War has changed..the moment I stepped foot on the battlefield.

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a character in “The Last Thing I Never Wanted”, as played by X-Striker


Name: Kirehsan
Age: 17
Kingdom: Youngest Prince of Vampricia
Gender: Male
Like's: Blood, blades, hunting, this war
Dislikes: His father the king of Vampricia, the kingdom of Vampricia, garlic
Fears: His mortality, doubts of success, anything that will make him weak
My hand belongs too: Youngest Princess of Nevermore
Appearance: Image minus the hat
His mask (black in color) Image


He is very rebellious and spiteful to the ways that he was taught. He expresses much hatred deeply towards the king openly, so much that the entire kingdom and his siblings are aware of it. Some wonder why the king hasnt disowned him yet. He is respectful of his siblings but doesn't trust them much, because he only shares with them the blood of their father, but not mother. He also is very supportive of the war that's broken out between the four kingdoms. Despite his hatred for his own kingdom, he gladly fights for them against the other three kingdoms. In a sense this war is a way for him to feed, as he does not hold back his thirst for blood.

Around others he is not much different. Rebellious, rude, spunky, stylish, suave, it all comes with his attitude.


He was born as a result of an affair between the king and a peasant woman in the kingdom. This was not a pleasant affair however. When he was about two years old the king himself took him away from his mother. Despite the pleadings of his mother the king rejected her, and killed her for her insolence. This event in his life sparked his eternal hatred for his father. Not only that but the many horrible ordeals that the king commits also fuels his hatred. On the outside the king is seen as a prestigous figure, only doing good to serve his people, but Kirehsan knows the truth. He knows about the corruption that the king keeps under the table and one day he'll reveal to the world and get vengeance upon his father.

He views the conflict that's arisen between the four nations as a means to an end for him. This way he can take all the anger built deep within him out on the unfortunate souls he meets on the battlefield and feed at the same time. His ferocity and sword combat skills have earned him the name Blade Prince among inhabitants of the kingdom and foreigners alike. He is a constant figure to be watched on the battlefield, since he is one of the only royalties that openly participate in battle, the other kingdoms see it that if they can kill him, they can weaken Vampricia's rule. However, when the kingdoms' leaders agreed to marry off their offspring to maintain peace amongst each other, the youngest Vamprician Prince opposed this with much fervor. It wasn't the fact that he was to be married off to a foreign princess that he opposes, but rather that the fighting will end.

So begins...

Kirehsan's Story