"0, 5"2 with her 1in platforms with 2in heels, has rather short gray/brown hair only reaching slightly past her shoulders that she keeps in twin ponytails at her sides and vibrant violet eyes. She typically wears a white blouse and a black Gothic dress with a wide v-neck on top. This dress has two thick purple stripes near the hem of the dress as the edges are laced with white frills. On her back is a violet bow. She wears purple and black striped thigh-high stockings and the aforementioned platform heels. The rune on her neck is in the shape of a gentle wave encased in a circle.


Personality: Asuka isn't exactly quiet but she's not exactly loud either. Asuka is a soft spoken individual who reads books and lazes around the store when no one is around. She's essentially a quiet lazy person who likes her own solitude. Otherwise when you get to know her she's actually much more jaded than apparent. She doesn't like much and rarely gets excited about anything but her books, where fantasy and imagination roam free.


Rune: Rune of Stealth

(2) Ambidexterity: Trace two runes at the same time with both hands.
(4) Master of Letters: Inscribe up to 5 runes without them Fading.
(4) Endurance: Activate up to 10 runes with no penalty.


Occupation: Student/Retail Clerk at a Gothic Store.

Background Information: Asuka was born somewhere in Shin-Tokyo but raised primarily at an orphanage. Leaving her at the resident orphanage her parent's literally disappeared off the face of the earth. As she grew up Asuka also learned she too could 'disappear' off the face of the earth. Ever since she was young she was able to activate her rune. However instead of learning how to make it stronger and increase its effects she practiced in 'expanding her area of influence'. So instead of strength she trained daily to inscribe more than her limits would allow and activate more than she could imagine. Coupled with her natural ambidexterity, rather than becoming stronger Asuka learned how to apply her basic ability in extensive ways.

Asuka, years later, now works full time at a quiet Gothic styled store with various clothing, accessories and the like. She seemed to take to the popular Gothic Lolita style instantly; perhaps Asuka is fulfilling a childhood complex because she never got to have a 'proper' one with parents.

So begins...

Asuka Mashiro's Story