Eldest Prince of Nightmare

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a character in “The Last Thing I Never Wanted”, as played by ElizTheWerePire


Name: Blake
Age: 19
Kingdom: Eldest Prince of Nightmare
Gender: Male
History: Blake was born first, followed by two siblings. He always had a elated sense of responsability for them. He felt their pain, cried their tears, fought their battles. He did everything for them. Although he loves his brother and sister with all his heart, he sometimes resents his need to care and protect them so much. This caring personality reflects onto the people he cares about and although the bond is not as strong as his siblings it's still there. He cares for everyones, which sometimes leads him to a lot of pain. He is haunted by the demons of his past, both litterally and metaphorically.
Personality: Blake burries his darker side deep inside, but it comes out when he's mad or protective. He is like the Nightmare world, dark but if looked at closely beautiful. He can be very controlling yet hates it when other people try to control him.
-the moon, the stars, the cool night breeze
-the glitter of black stone
-Chocolate cake
-Being controled
-The unknown
-Something happening to his siblings.
My hand belongs too: Eldest Princess of nevermore
Appearance: (photo or link anime please and thank you)

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